Chapter 56

Chapter 56 of 100 chapters

Chapter 56: The Magic Tool Revealed Its Power

Ye Wen frowned when she saw Ou Lan’s flirty expression. “No, it’s a birthday gift from my cousin.”

“A relative? I suppose it’s actually from your boyfriend. Is it from that man called Liu Feng from the last time?” Ou Lan said while grinning in disbelief. She had seen Liu Feng once. However, since she was focusing on taking care of her mother, she did not have much interaction with Liu Feng.

“It’s really not him.” Ye Wen pursed her lips, panicking a little. “Furthermore, I’ve broken up with Liu Feng.”

Ever since the night of her birthday, she lost all feelings for Liu Feng, especially when she could not stop thinking about someone else. That someone else was that man who had saved her that night. Therefore, she initiated the breakup with Liu Feng after she was fired.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know that,” Ou Lan said in an apologetic manner as her smile froze. She then changed the subject, “So, you were saying that your cousin got you this bracelet? Where did he get it from?”

“I heard he made it himself,” Ye Wen said with an unnatural expression. She could not help but feel angry as she thought about it. ‘I can’t believe that you got me such a cheap gift when you’re actually a director. You did that to humiliate me!’ she thought inwardly.

Ou Lan was shocked. “He made it himself? Your cousin must have amazing hands for making such crafts. What’s his name? I’ll get him to make a few for me one day.”

“His name is Ye Chen.” Ye Wen suppressed the disgust that arose within her when she uttered that name. “Don’t bother looking for him. He’s very arrogant and has a rather low EQ. Nobody likes him,” she added. She said because she was worried that Ye Chen might offend Ou Lan one day and drag her down.

Ou Lan was slightly stunned. “What did you say his name is again? Y-ye Chen?”

“That’s right, it’s Ye Chen. Don’t tell me that you know him.” Ye Wen nodded as she looked at Ou Lan curiously.

Secretly, Ou Lan inhaled sharply and said with a smile, “I don’t think so, but I do know a person who has the exact same name as your cousin. He’s a miracle doctor.”

She shook her head instinctively after saying that. Ye Wen’s cousin could not possibly be Mr. Ye. It could not be such a coincidence.

Moreover, Mr. Ye not only treated her mother’s mental illness, but he even treated her father’s HIV with a black pill alone. It was no exaggeration to say that he had unparalleled medical skills.

If Ye Wen had a cousin who was so incredible in healing, she would be over the moon rather than despising him.

“Sister, is the Ye Chen you know a miracle doctor?” Ye Wen was stunned. She thought she had heard it wrong.

“That’s right!” Ou Lan nodded and told her about Ye Chen treating Shen Shuhua and Ou Guoliang while smiling brightly. However, she did not mention the other stuff.

Ye Wen was shocked when she heard the news.”The person we know isn’t the same,” she said while shaking her head, secretly relieved.

‘See. How could such a coincidence happen?’

It would be news since the beginning of time if that cousin of hers had such incredible medical skills.

Ou Lan patted her soft chest as if consoling herself. “That’s why I was shocked when you mentioned his name earlier.”

“Sister, don’t tell me that you like Miracle Doctor Ye?” Ye Wen looked at Ou Lan with an incredulous expression. It was her first time seeing Ou Lan introducing a person with such passion. She was practically glowing and grinning when she talked about him.

Ou Lan’s pretty face blushed and she retorted in annoyance, “Who told you that I like him? I’m grateful for him, that’s all.” Although she said that, her cheeks were becoming redder and redder. Apart from feeling shy, she was a little disappointed. After all, Mr. Ye already had a daughter.

Ye Wen was unwilling to talk about Ye Chen any longer. She hesitated and asked weakly while clenching her teeth, “Oh yeah,h-have you heard of ancient martial artists before?”

“Ancient martial artists?” Ou Lan was stunned. Then, she chuckled out loud. “Don’t they only exist in novels? It’s impossible that there’re any in real life.”

“No!” Ye Wen shook her head and insisted in a resolute tone, “I saw one with my own eyes. That person tossed another guy into the air with one hand and slapped another guy into the wall.”

“You don’t have a fever, so why are you talking such nonsense?” Ou Lan said in puzzlement as she felt Ye Wen’s forehead with her hand immediately.

“I’m being serious!” Ye Wen was irritated, but after slapping Ou Lan’s hand away, she told her everything that happened that night when she was drunk and ran into the alley.

Ou Lan was dumbstruck when she heard that. Her bust undulated with excited breaths. She only responded a while later, “Fortunately, you’re telling this to me. Other people will definitely think that you’re being a fangirl, imagining that he’s your Prince Charming.”

Ye Wen stomped her foot madly. “Sister!”

“So, from your story, was that man in the black robe and the clown mask an ancient martial artist?” Ou Lan returned to the subject.

“That’s right. Think about it. How is it possible that any ordinary person would have such a great ability? Furthermore, I feel like the person’s back seemed rather familiar. He’s quite young, I’m sure,” Ye Wen said in determination.

“Did you try looking for him after that?” Ou Lan asked.

Ye Wen forced a smile. “I did, but I failed to find him. It’s like he vanished into thin air.” She had done more than just looking for him. She even went back to the alley that she had stumbled into the other night. She even searched on the internet for the black robe that Ye Chen put on her that night but found nothing.

However, she realized that the person’s height, voice, and tone in her memory were very similar to Ye Chen’s. However, she put the thought to an end as soon as it popped up. How could it be him?!

“Forget it if you can’t find him. If that person is really an ancient martial artist, I don’t think he wants you to find him,” Ou Lan could not help but comfort upon seeing Ye Wen look so upset.

Ye Wen sighed. She could only cheer up and begin eating.

Half an hour later, the duo was done eating. Ou Lan paid the bill and drove out of the farmhouse.

The farmhouse was located in the suburbs. One would have to pass a short mountain road after passing the highway. There was corn planted all around and the road was rather narrow.

When Ou Lan was driving halfway, she realized that there was a BMW following behind her all of sudden. It was traveling extremely fast. Before she could react, she heard a loud bang as the BMW reeled into the rear of the Porsche.

“What happened, Sister?!”

As the car shook intensely, Ye Wen was almost thrown out from the passenger seat.

Before Ou Lan could think, the BMW behind them thumped her car again. The Porsche was nudged into the cornfield on the side, and the car doors opened on impact. Both of them rolled out clumsily from the car.

At the same time, the black BMW pulled over on the side. Subsequently, two men in suits and ties walked out of the car. The duo marched intimidatingly towards Ye Wen step by step.

Ou Lan propped Ye Wen, who was next to her, up while suppressing the pain after a few harsh coughs. She looked at the duo who were walking over and demanded, “Who are you guys?”

She was not an idiot. She realized that something was off from the series of incidents that happened earlier. It was clear that the duo was coming for her.

“Ms. Ou, you’re not our target. Our target is her. It’s best that you don’t interrupt us.” The leading man pointed at Ye Wen while walking to her with a smirk on his face.

Ye Wen’s pretty face had a change of expression. She stood closer to Ou Lan as she said in horror, “What do you guys want? I…I don’t know both of you!

Until now, she still had no idea what was happening.

Ms. Ou?

“Do you guys know me? Who exactly are you? Why do you want Wenwen?” Ou Lan said, pretending to be calm as she pulled Ye Wen behind her.

“Why do you bother talking to her? Just bring both of them back!” the other man instructed impatiently. Subsequently, he charged at Ou Lan and Ye Wen with a ferocious grin on his face.

“Sister!” Ye Wen cried in fear.

Watching the man that was charging at them, Ou Lan squeezed Ye Wen’s hand hard. Her heart sank completely. If she knew that would happen, she would not have brought Wenwen there for lunch.

No, she would not allow Ye Wen to be taken away no matter what.

When the man was less than 20 meters away from Ou Lan and Ye Wen, Ou Lan stretched her arm out in the attempt to hold onto the man while clenching her teeth. She would get Ye Wen to run away by seizing the opportunity.

However, in the next second, she saw a blue glow explode all over her body.


As a loud thud came, the man that was getting close to them shrieked in devastation. In the next second, his entire body shot out. He fell onto the ground and did not get up.