Chapter 57

Chapter 57 of 100 chapters

Chapter 57: I’m Sorry, Cousin

The unexpected scene stunned everyone. The glow only stayed for a fleeting second and disappeared in a flash.

Ou Lan looked at the bracelet on her right wrist instinctively. The moment when the glow appeared, she faintly heard a soft pop. Subsequently, she felt numbness on her wrist.

The bracelet initially had six beads, but one was missing at the moment.

Immediately, she looked down at the ground. She noticed a layer of white powder at her feet. She jumped in surprise.

‘Could this thing have saved us?’ She was in disbelief as she weighed the possibility.

Ye Wen saw that too. Her sweet face went blank and she could not believe what happened. ‘The glow that saved us earlier…Did it come from the beaded bracelet?’

The remaining man had a change in expression. He was also shocked by what had happened earlier.

He glanced at his partner who was unconscious on the ground. While he hesitated whether to run or not, he was scared of the consequences of not completing his mission. Eventually, he charged at Ou Lan while clenching his teeth. ‘I don’t believe that there are ghosts in daylight!’ he told himself.

“Sister!” Ye Wen screamed out loud intuitively.

Ou Lan’s pretty face changed and she glanced at the beaded bracelet on her wrist. Subsequently, she held onto Ye Wen tightly in determination. Then, she stared at the man who was charging at them while remaining still.


Just as the man was getting closer to them, another glow exploded from Ou Lan’s body.

The man felt like he smashed into a copper or steel wall whereby his body was thrown out and he slumped hard onto the ground, losing consciousness instantly.

This time, Ou Lan and Ye Wen saw it happen crystal clear. The glow had indeed exploded from the beaded bracelet!

Ou Lan held her head down to look at the accessory immediately. One of the remaining five beads on the bracelet had exploded, so only four were left now.

“It was the bracelet!” Ou Lan stared at the bracelet on her wrist in surprise and joy as she mumbled, “The bracelet saved us!” If she had only been making a wild guess earlier, she was 101% sure now.

“Sister, this…b-bracelet…saved us?” Ye Wen gawked blankly at the beaded bracelet. There was a humming echoing in her head.

Ou Lan held onto Ye Wen while her pretty face was colored with excitement. “Wenwen, your cousin gave you a magic tool. It’s a real magic tool! I heard that magic tools have unimaginable functions just like this one. They are used for defense. At first, there were six beads that could save you on six critical occasions!”

Ye Wen’s body shuddered while her face turned extremely pale. She could no longer hear what Ou Lan was saying as her thoughts were racing in her head.

‘I get it now! So, he got this birthday gift for me not because he was stingy or wanted to embarrass me on purpose. He gave me this because it’s the best of all birthday gifts and also has the highest value any gift could ever have.

‘No wonder when Liu Feng teased him about his birthday gift to me being cheap, he merely said calmly that his gift was priceless. It’s a magic tool that can save my life six times! How can it not be priceless?

‘You gave me such a precious thing as a birthday gift. I regret despising it. In my childish tantrum, I even ran away from everyone. I regret condemning you with nasty words when I was drunk. When you were picked on and Liu Feng fired you, I ignored you because I held a grudge against you. I was wrong, ridiculously wrong!’

Ye Wen’s tears flowed down like beads dropping from a broken thread as she thought about it. They spilled out of her eyes and wet her cheeks. She had never felt such an emotional avalanche of pain, regrets, guilt, and embarrassment.

From the side, Ou Lan asked instantly when she noticed her crying out of the blue, “Are you alright, Wenwen?”

Ye Wen did not feel embarrassed this time and she did not wipe her tears away because it dawned on her that she could never wipe away the regrets in her no matter what she did.

As she sobbed, she lifted her head and took a good look at the beaded bracelet on Ou Lan’s wrist. She bit her lip until it tore. “C-could you return it to me?”

‘He gave it to me, but I gave it to someone else not knowing its value,’ she lamented to herself. At that moment, she was drowning in utter regret!

Ou Lan was slightly stunned. Nevertheless, she then removed the beaded bracelet from her wrist without thinking and placed it in Ye Wen’s hand. Just when she was going to say something, she realized Ye Wen had run out of the cornfield onto the road while covering her mouth.

“Where are you going, Wenwen?” Ou Lan stopped her immediately.

Ye Wen did not turn her head. Instead, she ran even faster now. She must go to him and apologize to him by herself!

‘I’m sorry, cousin…’ she cried in her heart.

In the meeting room of Yaffle Cosmetics Limited Company when it was almost time to leave, Ye Chen sat at the main seat while listening to the general manager, Gao Hong’s work report expressionlessly.

His phone rang abruptly. Ye Chen smiled apologetically to the people then picked it up and excused himself to the corridor outside the meeting room.

It was the Patriarch of Hell calling. He had bought the patriarch a phone earlier and gotten him a phone card.

As soon as the phone call was connected, the Patriarch of Hell’s sobs came from the other side, “My dear Master, who the hell did you offend? It’s my first day being a bodyguard today and someone is already targeting us!”

“What happened?” Ye Chen’s heart sank.

At the same time, a black puppy sat on the ground in a secluded alley close to the Little Swan Kindergarten. There was a little girl four or five years old lying next to it, appearing to be asleep.

The puppy held onto an iPhone with both its front paws and rambled endlessly into the phone, looking bewildered. If someone else were to see that, the person would definitely be terrified.

That day, the kindergarten had organized a visit to lonely old people in the community. However, the students were scattered by a car when they were on the way back. Subsequently, two hunks came out of the car, targeting Mengmeng.

At that moment, the patriarch was hiding in Mengmeng’s bag. Despite noticing what happened, he could not expose himself in front of everyone else. All he could do was urge Mengmeng to run towards the alley via his mind. The goal was to lead the hunks somewhere secluded.

To avoid scaring Mengmeng, the patriarch blew a breath at her that sent her to sleep.

Killing intent flashed through Ye Chen’s face when he heard that. He smirked coldly. “Great job. Keep one for me and kill the rest!”

“Can I eat the remaining one?” the patriarch asked, smacking its lips. It was so sick of eating dog food lately, so it was considering having a change in taste.


Ye Chen hung up the call with a ferocious expression after saying that. He was not worried about Mengmeng’s safety since there was the old Patriarch of Hell was there with her after all. Nobody below master level could harm it.

Nonetheless, he was pissed off that someone was targeting him. On top of that, they dared to touch his precious daughter! Since that was the case, he would be sure to kill the enemy!

He would turn their world upside down and make their blood run in rivers!

The Patriarch of Hell’s furry ears swiveled after hanging up the call. Subsequently, his puppy dog eyes looked at the entrance alley and he grinned.

“You bastards, you’re unfortunate to be encountering me! I’ll be your Daddy who’ll beat you guys up when I’m mad and f*ck your mother when I’m happy!”