Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of 100 chapters

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At the same time in the capital of China, Beijing, two handsome, young men sat with their backs against each other in a luxurious manor. Each of them had a beautiful lady in their embrace. The ladies were shy as they pretended to push the men away, but they were actually enjoying the attention.

If Ye Chen was here at the moment, he would find out that the young man sitting below was the very same arrogant man who had looked down on him in a condescending way last time.

It was Su Tao!

Meanwhile, the young man who was sitting above had a thick beard. There was a faint smile that always hung by the corner of his lips, giving his utterly handsome face a sense of maturity.

The young man with the beard gave Su Tao an inexplicable signal. He subsequently groped the lady’s thigh in his embrace and smiled gallantly as he said, “Alright, you guys may leave.”

After everyone left, the young man with the beard took a sip of red wine. He said while swirling the drink in the glass gently, “How’s that person at home doing now?”

“What else do you expect?” Su Tao’s face became grim all of a sudden. He said while clenching his teeth, “That bitch is always staying in her room and refuses to see anyone since she returned. That’s great anyway. It’s better than her going out to do indecent things to humiliate our Su family!”

The young man with the beard frowned when he heard that. “Does she still have her heart on him?”

“Pretty much,” Su Tao said regretfully with a nod, “If I knew this would happen, I shouldn’t have gotten people to toss that guy into the river back then. I should’ve beaten him to death in front of that bitch. At least, she’d see his dead body and eliminate all hope.”

Su Tao seemed to have recalled something as he said this. He said while grinning, “But it’s coming to an end soon. The little bastard that the guy left behind is dying soon. I got someone to inject a new type of virus from Southeast Asia into the bastard’s body. The medical symptoms look no different from leukemia. In less than three months, that little bastard will definitely die. By then, the very last hope in that bitch’s heart would definitely die!”

The young man with the beard had a slight change of expression as he was taken aback by Su Tao’s brutality. “Do you really have the heart to do that? If we were to talk about seniority, that little girl is your niece.”

“How could a peasant deserve to be my niece?” Su Tao scoffed, “Her existence will only humiliate our Su family!”

The young man only spoke again after a moment of silence, “I don’t wish to see any accidents, and neither does the person behind me. She must get married in three months!”

“I wonder what that person sees in my sister. One must know that apart from her outer beauty, that bitch has been impure since a long time ago!” Su Tao said after a pause. In reality, he wanted to ask that person whether he had a thing for other people’s wives.


The young man with the beard slammed the wine glass hard on the table as his face turned slightly grim. “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t. Just do what you’re supposed to do!”


In Lin City of the Jingyang District, Ye Chen carried his daughter who was sleeping soundly. The murderous intent in him was so intense that it had peaked.

Initially, he thought his daughter was diagnosed with the common leukemia. Never had he thought that he would find so many odd toxins accumulated in her body when he was treating her. The toxins were sucking his daughter’s vitality and blood like parasites. They were even wasting his daughter’s bone marrow away.

If that went on, his daughter’s life would come to an end within three months.

The first culprit he thought of was the Su family! There was no reason why he would think that. He was calling the shots!

“Haha, I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you Sus. No matter how elaborate you are with your plan, you will never figure out that my life has changed long ago!”

Instead of being mad, Ye Chen was grinning. He stretched his arm out and punched his chest until a golden drop of blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. With a flick of his finger, the golden blood drop integrated into Mengmeng’s body immediately.

The little girl, who was sleeping soundly, had no idea that her body was glowing at the moment. She was sparkling, and her breathing was much more consistent now after the light had faded.

That was one of the three Heart Blood drops that he had!

The little girl’s body was weak, so she could not absorb it directly. Ye Chen could only suppress it in her temporarily.

With a drop of the Heart Blood, the toxins in her body would not enter her heart. Ye Chen would take out the drop of Heart Blood completely after he had refined the Rebirth Pill.

Ye Chen turned much paler all of a sudden. He gave the little girl a kiss on her cheek before putting her back onto the bed softly.

His eyes were extremely gentle as he caressed his daughter’s face who was sleeping soundly. “Mengmeng, it’s my fault. I’ve wronged your mother as well. Don’t you worry. Since I’m back, I’ll never let any harm befall you and your mother any longer.”

“Mother, I miss you. I miss you so much…” His daughter turned around and mumbled while pouting.

Ye Chen’s heart was aching. He lifted his head to stare far away while his eyes were filled with determination!

Wait for me, Yuhan! You must wait for me! I, Ye Chen, will go to Beijing to bring you home in three months. That will be the day I marry you! I’ll end the Su family if they stop me!

Ye Chen only walked out when he heard his mother calling him for breakfast out there. Wu Lan only woke the little girl up after getting Ye Chen to sit down. “Wakey-wakey, Mengmeng. You have school today.”

The sky was bright at the moment.

Ye Chen saw Mengmeng rubbing her sleepy eyes as she walked out of the room after eating two mouthfuls of noodles. The girl was pouting hard as soon as she saw him. Her lips were jutting out so much that she could hang a bottle from them.

Ye Chen waved at her with a smile. “Come eat your noodles, Mengmeng. I’ll feed you.”

The little girl harrumphed coldly and took a toothbrush after walking into the bathroom on her own. Then, she began brushing her teeth like an adult. Meanwhile, his mother was combing her hair and putting on her clothes for her.

Ye Chen could only force a smile. It seemed like the grudge the little girl had against him was massive.

Sitting next to him, Ye Hai seemed to have sensed what he was feeling, so he sighed, “Don’t be mad. Mengmeng has never seen you since she was born. Yuhan was taking care of her before she turned two, and your mother and I have been taking care of her after that. Your mother pampers her a lot. That’s why she behaves like a princess.”

“I know, Father.” Ye Chen smiled and asked, “How come Mengmeng is already going to school when she’s still so young?”

Ye Hai nodded proudly. “Yes, she goes to a small class in kindergarten. Your mother and I have to work most of the time, so we’re worried about leaving her home alone. We thought we’d send her to kindergarten and pick her up when she finishes school.”

“How’s Mengmeng doing in school? Does anyone bully her?” Ye Chen was more concerned about her relationship with her classmates.

Ye Hai was not sure to cry or to laugh when he heard that. “People bullying her? It would be great if she doesn’t bully anyone. That little girl always beats her classmates up. I was summoned to a parents’ meeting a few days ago. Her teacher said she punched a boy’s nose in her class until his nose bled. The boy’s parents were furious.”

“Then, why did I hear that little girl saying that Xiaohu from next door bullied her when I returned yesterday?” Ye Chen rubbed his nose, feeling dumbstruck.

Damn, how could his daughter be so violent? Could she have gotten that trait from her father?

Ye Hai looked helpless. “Xiaohu? Xiaohu is Old Zhao’s grandson. He’s a year older than Mengmeng. He matured sooner than the rest, and he always asks the kids of the same age in the district to boycott Mengmeng. He even said she’s an orphan kid, making her cry a few times because of that.”

Ye Chen came to a realization all of a sudden. It made sense that the little girl hated him so much. He had no comment about Xiaohu and the rest. They were kids after all, and they knew nothing.

“Spend more time with Mengmeng if you can. You can bring her out to play. That can narrow the distance between the both of you better,” Ye Hai suggested, “She’s just a kid. She forgets and forgives quickly. She’ll be fine with you soon.”

Ye Chen nodded to show that he understood. Later on, Wu Lan brought the little girl out of the room. After just a few mouthfuls of breakfast unwillingly, she began to whine as she wanted to go to school now. She loathed Ye Chen, her father, from the beginning until the end.

Wu Lan brought her out after helping her with her school bag.

Ye Chen was not sure to cry or to laugh. Initially, he thought he would send her to school. However, he was worried that the little girl would hate him even more, thus he could only suppress his urge.

Ye Hai spoke all of a sudden after the duo left, “Oh yeah, come o to your Second Uncle’s house with me later.”