Chapter 62

Chapter 62 of 100 chapters

Ye Chen only stopped when he was just a step away from Ding Lei. He lifted his eyes to look in the third floor’s direction. “There’s someone else?”

Not only him but the people below the ring also reacted the same way. Their eyes were wide open as they looked at each other. They were curious about who exactly the Master Feng mentioned by Ding Lei was.

A quiet sigh came from the third floor a couple of seconds later.

A room on the third floor subsequently was crushed open with a loud thud. The broken pieces fell all over the place.

An overbearing energy soon tore the air.

A silhouette hovered midair.

It was an old man in traditional Chinese attire.

The old man stepped on the crushed pieces of the wooden door midair and rushed over. His body was light. It did not land on the ground at all as if he mastered the Lightness Skill.

Everyone exclaimed as they rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

“Did I see it right? That person is flying?”

“He’s not flying, that’s the legendary Lightness Skill!”

“I can’t believe there’s such an expert in real life. If I didn’t see this with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it no matter what!”

The old man’s entrance did not lose to Ye Chen’s action of killing 19 men in rage at all. It gave an extreme stun.

Ding Lei who laid on the ground was over the moon as if he saw a life savior. “Turning energy into qi, a body as light as a swan. So this is the Internal Energy Mastery that grandpa mentioned? It’s terrifying!”

He looked at Ye Chen in a devilish way as he thought to this point. “Brat, with Master Feng here, not only you won’t be able to kill me, you’ll die a horrible death. I guarantee that!”

Master Feng was an ancient martial expert. He was a guest that the Ding family hired with a hefty sum. He was so arrogant that even the Old Master Ding would have to be polite to him.

If not for Ding Lei encountering danger today, Master Feng might have not even looked him into his eyes.


Yang Tian fell hard onto the ground as his face was filled with shock and despair. “I-Is that still a human?”

Master Feng hovered and landed before Ye Chen. The two of them were less than five steps apart.

He expressionlessly looked at Ye Chen with his hands behind his back. “Killing 19 men out of rage, you have too much killing intent for a young man. I’m giving you two options. You either obediently stop it right here and follow me back to the Ding’s residence to receive your punishment or I’ll kill you right here, right now!”

He saw it crystal clear when he was upstairs earlier. Ye Chen had no true energy on his body, neither was there any energy in his techniques. Therefore, he categorized Ye Chen as a Strength Cultivator who professionally cultivated external strength.

He had disdain towards such people.

There was a saying in the cultivation world. ‘Practising punches instead of methods, everything goes back to emptiness.’ It meant one would still be an ant as long as one did not master the Internal Martial Arts!

Ye Chen lit a cigarette and chuckled.

Master Feng frowned, he was rather upset. “What are you laughing at? This old man’s tolerance is limited, young man. Stop fooling yourself!”

‘How dare you smoke before me?’

Ye Chen puffed a smoke ring and tilted his head as he looked at him in a lazy manner. “I’m laughing at you for having so much nonsense. I’m laughing because you’re so full of yourself, calling yourself a master after merely learning martial arts for a few tens of years!”

“You bastard…” Master Feng was furious.

Ye Chen squinted and enunciated word after word while looking at him. “I’m giving you two options too, you old thing. You either get out or die!”

Everyone was immediately dumbstruck as soon as he finished speaking.

Nobody would have thought that Ye Chen would remain daring before an expert such as Master Feng!

Even Ding Lei was shocked.

He was then glad as he secretly criticized Ye Chen for being a fool. Did he really think that Master Feng was like those ordinary people before? Master Feng had killed a bull with a single palm!

“How dare you!”

Master Feng’s face turned cold as killing intent flashed through his eyes. “You’re refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit. You were still a baby drinking milk when I was out and about in the world.”

“I’m going to kill you!”

Master Feng shouted when he was done speaking. Powerful energy exploded from his body as it shook the entire ground. He charged straight toward Ye Chen at a high speed.

Energy shook intensely all over his body causing explosive noises in the air.

“Destruction Palm!”

A deadly terrifying palm method was charged at Ye Chen.

“Not bad, he’s slightly more powerful than Lin Fan,” Ye Chen squinted and followed with a cold snicker. “But that’s not enough!”

He disappeared from where he was in the next second.

“What a terrifying speed!”

Master Feng’s eyelid twitched hard as he looked for Ye Chen in panic. He felt a faint, bad omen.

A breeze came at that very moment.

Master Feng could only feel an invincible imposing manner coming towards him. He had goosebumps all over his body. A fist subsequently enlarged in his pupils.

“Oh, no!”

He screamed from the fear failing to hold back. He blocked both hands before his chest, attempting to ease the impact from the fist.


The fist landed hard on Master Feng. He felt immense energy that he had never experienced before falling on him like a tsunami.


The hands blocking before his chest cracked with a sound.

Meanwhile, his body was thrown out like a torn gunny sack under the energy. Trails tens of meters long were created on the ground from the collision.


Master Feng felt like his organs had been smashed. There was sweetness in his throat. He could not help but spat a mouthful of blood.

His eyes were filled with intense fear.

One punch!

One punch was all the opponent took to defeat an expert with Internal Energy Mastery.

A terrifying thought flashed through his mind all of a sudden. He immediately looked at Ye Chen and said in a fearful voice, “Y-You’re an Illuminating Pulse expert?”

That must be it!

Only a person whose conception and governor vessels were stimulated, and energy filled their four limbs and bones all over their body could achieve that!

But how was that possible?

He looked nothing over 30.

A 30-year-old Illuminating Pulse expert…

The people below the ring were speechless.

They had no idea what to say at the moment. They only knew that they were surprised again and again. The truth had always been out of their expectations.

Everyone looked at Ye Chen in admiration.

Even the Master Feng who knew Lightness Skill had lost.

Who else could fight this man?

Ding Lei’s mouth opened widely. He was dumbstruck. He had definitely not expected the Master Feng who was the Ding family No.1 expert to be defeated and that too with a single punch.

“Great, great!”

Yang Tian was so emotional that he had no idea what to say. He was shaking.

Ye Chen walked one step at a time toward Master Feng who was tens of meters away. He said with a chuckle. “This is the end for you!”

Sensing the killing intent on Ye Chen, Master Feng immediately kneeled onto the ground. He kowtowed so hard that his head was bleeding. “Senior, I surrender. I’ll no longer interfere in Ding Lei’s business, please have mercy!”

“I’ve said that you either get out or die!”

“Also, you talk too much!”

Ye Chen slammed his palm with a cold expression on his face. He slammed right on Master Feng’s top of head which directly exploded. Fresh blood mixed with brain juice splattered all over Ding Lei who was standing by the side.

Ding Lei jolted with his eyes wide open looking at the blood on his hands. He immediately kneeled onto the ground in fear. “Please… Please don’t kill me. Whether money or women, I can give you everything you want!”

“You killed my brother’s wife and messed with my family!”

Ye Chen looked at him in a condescending way, there was no sense of sympathy on his face at all. “Tell me, do you deserve to die?”

Ding Lei came to a realization. He had finally recalled that Ye Chen was the man that he was going after.

A hard slap came as he was just about to beg by instinct. Ding Lei’s head was tossed into the sky. It flew quickly toward Yang Tian who was below the ring. Yang Tian stretched his arms to grab it.

“Compared to money and women, I’d very much prefer your head!”

Ye Chen chuckled and lifted his eyes to look at Yang Tian.

“You broke a finger for me eight years ago!”

“Today, I, your brother, killed 22 men in your justice!”