Chapter 58

Chapter 58 of 100 chapters

Chapter 58: Let’s Go, I’ll Bring You to Kill Someone

At six in the evening, Ye Chen left the office and rushed back home. A thought popped into his mind all of a sudden, so he glanced behind him in deep thought. He lifted his head to look at the surveillance cameras above his head. Then, he smiled and snapped his fingers softly.


More than ten surveillance cameras exploded. Subsequently, he walked into an abandoned tubular apartment in flash.

At the same time, two men in suits went after him quickly. They looked at each other in bewilderment after scanning the empty house. “Where did he go?”

“I saw him coming in with my own eyes. How is he gone?” The other man looked confused with his eyes wide open.

A calm voice came from behind them at the moment. “Are you guys looking for me?”

The duo turned their heads to look. They realized there was someone behind them that came out of nowhere, alarming them tremendously.


Ye Chen lit a cigarette and asked calmly, “Tell me who sent you guys.”

“Ask the King of Hell yourself,” one of them scoffed and charged rapidly at Ye Chen.


A human head flew into the air, spraying blood everywhere. The eyes were opened wide. Even until he died, he still had no idea how Ye Chen managed to do that.

His partner knelt on the ground in terror after witnessing that. His soul almost escaped his body as he pleaded, “Don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me. I’ll talk, I’ll talk!”

“It’s too late!”

Ye Chen flicked the cigarette ashes and pressed his palm to the man’s head. He performed the Soul Searching Tactic by force to retrieve all of his memories rapidly.

The Soul Searching Tactic was a rather overbearing method in the cultivation world whereby one would invade another person’s consciousness by force with Divine Consciousness. In a minor case, the person whose soul was searched would turn retarded. Worst case, he would be killed immediately.

A moment later, Ye Chen withdrew his hand and revealed a cold grin at the corner of his lips. “Ding Lei? Are you trying to kill me because of Ou Lan? Great, I’m looking for you anyway. I can’t believe that you came to me first.”

After Ye Chen performed the Fireball Tactic, the two bodies on the ground burned into ashes directly. He then turned around and left.

At Jinyang District, Ye Wen stood below Ye Chen’s residence. She clenched all ten fingers tightly as her eyes flickered upstairs and behind her occasionally. She seemed to be hesitating.

A couple of seconds later, she took a deep breath in and went upstairs to Ye Chen’s house, determined. She knocked on the door softly.

It was Ye Hai who opened the door. “It’s Wenwen! Come right in,” he invited after a moment of astonishment.

Ye Wen bit her lip and walked in. She observed the entire house quickly and saw Mengmeng giving a puppy a bath. The puppy kept shaking its body, splashing the water droplets on its body onto her face. Mengmeng kept giggling from its silly antics.

“Behave yourself, Cutie. Stop moving! You stink.”

“You can sit. Don’t stand there.” Ye Hai poured a glass of water for Ye Wen cordially upon seeing her staring at the little girl blankly.

Ye Wen stretched both of her arms out to grab the glass of water politely. She asked naturally, “Uncle, w-where is my cousin?”

“Xiaochen is still at work. Is there anything that you need from him?” Ye Hai answered kindly.

In her nervousness, Ye Wen nodded and shook her head consecutively. She had no idea where to start. Lost in her thoughts, she watched Mengmeng who was bathing the puppy blankly. She asked while smiling, “Uncle, is she Cousin’s daughter?”

“That’s right.” Ye Hai waved at Mengmeng and introduced, “Mengmeng, this is your aunty.”

“Hi, Aunty. My name is Mengmeng.” The little girl smiled sweetly. She was definitely a sensible and obedient kid.

“Aww, hi, Mengmeng.” As Ye Wen felt touched that her cousin’s daughter was so cute, her lovely eyes lost their sparkle. Why had she not realized that earlier?

At the same time, there were footsteps outside.

“Daddy’s home!” Mengmeng’s eyes lit up. She wiped her hands immediately and ran out into Ye Chen’s embrace at the gate.

‘He’s back! ‘Will he forgive me?’ Ye Wen became anxious as all sorts of emotions rushed in again. The courage that she had taken some effort to muster was a mess now.

Ye Chen picked Mengmeng up and kissed her cheek. “My dear daughter, I heard that there was an activity at school today. Are you tired?” he asked.

“I’m not tired, Daddy.” Mengmeng wrapped her arm around his neck and said in a coquettish manner, “There were some bad uncles chasing me when I was on the way back from school. Cutie asked me to run, but I fell asleep later on. Luckily, the bad uncles were gone when I woke up.”

Ye Chen came to a realization upon hearing that. He walked into the house after releasing her. He was stunned to see Ye Wen who was sitting on the side. However, he said nothing. Instead, he looked away and walked into the bathroom.

The moment he walked in, Ye Wen kept her head low. She dared not lift her head to meet his gaze. She only lifted her head and stood up after he went into the bathroom. “Uncle, I-I’ll make a move.”

“So soon? But you’ve just arrived. Why don’t you stay for dinner? Your Aunty is coming home soon,” Ye Hai said while frowning.

“N-no need.”

Ye Wen left Ye Chen’s house as if she was running for her life after that. She felt so much more relaxed as soon as she left.

Her cousin who she had treated like trash, the cousin who she had looked down on was like a mountain now, and she found that she could not breathe in his presence. She did not even have the courage to apologize to him.

Ye Chen walked out after changing his clothes. Seeing the empty couch, he asked, “Dad, is she gone?”

“Yeah, she doesn’t even want to stay for dinner.” Ye Hai sighed and frowned while saying, “Wenwen has never visited us. Why is she behaving so unusually like this today? Did you bully her?”

“No.” Ye Chen shook his head not sure how to react. Without caring, he took out the hairdryer and began drying the patriarch’s hair.

The patriarch coiled its body, not used to Ye Chen’s friendliness. It spoke through Divine Consciousness Voice Transmission weakly, “Err, Master, that man that you asked me to keep alive is dead. I scared him to death…”

In honesty, he felt a little guilty. The two men had gone after them in the alley. Then, the patriarch swallowed one of them without saying anything, scaring the other man to death instantly. There was nothing that the patriarch could do.

“Don’t worry. I already knew that.” Ye Chen shook his head and said through voice transmission, “Guard the house tomorrow night. I’ll be going out!”

The patriarch nodded continuously, faintly sensing the murderous intent that was hard to hide on Ye Chen’s expression. He could not help but feel his heart skip a beat.

‘Damn! I bet this guy is going to kill someone. I wonder which bastard is so unfortunate.’

The next evening, Ye Chen headed straight to Yang Tian’s house.

Yang Tian welcomed him as soon as he saw him.”You’re just amazing, Xiao Yezi. You really treated Haohao’s heart disease!” he said emotionally.

He had dropped by the hospital for a checkup with Yang Hao yesterday. The report showed that his son’s heart disease had been cured overnight. At the same time while being emotional, he was filled with respect and endless gratitude for Ye Chen.

“You saved Haohao’s life which means that you saved me too. Both of us owe our lives to you,” he expressed as he started to bend his knees to kneel.

“No need for that.” Ye Chen stopped him immediately and peeped at the little boy who had fallen asleep on the couch.

He then spoke extremely coldly, “Let’s go. I’ll bring you to kill someone!”