Chapter 60

Chapter 60 of 100 chapters

Chapter 60: Remember to Bet On Me


He wanted to borrow Master Ding’s head?!

The crowd stirred uncomfortably when Ye Chen said that. Everyone in the underground fight club stopped breathing for a second. They thought they were hallucinating.

“This guy is crazy! Forget that he invaded this place. I can’t believe that he has the balls to say that he wants to borrow Master Ding’s head! Doesn’t he actually mean that he wants to kill Master Ding?”

“That’s just crazy.”

“Who is Master Ding?”

“He’s from the Ding family, the wealthiest family in Lin City. It’s no exaggeration to describe him as a man with a terrifying background. He runs a few companies himself such as this underground fight club and he hires many experts to work for him.”

“Holy sh*t!”

“That’s the end for this guy!”

Everyone shook their heads instinctively.

“You bastard!” As expected, Ding Lei criticized in rage while his face turned completely sullen. When did anyone ever threaten him like that? He glared coldly at Ye Chen without hiding the murderous intent on his face at all. “I’m right here. Let’s see if you even have the power to borrow my head from me.”

At the same time, more than ten hunks behind Ding Lei took a step forward in unison. All of them stared at Ye Chen dangerously.

“Hehe, there’s no rush. Nobody can’t reject what I want to borrow.” Ye Chen shook his head in an ignorant manner and said while grinning, “Before that, I’d really love to experience how your useless underlings managed to hurt my brother.”

“Great, that’s just great. Since that’s the case, step into the ring to sign the consent form.” Ding Lei laughed maniacally in utter rage.

The people had a change of expression as soon as he said that.

Master Ding was really mad this time. Signing the consent form was the biggest taboo in an underground fight club. Unless there was no way out, barely anyone would choose to do that. As soon as the form was signed, it would mean that there was no window for negotiation. The match would only end when one of the fighters died.

“Wait!” Ye Chen called out all of a sudden.

Ding Lei thought he was scared and wanted to back out. He scoffed and said immediately, “What? You’re scared? It’s too late, I’ve given you a chance but you didn’t appreciate it…”

“No, no, no!”

Ye Chen flicked the cigarette ashes. “I mean, since we’re fighting, why don’t we add some gimmicks?”

“Don’t tell me you’d like to bet on yourself!” Ding Lei had disdain written all over his face.

Ye Chen stretched his body and smiled lazily. “Since I’m here to destroy you, I’ll use the money to buy you a coffin later on. I don’t want people to say that I’m being overbearing.”

The people were speechless.

‘How are you not overbearing? You invaded this place with someone else. Besides defeating the security guards, you stormed your way in by breaking the door and boasted that you’re here to destroy the place. If this isn’t overbearing, then what is?’ they thought to themselves.

Ding Lei almost died from rage. He immediately ordered his people to bring five big boxes that were loaded with stacks of notes. He pointed at the cash after opening the boxes before everyone. “There’s 100 million yuan in there. I’ll give you 10 million yuan if you win a match, but if you lose…”

“Then, I shall honor the offer!” Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction before Ding Lei could finish what he was saying.

“Sure, come up and sign the consent form then!” Ding Lei said with clenched teeth.

As soon as he said that, someone began to clear the ring immediately. The onlookers retreated a few steps back by instinct as thrill thrummed through them.

Dim lights, bulging veins, waving fists, and flesh and blood that flew everywhere…

Everyone who came here was looking for something extreme and exciting. Imagine the fighters killing each other in the ring while you crossed your leg under the ring and watched while eating sunflower seeds. You could even bet on one of them at the same time. Was it not the perfect entertainment?

Ye Chen glanced at the ring that was less than 50 steps from him. Just when he was going up, Yang Tian clutched onto him desperately, “Brother, m-maybe I’ll go up and fight. My life is worth nothing anyway. Also, I’ve gotten used to being beaten up. With my skin being so thick, I’m a pretty good sandbag!” He regretted it deeply when he realized the situation had come to the point where a consent form was brought out for signing.

Ye Chen smiled and said without replying to what Yang Tian said, “Did you bring any money?”

“I-I did…” Yang Tian was stunned. Then, he pulled out a stack of cash. “I only have 10,000 yuan.”

“Remember to bet on me. We might be able to drink two bottles of 1982 Lafites when we go back.” Ye Chen patted his shoulder and walked to the ring without turning back.

The people looked annoyed as they shook their heads. “Aren’t you just too full of yourself? The match hasn’t even started yet and you’re thinking of celebrating with Lafite already?”

“Brother, I’m afraid that I’ll have to buy you a coffin with the money!” Yang Tian forced a smile, unsure of what to do.

After Ye Chen entered the ring, someone passed him a pair of boxing gloves immediately. He shook his head and rejected them, “No need. I don’t need these to fight such useless people.”

Subsequently, he turned his head to look at Yang Tian below the ring and demanded, “Who was the first guy who fought you? Point him out to me!” His goal was simple. He would not let go of anyone who had ever bullied Yang Tian.

Yang Tian hesitated and looked closely at the crowd. Eventually, he stretched his arm out and pointed at a half-naked young man who looked fierce.

“Get up!” Ye Chen narrowed his eyes at the person.

The person was stunned at first, then he looked at Ding Lei on the second floor as if he was seeking permission. There was nervous anticipation between his brows.

“Kill him, Wu Hong. I’ll give you one million yuan!” Ding Lei nodded grimly.

Wu Hong was over the moon. He jumped into the ring immediately as if he was afraid that someone else would take his spot.

As he got into the ring, the crowd below exclaimed among themselves.

“It’s him! It’s Wu Hong who ranks No. 32 on the underground leaderboard. I heard that he once achieved five consecutive wins before. His punching speed is out of this world!”

“I can’t believe this guy picked Wu Hong first. I wonder if he’s dumb or just full of himself.”

“It’s going to be a great show!”

Wu Hong was a whole head taller than Ye Chen. After putting on his boxing gloves, he gestured at Ye Chen with scorn and said while grinning, “It’s unfortunate that you picked me, brat. When it comes to a piece of trash like you, all I need is three strikes to kill you. If I fail to kill you in three blows…”

Before he was done speaking, he felt woozy as someone arrived before him within the blink of an eye. Subsequently, he felt a sharp pain from his neck. The next thing he knew, he was looking at things from a lower perspective.

He saw the smiles on the faces of the onlookers below the ring freeze. The smiles slowly turned into shock, then fear. He also saw his body falling onto the ground.

‘A-am I dead?’ That was the very last thought he had before his heart stopped!

A head tumbled as blood spurted out!

Ye Chen kicked the head which flew straight towards Ding Lei on the second floor. Ding Lei had yet to snap back to his senses from the shock, and he stretched his arm out to catch the head instinctively.

“Ahh!” he screamed out loud in fear when he saw Wu Hong’s eyes staring widely at him with a deep grievance. He tossed the head in his hands away immediately.

Dead silence filled the space!

Everyone gaped as they looked at the headless body in the ring. Wu Hong, the five-time winner, had died just like that! The strangest thing was that they did not even clearly see how Wu Hong was killed from the beginning until the end.

Someone retched, which led everyone else to gag. They loved gore. Alas, they had never witnessed such a gruesome sight before!

Ye Chen lifted his head to look at Ding Lei who was on the second floor. He grinned, revealing his teeth. “I’m sorry I overdid it and…killed your man. You won’t blame me, will you?”