Chapter 67

Chapter 67 of 100 chapters

Everyone could not help but look at Ye Chen. They looked like they were gloating, especially the few who had just embarrassed themselves. They hoped that he says yes to what Uncle Xu asked.

Uncle Xu glanced at him with his eyes filled with mockery. “What? Do you not dare to do that? Don’t tell me that you’re scared?”

‘Brat, weren’t you full of yourself earlier?’

“It’s just an illusion that isn’t worth mentioning at all!” Ye Chen coldly said and walked straight toward the bronze mirror.

Gu Yingying’s lips moved as she reminded him out of kindness, “Be careful, that mirror is really eerie!”

Ye Chen scoffed and held the mirror right before him. He stared right into it.

The people present looked at each other and could not stop smiling. They seemed to have imagined the scene where Ye Chen pissed himself from the scare.

Uncle Xu was smiling too.

The reason being nobody could bear the image in the bronze mirror, nobody ever could!

Gu Yingying hesitated for a moment. She was secretly prepared to grab the bronze mirror over as soon as she found out that Ye Chen could no longer take it.

Although she despised Ye Chen, he was a benefactor to the Gu family no matter what.

However, a minute passed but Ye Chen still stood. He did not have any reaction at all.

The people were stunned. The reason being none of them present managed to bear it any longer than 30 seconds.

The smile on Uncle Xu’s face became stiff, he was truly shocked. He had gotten over ten people for the experiment before and the fact that nobody could stand it for even a minute remained unchanged.

‘Is this brat forcefully tolerating it?’

‘That must be it, it has to be so. I don’t believe that you can go on like this forever. One must know that the illusion in the bronze mirror gets increasingly terrifying the longer one stares at it.’

A minute passed…

Two minutes passed…

Ye Chen was still alright.

Uncle Xu’s eyelid could not stop twitching. Someone could no longer suppress the shock. “Why does he have no reaction at all? Could the bronze mirror have broken?”

“How are you fine?” Uncle Xu took the bronze mirror over and looked at Ye Chen. His face filled with shock.

Ye Chen coldly said, “It’s just a little illusion, why should I not be fine?”

Uncle Xu shook his head, he could not really accept it. He stared right into the bronze mirror himself but cold sweat started dripping on his forehead within a minute. He immediately retreated a few steps to shake out of the illusion.

This had proved that the bronze mirror was not broken.

The people were looking at Ye Chen differently now. If Ye Chen was a daring brat to them earlier, he had just become much more mysterious.

Uncle Xu only spoke with a complicated expression after calming himself down, “I wonder what you think about this bronze mirror of mine, little brother? Is this considered a treasure to you?”

“You call this a treasure? Huh.” Ye Chen shook his head. Disdain was clearly shown on his face.

Gu Yingying was instantly shocked. “Is it not? I think this bronze mirror is pretty amazing. It looks like a normal mirror but you can see illusions in there.”

“Oh, really?”

Ye Chen raised his brows and took over the bronze mirror from Uncle Xu’s hands. He lifted his hand and wiped the mirror, he then said to the people while looking at them, “Let’s all try if you guys can still see the illusion.”

The people shook their heads by instinct.

Uncle Xu suppressed his rage and squeezed himself over to look into the mirror. This time, he did not see anything else apart from his own face. The illusion that he saw earlier was no longer there.

“How is that possible?” Uncle Xu exclaimed out loud. Ye Chen merely wiped it lightly and the illusion was gone just like that?

Gu Yingying mustered her courage and tried once again. She looked at Ye Chen in disbelief with her eyes opened wide.

Ye Chen said without answering the question. “I’m afraid you didn’t get this bronze mirror the right way?”

“What do you mean?” Uncle Xu had a slight change of expression and his tone sounded rather unnatural.

“If I’m not mistaken, this bronze mirror should be a burial item and the owner of the tomb was a lady who died with injustice. Resentment accumulated in her body and it turned into an evil spirit as time went by.”

Ye Chen coldly said, “Unfortunately, the bronze mirror that was a burial item was contaminated with an evil spirit. Every mortal who observes the mirror would be affected by the evil spirit, that is the so-called illusion.”

The people retreated a step back by instinct as soon as he was done speaking. Fear filled their eyes when they looked at the bronze mirror again.

Funerary ware!

The expression on Gu Yingying’s pretty face changed. She looked at Uncle Xu next to her by instinct and could not help but ask, “Uncle Xu, was this bronze mirror really dug out of a tomb?”

Uncle Xu looked deeply at Ye Chen and then put down the bronze mirror. He walked to him and sincerely bowed. “Please forgive Xu Lang for being blind and not realizing who this master is!”

“Don’t worry about it!” Ye Chen slightly nodded.

Uncle Xu sighed when surrounded by everyone’s stare. “Master Ye is right, I got this bronze mirror from a group of grave robbers. I was young and foolish, I took it ignoring those taboos.”

Everyone’s expression changed when they heard his words.

Grave robbers were also tomb raiders, they professionally dug out tombs. Meanwhile, everyone present here was clean, they knew some rules of the underground. Nobody would accept funerary ware that had just been unearthed. The reason being such thing an act was considered evil.

Ye Chen smiled. “I’m sure those grave robbers got their karma.”

Uncle Xu inhaled sharply. Shock filled his eyes when he looked at Ye Chen. He felt like a 60-year-old person like him could not hide any secrets before Ye Chen.

He nodded and forced a smile. “I found out something was off the next day I got the bronze mirror. Later on, I heard that the bunch of grave robbers died a horrible death one after another on the next day of the deal. It was said that they dug a Ming Dynasty princess’ tomb. Since then, I covered the bronze mirror with a black cloth and dared not show it to anyone.”

Everyone could not help but exclaim after they heard. They could not believe that there was such a terrifying background to this bronze mirror.

More importantly, Ye Chen pointed out the key factor under the premise of not knowing anything.

Gu Yingying immediately looked at Ye Chen with disbelief in her beautiful eyes. She thought to herself that this guy was like an old monster who surprised her again and again.

A middle-aged man who dressed rather sophisticatedly walked out and said while clasping his fists at Ye Chen in all seriousness, “I underestimated master earlier, please forgive me!”

“Something so small is not worth mentioning.”

Ye Chen coldly smiled.

His humble and calm imposing manner despite being respected by all once again impressed the people. Someone could not help but exclaimed, “No wonder you’re a master, I can’t compare with your posture.”

“Master, may I ask you something? What I don’t understand is that we saw the illusion in the bronze mirror earlier but why can’t we see it now?” The old professor humbly asked.

Everyone was thinking about the same thing.

“It’s simple, it’s because I’ve removed the evil spirit from the bronze mirror. Without the evil spirit’s interference, this bronze mirror naturally becomes an ordinary mirror.”

Ye Chen smiled. “Boss Xu, I ruined the most precious piece of your store, would you blame me for it? However, it is fortunate that you’ve been covering the bronze mirror with a black cloth throughout the years. Otherwise, you’d have ended up like those grave robbers.”

“This humble one dares not blame you. Instead, I would like to thank Master for relieving me from something that’s been bothering me for many years.”

Uncle Xu instantly shook his head and said in relief, “How is this a treasure? This is simply a cursed item. If not for Master Ye, it would have only harmed others.”

Nobody dared to underestimate Ye Chen anymore. Instead, they were giving their name cards and contact numbers, they were taking the initiative to connect with Ye Chen.

Subsequently, Uncle Xu took Ye Chen around to check out the stuff in his store in a friendly manner. He felt helpless, none of the items interested Ye Chen.

After picking up a call, Gu Yingying walked up to him and softly said, “Mr. Ye, my Third Uncle has encountered some trouble. Could you check it out with me, sir?

Without anyone noticing, her attitude towards Ye Chen changed subtly. She called him sir now.