Chapter 59

Chapter 59 of 100 chapters

Chapter 59: I Would Like to Borrow Your Head

“What? K-kill someone?” Yang Tian exclaimed out loud. Subsequently, he stopped speaking and shock filled his face.

“What do you think?” Ye Chen said.

“Brother, are you sure you want to go? That place is very dangerous and you might be killed there.” Yang Tian’s lips that clamped down on a cigarette was quivering a little. He was confused by this brother of his more and more now.

“A man should move forward with courage. Kill anyone who is in your way.” Ye Chen patted his shoulder while smiling and assured, “Don’t worry. Since I said that we’re going to kill someone, someone will die, and it’s not us. Of course, you don’t have to go if you’re scared.”

Yang Tian glanced at him profoundly and decided to go with him after a soft sigh. Both of them headed to the underground fight club controlled by Ding Lei.

On the way there, Yang Tian introduced the illegal fight club to Ye Chen. In a nutshell, the underground illegal fight club could be concluded in four words: ‘There are no rules!’

Illegal fights were different from the usual sanshou and kickboxing. In an illegal fight, the fighters were dancing in a game of life and death. Apart from the prohibition of weapons, the fighters were allowed to use any techniques they desired. As a result, the fight was usually gruesome and violent.

Since an illegal fight would always ensue in severe injuries and death, usually nobody would choose to become an illegal fighter unless they were like Yang Tian and had no choice.

It just so happened that the gruesomeness attracted many spectators to watch the bloody show. Naturally, illegal fighting was always related to betting. All fighters would have a boss behind them. As the fighters fought for their lives for the handsome prize money, the bosses would bet among themselves. Meanwhile, the organizer of the fight club would seize the opportunity to open wagers to the spectators to get them to place bets.

Yang Tian only arrived at the destination after walking for over half an hour with Ye Chen.

The venue was an underground garage in an area close to the suburbs. There was a tiny door that was hollowed out in the garage. Two tall and strong men guarded the door, each of them holding a metal detector.

The first hunk smirked in disdain as soon as he saw Yang Tian. “Yo, Cockroach Yang. Your bones are pretty tough, eh? You’re already moving around after being beaten up like a mutt a few days ago.”

Yang Tian’s face blushed immediately as soon as he heard the nickname Cockroach Yang.

The reason for his nickname was the fact that he was still alive after participating in the underground fight club more than 20 times. The worst that had ever happened was a severe injury. Therefore, many people gave him the nickname Cockroach Yang, which meant that he was as unconquerable and hardy as a cockroach.

The hunk peered at Ye Chen. “Who is this guy, Cockroach Yang?”

“He’s my friend. He’s also here for the fight,” Yang Tian answered coldly.

The hunk chuckled out loud. He said while looking at Ye Chen, “Damn, here’s another cockroach. Mr. Cockroach, since you’re new, you’ll need to pay 100,000 yuan as a deposit.”

“Hasn’t it always been 10,000 yuan as the deposit for newcomers? When did it become 100,000 yuan?” Yang Tian’s expression changed as he felt annoyed.

“Whatever I say is the rule. It’s up to you whether to enter or not!” The hunk shrugged.

Ye Chen’s eyes turned cold as soon as the hunk was done speaking. After that, he slapped his palm down hard!

Bang, bang!

Both hunks were flung out hard and nobody knew if they were still alive or not.

The series of motions happened at the speed of light. Yang Tian did not even see that clearly. He only exclaimed in shock when he snapped back to his senses, “Xiao Yezi, you…”

“Why bother chatting so much to these dogs?!” Ye Chen lowered his hand slowly and growled in irritation.

At the same time in the Emperor Fight Club, there was a couch behind the railings on the second floor. A man in a suit sat on the couch while crossing his leg.

The young man was approximately 24 or 25 years old and was rather handsome. However, that fine face was filled with severity at the moment.

Ding Lei tossed the phone away and condemned, “Crap! All pieces of crap!”

His underling had just called to report that the ten or so men that he sent had failed their mission. Four of them were even missing. Nobody had seen them alive, but even if they were dead, nobody could find their bodies.

The underling standing next to him knelt down immediately. He did not even dare to breathe loudly in fear of being executed.

Ding Lei asked a couple of seconds later, “Why isn’t that trash Yang Tian here today?”

“Master Ding, Cockroach Yang just fought a few days ago. His brow bone is fractured, so I suppose he’ll be bedridden for at least ten days to half a month,” one of his underlings said immediately.

“That bastard is in luck then!” Ding Lei grabbed a lady near him into his embrace. He caressed her body however he wanted.

The lady moaned in discomfort and said softly, “Master Ding, I don’t understand. Yang Tian offended you. Still, not only do you not kill him, but you’re also getting him to challenge at our fight club.”

“You guys know nothing!” Ding Lei glared at her in disdain. “It’d be too easy if I kill him for offending me. I must make him feel like he’d rather die than be alive. Wasn’t he terribly full of himself before? I’ll use his weakness, which is his son, so he’ll be my human sandbag for maximum torture.

“He’ll be fortunate if he dies in a fight. If he manages to survive 80 fights, I’ll get my people to severe his and his son’s limbs, cut their tongues out, remove their eyeballs, and send them to a circus in France to be freaks!”

The people were startled to hear that.

Freaks were treated like animals at the circus and would be locked in cages. They would be tourist attractions, and some tourists would even throw darts at the people in the cages. Such cruel behavior was popular in Western countries.

At the moment, two loud crashes rang out. From outside, two people were thrown in and they smashed the fighting ring hard, shocking everyone.

Subsequently, a duo walked in via the entrance slowly. They were Ye Chen and Yang Tian.

Ding Lei pushed the lady in his embrace away as soon as he saw Yang Tian. He stood up immediately and said while looking extremely grim, “What are you doing, Yang Tian?”

He had established the fight club for two years now, and nobody dared to provoke him. It was the first time such an incident had happened, so it made sense that he was enraged.

Yang Tian explained forcefully, “I brought my friend to fight, but…”

“But we’re also here to destroy your club,” Ye Chen interrupted him before he was even done speaking.

Ye Chen then observed the place expressionlessly. The entire fight club was categorized into three levels. The main crowd was gathered on the first floor which occupied close to 1,000 square meters. There were three spotlights on top of them.

Meanwhile, there was a space in the middle of the fight club that was laid with a red carpet. There were three rings in the space, and a few men who were half-naked were swinging their fists in the rings.

Some 1,000 people were gathered on one floor of the fight club alone. However, all of them were watching Ye Chen and Yang Tian while holding their breaths at the moment.

Both of them invaded the place and announced that there were crushing the place! They were ridiculously insane!

Naturally, most onlookers turned their attention to Ding Lei.

Ding Lei looked extremely incensed. After glaring deadly at Ye Chen, he suggested all of a sudden, “Brother, are you sure you’re here to fight? There’s something that I want to remind you beforehand. Do you know that fighting might lead to your death? If you kneel to me now…”

Ye Chen looked into his eyes fearlessly and replied without any expression, “Fighting is the second most important thing that I’m doing today. I’m here essentially to borrow something from you.”

Instead of being mad, Ding Lei smiled in amusement. “I wonder what you’d like to borrow. Could it be a coffin to bury yourself?”

He was already enraged. Now that Ye Chen was messing around with him, the intent to kill him was rising.


Ye Chen lit a cigarette and grinned as he blew a smoke ring casually.

“I would like to borrow your head!”