Chapter 63

Chapter 63 of 100 chapters

Looking at his foe’s head at a close distance, Yang Tian turned around, his shoulders shaking.

A while later, he spun to Ye Chen with gratitude on his face. He said two words loudly, “Thanks, brother!”

Nobody knew how emotional he felt when he said that.

He had gone through so much before this. His wife had died a horrible death while his son could die anytime. While his foe had been out there enjoying life, he had to suppress the humiliation to butter up to the latter.

At present, his life was different. His foe was beheaded and his son saved. Now that he had reunited with his old buddy, he was completely relieved.

Ye Chen glanced at the crowd below expressionlessly. The people held their heads down one after another as nobody dared to look at him. They did not even dare to breathe loudly because they were scared that this malefic being was not done killing yet.

Ye Chen took a deep breath in after frowning. He reached deep into his dantian and shouted with all of his might. What sounded like a dragon’s roar exploded out of his mouth with an immense force.

However, it did not damage the buildings around him at all. Instead, everyone became wobbly and fell one after another.

Yang Tian’s expression changed. “Xiao Yezi, you…”

“Don’t worry. I didn’t kill them. I merely cleared a portion of their memory. They won’t remember whatever happened tonight when they wake up,” Ye Chen assured with a smile.

He had performed the Heavenly Dragon’s Eight Tones which was a method that specially targeted a person’s soul. Although Ye Chen’s cultivation base was still low, it was no problem for him to clear ordinary people’s memories.

Yang Tian was then relieved. Ye Chen walked to Ding Lei’s body and picked up the few boxes of cash before walking out of the fight club with Yang Tian.

When he snapped his fingers, all the lamps and cameras in the fight club broke.

At Yang Tian’s home, Ye Chen placed Ding Lei’s head before Yang Tian’s wife’s memorial tablet. He turned around and looked at Yang Tian behind him after praying with three incense sticks.

“Aren’t you going to ask me how I became so powerful? Aren’t you going to ask me why I didn’t even blink when I killed?”

“No!” Yang Tian passed him a cigarette and took a deep puff after lighting it up. Trust glowed in his eyes. “You’re my brother. No matter what you’ve become and what you’ve been through, you’re forever my brother!”

Ye Chen nodded and thought to himself that the old Yang Tian was back. He asked after falling into silence for a couple of seconds, “What do you plan to do next?”

“I haven’t figured it out. I might bring Haohao back to my hometown to visit my parents since they miss him quite a bit.” Yang Tian shook his head and lifted his eyes to look at the room where his son was sleeping in. His expression seemed rather guilty.

His son was already grown up, but he had never met his grandparents, so it made sense for him to feel guilty.

Ye Chen thought about it and said, “Why don’t you come to help me? I have a company now. It’s a cosmetic company, but I’m planning to make it a pharmaceutical company, and I’ll appoint you as the vice president immediately if you join!”

“You even have a company now?” Yang Tian was shocked again. He proceeded to force a smile. “I don’t think I can. If I cause your company to go bankrupt, I…”

“If I think you can, then you can. You’ll be the vice president first. I’ll put you under Gao Hong.”

Ye Chen frowned. “How about this? I’ll send you the company address later. You can report in when you’re done with your own stuff.

“Oh yeah, remember to bury that thing after you’re done praying to my sister-in-law. Don’t scare my godson!”

Ye Chen then left after saying that.

On top of an unknown mountain in the northeast, there was a dilapidated Taoist temple in a rather quiet area. There was a cluster of grape trees before the temple and a rattan chair had been placed under the grape trees.

A sloppy, old priest lay on the rotten chair. He looked like the guy in a meme as he lay on the couch, staring into space. If one were to look closer, one would notice that the old priest’s aura was fading.

Meanwhile, there was an oil lamp at his feet. The light was faint and it seemed like it would be extinguished anytime.

There was a young man in white no older than 17 or 18 years of age standing before the old priest. The young man carried a broken sword with him, and he watched the old priest in silence.

“Cough, cough!”

The old priest coughed twice as a blood trail spilled out from the corner of his lips. However, he was still grinning. “Brat, I’m already dying. Can’t you just call me your master?”

“Go in peace. I’ll avenge you.” The young man was a man of few words, and nobody could see any expression on his face.

In this world, the sword had no teacher or friend. It only had a master, and its relationship with its master was sometimes as a servant or a friend. Its master had brought it along when he was only on the Energy Refining stage.

Throughout the 3,000 years, man and sword had traveled through 10,000 worlds and they eventually conquered the Immortal World. It was named the Unparalleled Sword, and was also known as the Heavenly Emperor Sword!

The master understood everything about the sword. He really did!

Meanwhile, it understood its master too!

Despite the traitor’s powerful stance, its master had retrieved its soul out of the Heavenly Emperor Sword at a critical time. He was attempting to reincarnate it in the world. He did not want it to die for him.

That day, it had released a roaring sword intent. Devastated, it had crushed its own body to protect its master!

Then, it fell into unconsciousness. It realized that it had come to this world when it woke up and happened to possess a human body now.

However, its master was gone!

It wanted to look for its master!

It wanted to protect the Sword Dao’s dignity!

If an ordinary man heard that, the man would definitely be extremely irritated by what it said. However, the old priest laughed out loud upon hearing that. His laughter contained happiness, calmness, and satisfaction.

“Great! You don’t have to make a monument for me after my death! But you must mourn for me for three months. You’re not allowed to go out of the mountain within the three months!”

The young man in white said coldly, “Sure!”

The old priest turned pink as a clear sign of terminal lucidity. He lifted his head to look at the young man next to him with every strength that he had left. He seemed to be whispering, “I picked you up at the foot of Mount Tai half a month ago. I found out that you were born with a clear Sword Heart. You were born to be a great seed to cultivate swordsmanship. That was the reason why I brought you back with me!

“It’s unfortunate. It’s unfortunate that you’re unwilling to make me your master after all that. How could you say that my sword skill can’t compare with that master of yours?

“I know you came with a remarkable background, but don’t be reckless. This world isn’t as simple as you think!”

As the old priest was done speaking, he fell back onto the rattan chair. While his arm landed on the ground, he shut his eyes slowly. A sense of regret remained behind at the corner of his lips.

The oil lamp suddenly went out.

The young man in white fell into silence for a moment. Then, he knelt hard onto the ground and kowtowed three times loudly with a solemn expression.

“This is the ceremony to make you my master as well as to mourn you. I’ll avenge you in three months!”

A teardrop dripped from the corner of the young man’s eye. It then dripped onto the ground with an extraordinarily loud plop.

The young man lifted his head to look into the night sky, his eyes resembling stars. “Master, where are you exactly?”

At the foot of Shiwan Mountain, a middle-aged man, who looked rather crude, ran along with the stalks of wheat. Though it was night time, he was running as if he was running on flatland.

“You killed my junior brother, so I must avenge him!

“I’m coming, Mr. Ye! I, Gu Fan, have trained hard for 40 winters and summers. It’s time that I went into the world. I hope you won’t disappoint me!”