Chapter 61

Chapter 61 of 100 chapters

Ding Lei felt his spine shiver seeing Ye Chen’s cold smile. He said in disbelief, “How, how is that possible?!”

Wu Hong, the man who had the experience of a hundred battles, the man who maintained five consecutive wins was killed in one hit!

Not only that, but it was also an instant kill!

The shocked people under the ring only snapped back to their senses after hearing what he said. Everyone was looking at Ye Chen differently now. Their emotions were in chaos.

There was disbelief, fear, admiration…

At first they thought Ye Chen was just a dumb and daring young man, but now they thought that he was really amazing.

Yang Tian who was watching from the side could not help but pinch his thigh. He screamed from the excitement when he found out that it was not an illusion. He was over the moon.

Ye Chen who was still in the ring looked like he did not notice how everybody was looking at him. Instead, he lifted his eyes and looked at Yang Tian, “Who else? Point them out for me, one after another!”


He still wants to continue?

Everyone secretly jolted, they could not help but feel their mouth went dry.

Was he too confident in himself?

Yang Tian gulped and stretched his finger to point out the remaining 19 men while suppressing the fear in him. Among the 19 men, some were scared while some did not care at all.

Ding Lei suppressed his shock and grinned as he looked at Ye Chen with a gaze filled with killing intent. “I’ve underestimated you, brat. Don’t think you’re invincible just because you killed Wu Hong. I’ll show you the consequences of offending me.”

He stretched his finger and pointed at a man who was the biggest and most muscular among the 19 men. “Chen Peng, go kill him. I’ll pay you five million!”

The man nodded and went on to the ring.

“Stop it right there!”

Ye Chen suddenly stopped him. “It’s boring to beat them up one by one. Just fight me together. I, Ye Chen, am not afraid of a bunch of trash. The earlier I kill all of you, the earlier I can go home and drink!”

Everyone present gasped as soon as they heard him.

He wanted all 19 men to fight him together?

Did I hear that wrong?

Even those who had the tiniest confidence in Ye Chen earlier could not help but criticize him right now.

“You want to fight 19 men on your own? Do you think you’re Bruce Lee? You’re way over your head!”

Yang Tian’s expression instantly changed as he shouted, “Brother, no! don’t do that.”

Every one of the 19 men present was much more powerful than Wu Hong who just defeated. Ye Chen might have the chance to win if he were to fight them one at a time. However, fighting 19 men on his own make was the same as seeking death?

Just as the saying went, he was trying to kill the masters with his messy punches.

Ye Chen ignored the screams among the people. Instead, he looked at Ding Lei who was on the second floor as he coldly said, “So? Do you dare let this bunch of useless men under you to fight me?”

“Great, great, that’s just great!”

Ding Lei consecutively said ‘great’ three times while ferociously looking at Ye Chen, “Since you’re seeking death, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

“Cheng Peng, Wang Bin, Li Yan… All 19 of you fight him together. As soon as you guys kill him, I’ll pay you five million each!”

The 19 men below leaped onto the ring as soon as Ding Lei was done.

The people who were watching could not help but shake their heads.

The ring’s space could only contain two people for both sides to punch and dodge easily. However, now that there were suddenly 19 men coming onto the ring, most of the space was occupied.

That would mean that Ye Chen had no extra space to dodge. It was a sure death for him when he was surrounded by 19 experts!

The staff immediately passed them the punching gloves.

In a room on the fight club’s third floor.

A man and a lady were sitting on the couch. The man was approximately 50. He wore traditional Chinese attire and looked cold. An experienced aura filled his entire body.

Most importantly, his temples were raised high at the moment. His stomach followed a regular rhythm as he breathed in and out. He was clearly a Martial Dao expert.

Meanwhile, there was a gorgeous lady sitting next to him. She was dressed in black martial art attire. Her skin was snow-white and her features were pretty. The beauty mark on her chin added character to her face.

The lady had her attention on the ring on the fight club’s first floor.

Seeing Ye Chen inviting 19 men to fight him together, she chuckled out loud. “Master Feng, don’t you think there’s something wrong with that guy’s head? He’s so full of himself just because he won one fight.”

That old man named Master Feng did not even lift his head and coldly responded. A bunch of hot-headed men trying to show off was something insignificant for him. It did not interest him at all.

The atmosphere among the audience peaked at the moment as they watched the crowded ring on the fight club’s first floor.

“Ding ding ding…”

As the bell went off, nobody knew who but someone screamed, “Beat the sh*t out of him!”

Ding Lei looked at Ye Chen with a cold face. A ferocious grin appeared at the corner of his lips as he shouted, “Kill him!”

19 hunks wearing punching gloves charged at Ye Chen together. The whole ring was shaking from their movement.

Yang Tian clenched his fist hard. His five fingers sunk deep into his flesh. He did not even dare to breathe.

You must go through with this, brother!


Instead of retreating, Ye Chen was moving forward. As he threw a slap, the man who was closest to him had his head explode. Fresh blood splashed in the air.


The people below the ring gasped. A man was killed in a mere hit. It was an instant kill!

Can he not be so brutal?

The remaining 18 men were stunned by the scene before them. Their instincts suddenly stopped them. They dared not move an inch further.

“What are you guys waiting for? Go! kill him.” Ding Lei’s expression changed as he shrieked while clenching his teeth.

Another one was killed.

It was as if another cold bucket was thrown at him!

Another man charged at Ye Chen.

“A man of his word, brotherhood comes first!”

Ye Chen raised his foot and stepped as if he was taking a stroll.

He punched forward as his fist directly pierced through the man’s chest.

“A stare could kill, body lighter than a feather!”

“With an iron-cutting sword, killing commenced when in rage!”

“Drinking with my own flesh as the side dish, even the demons are terrified!”

“Walking out of the west gate, return with a head at sunset!”

A head was tossed up in the air as he turned around.

“Killings of heaven and earth, the devastation shook hell!”

“Killing a man within three steps, the hand doesn’t stop unless the heart does!”


A cold-blooded massacre was going on in the ring. Ye Chen was like a grim reaper that reaped a life for every step taken. Fresh blood dyed his clothes along with the entire ring.

Killing intent filled his heart.

The killing intent came from his best brother Yang Tian’s brutal torment. Where he kneeled on the ring like a dog while being tortured by those people. The killing intent came from an innocent father who forcefully held on to make money to treat his son.

This killing intent came from this unfair world. It came from the stupid theory of everyone being ants under the Heaven Dao!

‘I’m the Heavenly Emperor! I’m the Mad Southern Immortal!’

‘So what if you’re wealthy? So what if you have power? So what about Heaven Dao?

It was the rage coming from an ordinary man, blood will shatter three feet away. A rage coming from the son of heaven, there will be millions of bodies!

The entire fight club fell into dead silence.

Everyone looked at the massacre happening on the ring with their eyes wide open. They could only feel a bone-piercing chill flowing down their spine. They were shocked, terrified, and fearful!

Nobody dared to speak at the moment. They even held their breath and dared not make a sound.

Ye Chen’s silhouette was gradually enlarging in their eyes. The sound of the massacre, shrieking, the sound of heads falling onto the ground, the sound of fresh blood splashing everywhere was echoing in their ears.

Is he…

A devil from hell?!

The lady on the third floor of the fight club earlier had a pale look on her pretty face. She watched whatever was happening downstairs. Her beautiful eyes were filled with fear and shock.

Even Master Feng could not help but change his expression. “Such immense killing intent!”

What he was curious about was that there was no true energy wave on Ye Chen at all. There was no energy in the techniques that he used to attack. It seemed to be pure brute force.

“Could it be that this brat was trained in the military?” Master Feng mumbled to himself.

Ding Lei’s eyes went blank, his arms and legs were cold as he looked at Ye Chen who was like a god that came to earth as well as at the crushed flesh all over the ground.

A bad omen flashed through his heart.

He had met a tough one!

Who exactly was this brat?

Ye Chen turned his head around hard as the last man fell. He walked to Ding Lei with immense killing intent as he said, “You killed a lady two years ago, she was my sister-in-law. I swore before her memorial tablet that I would pray to her with your head!”

“So I would like to borrow your head!”

Everyone would instinctually open a path wherever he passed. Nobody was blocking his way, they did not even dare to look into his eyes. Even Ding Lei’s underlings were no exception!


Ding Lei fell hard onto the ground. He was terrified. “You can’t kill me, I’m from the Ding family. Master Feng, help, help me!”

He was finally scared at this moment!

He who had always been lawless had sensed the aura of the god of death from Ye Chen.