Chapter 64

Chapter 64 of 100 chapters

At the Nine Dragons Bay villa, the Patriarch of Hell looked at the tree with black fruit and said while opening its doggy eyes wide, “Oh, Master. What exactly is this tree? And what’s that fruit on it?”

“Aren’t you a Tribulation Almighty? Even you have no idea what this is?” Ye Chen retorted coldly.

The patriarch shook his doggy ears and walked around the tree over and over again. He then smiled awkwardly. “Cutie, I have cultivated for over 8,000 years in the cultivation world. I’d say that I know everything and have seen many Heaven and Earth Spiritual Medicines as well as exotic seeds, but I’ve never seen this before.”

He gulped as he spoke to this point. “I think you should pluck the fruit directly and taste it. You’ll find out what it is then. I’ll be the first to taste it. If it’s poisonous, instead of you, I’ll be dead.”

“You’re quite loyal yourself, hmm?” Ye Chen chuckled.

Spiritual energy was coming out of this tree when it bloomed. It even made him break through all the way to the intermediate-stage of Spirit Assembly, so it was impossible for it to be poisonous.

The patriarch observed it with its googly eyes. ‘Although this fruit looks a little strange, it should be edible. If I take a bite when this malefic guy isn’t looking…’

Naturally, Ye Chen knew what the patriarch was plotting. He said while smiling coldly, “Go ahead and try. Eating the fruit aside, I’ll kill you immediately as an additional dish tonight as soon as I notice a leaf missing.”

“Master, I’m just kidding. Don’t take it seriously, don’t take it seriously.” The patriarch gave a start and smiled along immediately.

Ye Chen did not bother about him as he walked to the tree and observed the black fruit closely.

A few days had passed, but there were no changes to it at all.

Ye Chen could not help but frown. He had finished the green liquid in the Immortal Drift Bottle. He would have to wait until the middle of next month for it to produce the green liquid again.

Without the green liquid, he could not accelerate the ripening at all.

Ye Chen lifted his eyes to look at the Patriarch of Hell suddenly as he thought about this. “Let me ask you something.”

“Ask away, Master. Cutie will definitely tell you if it’s something that I know. I won’t hold back with the information,” the Patriarch of Hell said, wagging his tail while trying to butter him up.

Ye Chen coughed and said awkwardly, “Err, how do you usually poop?”

Immediately, the hairs on the patriarch’s body seemed to have exploded and they stood on their ends. He retreated a few steps back consecutively while looking at Ye Chen with his guard up. “Please don’t do this to me. I won’t do it even if you threaten to kill me.”

Based on an ordinary dog’s habit, he would have to pass motion when his master took him out for a walk.

However, it was a different case for the patriarch. He used to be human, so he would rather die than lift his leg up to pee and squat to poop before everyone.

Therefore, he would sneak out every time he wanted to pee or poop. As for where he went, nobody knew…

“I’m just asking. You don’t have to get so worked up.” Sensing the patriarch’s strong determination, Ye Chen could not help scratching his nose, feeling rather disappointed.

The dog that the patriarch had attached his soul to was considered to be on the next level compared to an ordinary dog. Meanwhile, people usually used animal feces as crop fertilizer. What would happen if Ye Chen were to use the patriarch’s feces?

After studying the tree for a while and realizing that his effort was to no avail, Ye Chen could only let it be and get his butler, Ah Fu, to take care of it. He then returned home with the patriarch.

Later, he found out that his parents were home while his daughter, Mengmeng, was hiding in the room very mysteriously.

Ye Chen greeted them warmly, “Dad, Mom, aren’t you guys working today?”

Ye Hai and Wu Lan had changed their jobs. One was working in the city hall as a secretary while the other was responsible for taking care of retired bosses in a nursing home.

Both of them were suspicious about the change in their jobs. They thought that their luck had turned around and they were just fortunate to get the jobs.

However, Ye Chen knew very well that the Gu family must have had something to do with this. The city hall aside, one could only wonder how many people would do everything they could to get into the nursing home.

Ye Hai peeked into the room where the little thing was and said, not sure whether to laugh or to cry, “Your mother and I took leave today so that we can spend time with you today.”

‘Spend time with me today?’

Stunned, Ye Chen walked to the little girl’s room while calling out, “Mengmeng, what are you working on so secretly? Open the door and show me.”

“Daddy, don’t open the door,” Mengmeng said anxiously with her head peeking out of a gap in the door.

“Alright then, I won’t open the door.” Ye Chen shook his head thinking how funny she was behaving. He activated his Divine Consciousness to scan the room by instinct.

He then saw the little thing putting on candles on a three-layer cake. She would turn her head to look at the door every now and then, afraid that her surprise would be busted.

A birthday cake?

Ye Chen was stunned at first, but he subsequently laughed in silence.

Was it his 30th birthday today?

However, he did not reveal his newfound discovery to fulfill his daughter’s mystery. Instead, he pretended to be impatient and said, “Mengmeng, I will leave the house if you don’t open the door now.”

“Alright, alright! Daddy, don’t go!”

As expected, Mengmeng panicked. She smirked after opening the door. “Daddy, turn around now.”

“Why must I turn around?” he asked already despite knowing why.

She stomped and began to be coquettish. “Oh, Daddy. Just turn around. I’ll get you to turn back when it’s time.”

“Alright then.”

Ye Chen smiled and turned around. Through his Divine Consciousness, he saw her turn around and return to the room. She held the cake with both hands as she walked out carefully and a little shakily.

“Alright, Daddy. You can turn around now.”

Ye Chen turned around to look at her while secretly laughing.

The little girl held the cake as she said in excitement with her little cheeks flushed, “Happy birthday, Daddy!”

“Is it my birthday today?” Ye Chen looked surprised as he played along with her little show.

Mengmeng put the cake on the table and rolled her eyes at him. “Daddy, you’re dumb and you have a terrible memory. It’s your 30th birthday today. Mengmeng remembers that.”

“Do you really remember that?” Ye Chen looked at his parents next to her and sai, trying to hide his smile, “Or was it Grandpa and Grandma who told you that?”

“Naughty Daddy. I’ll remember next time,” Mengmeng blushed immediately after she was busted. She ran to Ye Hai and Wu Lan and ordered like a female officer, “Grandpa, let’s sing a birthday to Daddy. Sing with Mengmeng. Happy birthday to you!”

Ye Hai and Wu Lan chimed in off-key, “Hubby burst day to yu…”

“No, no. Your pronunciation is wrong.” Mengmeng waved, looking annoyed as she insisted, “It’s ‘happy birthday to you’!”

Ye Hai and Wu Lan sang again, “Hubby burst day to yu…”

The little thing felt completely defeated now. “Grandpa, Grandma, you guys are so dumb.”

Ye Chen patted her head. “Your grandpa and grandma only went to school for a few days when they were young. Aren’t you troubling them when you force them to pronounce something in English?”

Then, Ye Hai shook his head, feeling helpless. “Mengmeng, Grandpa will give you a little test. Do you know how to pronounce ‘coal mine’ in English?”

“I don’t.” The little thing stuck her tongue out and said looking curious, “Grandpa, don’t tell me that you know!”

Nodding, Ye Hai said in all seriousness, “Of course, listen closely. This is how you say coal mine in English—a pile of black things.”

Ye Chen was flabbergasted. Wu Lan laughed out loud before she stared at Ye Hai sharply.

The little thing failed to react immediately. She only realized that she had been tricked after seeing Ye Chen and Wu Lan’s expressions. She could not stop stomping her feet. “Grandpa, you bully me. You’re naughty! I won’t talk to you anymore!”

“Alright, Grandpa was just joking with you. Aren’t we celebrating my birthday? Let’s cut the cake, shall we?” Ye Chen said while smiling.

The little thing rolled her eyes oat n him right away. “Daddy is a dumb-dumb. You haven’t made a wish.”

Ye Chen put his palms together and said out loud, “My wish is that I hope my darling daughter, Mengmeng, will grow up healthily. I don’t wish that you become remarkable or for you to be wealthy because Daddy can give you all that as long as you want them.”

“Oh, no. Daddy, you shouldn’t say your wish out loud. It won’t come true if you do that!” Mengmeng looked at Ye Chen as if she was staring at a dumb person.

“Don’t worry. If it doesn’t come true, I’ll try my best to make it come true!” Ye Chen smiled in amusement.

“Daddy’s wish is so simple,” the little girl mumbled and rushed to cut the cake in excitement.

The family then ate a slice of cake each.

Ye Chen pointed at his cheek. “It’s my birthday today. Aren’t you giving me a reward?”

The little thing put her cake down and gave him a smooch right away without even cleaning her mouth. She could not stop giggling when she saw the cream on his cheek, “Daddy is a dirty kitty cat now.”

“You little devil, how dare you bully the Heavenly Emperor?!” Ye Chen picked her up and gave her a loud smack on her cheek too.