Chapter 65

Chapter 65 of 100 chapters

The weather outside was great in the afternoon. Just when Ye Chen was thinking if he should bring Mengmeng out to play, his phone rang. It was Gu Shaokun calling.

“Mr. Ye, there’s an opening at the underground black market in the antique town this afternoon. My grandfather’s asking if you would like to go.”

“Underground black market?”

“Yes, it’s the same as an auction. However, there is more variety of complicated stuff at the black market. That includes the trading of shady items such as funereal wares and ancient mummies.”

Just when Ye Chen was going to reject him, he heard him adding, “Oh yeah, my grandfather said that the finale item at the black market’s auction seems to be a magic tool. It even got the attention of Elder Priest Qingyang of the Shenxiao Sect.”

A magic tool?

Ye Chen’s interest was piqued instantly. He agreed to that after some hesitation, “Sure, I happen to have time today.”

“Sure, I’ll get my sister to pick you up.”

Ye Chen spoke to his parents after hanging up the phone and left the house.

At the entrance of Jinyang District, a red Maserati was insolently parked in the middle of the road. Many passersby looked with the side of their eyes. Although the person went against the traffic rules, nobody dared to say anything because aside from the luxury car, there was a beauty standing next to it.

Anyone would know that a person who could afford such a luxurious car came from a wealthy family.

Gu Yingying crossed her arms across her chest, looking pissed. She could not believe that her grandfather had asked her to pick this guy up. Until today, she could not forgive Ye Chen for doing what he did to her the last time.

‘Can’t that guy have kicked lighter? He didn’t even apologize to me after that. What a straight man! I don’t understand how he even got a girlfriend.’

Upon rushing over, Ye Chen was stunned. “How come you came to pick me up? Where’s your brother?”

“He’s caught up with other things, so he got me to pick you up. Get in.” Gu Yingying was pissed as she got into the car with a scoff.

Ye Chen did not mind this princess’s strange temper. He slid into the passenger seat of the Maserati after smiling to himself.

What he did not see were two ladies standing less than 100 meters from the Maserati. It was Ye Wen and her mother, Yang Hui.

Yang Hui exclaimed with her eyes wide open the moment Ye Chen and Gu Yingying got into the car, “Wenwen, isn’t that Ye Chen? Did that luxury car come to pick him up? Also, who is that lady?”

“I don’t know.” Ye Wen shook her head expressionlessly. She was upset again as she still blamed herself for misunderstanding Ye Chen.

Yang Hui could not really accept what was happening before her eyes. Immediately, she mumbled sarcastically, “Forget that this guy has a luxurious villa. Now, a luxury car has come to pick him up. Is that lady his sugar mama?”

She nodded sagely as if she knew everything as she spoke, “Yes, that must be it. That lady must be his sugar mama. Maybe that lady got him the villa too. Oh, it’s so embarrassing. He’s so capable, but I can’t believe he’s willing to be a sugar baby…”

Ye Wen who was standing aside could no longer take it. She could not help but interrupt her, “Mom, can you stop? My cousin isn’t such a person, why does everything good become so filthy to you?”

She turned around and left after saying that.

As she left, she thought to herself crossly, ‘No wonder Dad says that you’re petty sometimes. Your hair is long, yet your perception is so short. Cousin owns a luxurious villa and a company, and he crafts magic tools too. He also masters medical skills. Do you need me to say all these to you to throw more cold blankets at you?’

“Oh, this girl, what’s with your attitude? I wasn’t even talking about you,” Yang Hui began complaining angrily, shocked by her daughter’s behavior.

Over half an hour later, the car arrived at Jiulong Antique Street. On the way there, Ye Chen roughly learned about the situation in the car. It was said that the underground black market would only open at 5 p.m.

Even though that was the case, there were all sorts of luxury cars already parked on the antique street. Porsches and Bentleys were nothing among them. Among the most attractive cars would be the few Lamborghinis and Bugatti Veyrons.

After parking her car, Gu Yingying brought Ye Chen into an antique store called the Precious Treasure Pavilion.

The store was massive with rows of shelves in there. There were many antiques on the shelves such as calligraphy work, porcelains, and so on.

At the moment, it was already crowded inside. Many people dressed in neat attire were animatedly pointing at the antiques in the store. They had all sorts of comments about them.

Meanwhile, two young ladies in blue uniforms stood on each side of them. They were the antique store apprentices whom the boss had hired to serve the clients.

A pretty girl welcomed Ye Chen and Gu Yingying as soon as they walked in. “Young Mistress, you’re here.”

“Where’s Uncle Xu?” Gu Yingying nodded lightly as she could not stop looking at the crowd.

“Old Master Xu is still checking the inventory in the storeroom. Please give me a moment. I’ll get him now. He’ll be so happy to know that you are here.” The pretty lady smiled and turned around to walk to the back room.

Gu Yingying explained after noticing Ye Chen’s doubt, “My Third Uncle owns this store and Uncle Xu is an experienced staff under him. He’s responsible for taking care of this store. I’ve been here a few times, so they know me.”

Ye Chen came to a realization. He only lifted his eyes to look around at the stuff in the store. He thought he would find something valuable, but he ended up with disappointment.

“Is there nothing that you’re interested in?” Gu Yingying said while frowning, noticing his dismay.

“They’re just ordinary stuff. How boring!” Ye Chen could not help but shook his head. To ordinary people, the antiques in the store might be bizarre. However, to him, they were worthless.

“Young man, isn’t it a little too much for you to say that?” A voice that sounded agitated came from the back hall.

Subsequently, an old man in reading glasses and gray robes walked out. He seemed serious and there was an experienced and intelligent aura coming out of him.

As soon as he appeared, all of the customers in the store had their spirits lifted. They bowed to greet him.

“Old Master Xu!”

The old man merely nodded coldly to the greetings. He then walked to Gu Yingying and forced a warm smile on his harsh face.

“Young Mistress, why didn’t you tell me that you were coming? I need to be mentally prepared.”

“Stop messing with me, Uncle Xu.” Gu Yingying smiled and said, “I’m just here to look around with a friend.” She glanced at Ye Chen at the end of the sentence. She then introduced, “Uncle Xu, this is Mr. Ye. He’s…my friend.”

Uncle Xu then looked at Ye Chen, the smile on his face instantly fading. He said in a neutral manner, “Little brother, it seems like you’re rather unimpressed by the stuff in my store, hmm?”

As Third Master Gu’s confidant, Uncle Xu had the confidence not to give any face to anyone because no matter whether it was the people from the underground or commoners, they would have to go through him before speaking to Third Master Gu.

At the same time, the entire antique store fell silent. Everyone looked at Ye Chen by instinct, apparently eager to know where he got his guts to say such a thing.

Gu Yingying frowned. Just when she was about to ease the awkward situation for Ye Chen, she heard him chuckling. “It’s not that I’m rather unimpressed. I’m completely unimpressed. They’re just a bunch of trash to me.”