Chapter 69

Chapter 69 of 100 chapters

Ye Chen spoke at a decent volume, but everyone could hear him. The crowd heard everything he said crystal clear.

They were stunned at first, but then they could not help but laugh out loud in a hysterical manner one after another as if they heard something funny.

“Who is this guy? He’s so daring despite being so young. I can’t believe he interfered with the gamble between Fifth Master Liu and Third Master Gu!”

“Newborn calves aren’t afraid of tigers. Didn’t he even consider that Third Master would kill him if the stone that he picked for Third Master is a bad one?”

“The two bosses are fighting. Why is a brat like you interrupting?”

Standing next to him, Gu Yingying pulled Ye Chen away and said while forcing a smile, “Mr. Ye, Sir…”

In reality, she wanted to say that Ye Chen knew nothing about this, so why would he want to butt in? However, she was afraid to offend him.

Liu Chuang, on the other hand, scoffed and laughed out loud while looking at Ye Chen directly. ” Gu No. 3, did you hear that? Even the master that you guys hired can no longer take this and he wants to help. Why don’t you say yes to him right now?”

He was hoping that Third Master Gu would agree to that. If that was the case, he could mock the man again later on.

He frowned as he looked at Ye Chen in a condescending and arrogant manner with a ferocious gleam in his eyes.

Even Hong Jindou, who was standing aside, shook his head secretly. What would a young man know about this?

“Liu, stop trying to trigger me. I’ll gamble with you. I don’t need help from an outsider.”

Third Master Gu’s expression changed and he turned his head to say to Ye Chen while looking at him coldly, “Mr. Ye, I can do it. Don’t worry.”

Secretly furious, he stopped calling Ye Chen Master Ye now. Instead, he just called him Mr. Ye.

This was between him and Liu Chuang. Both of them were fighting for their reputations to be in such a tense situation.

Face, or reputation, was everything to people in such a position. However, now that Ye Chen had stood up and said that he would help, would he not be throwing cold water at him before everyone?

‘So what if you possess skills in medicine and martial arts? This is stone gambling. The four diagnostic methods in medical skills don’t work here.’ Third Master Gu pointed at a raw stone the size of an adult head on the ground immediately after he scoffed in his heart. “I’ll pick that!”

Liu Chuang also chose a raw stone the size of a basketball as he smiled.

Ye Chen smiled lightly. He did not mind being thrown under the bus. He retreated next to Gu Yingying and watched everything expressionlessly.

At that point, Gu Yingying tried to ease the situation as she was worried that he might be mad. “Mr. Ye, if you’d like to play, I can lend you some money.” She thought Ye Chen was interested after he saw that Liu Chuang and her Third Uncle were so into gambling.

“Your Third Uncle is losing this round,” Ye Chen raised his brows and said lightly.

“Huh?” Gu Yingying was stunned slightly and said instinctively, “Really? They haven’t even started cutting the stone, so how would you know who is losing?”

Ye Chen grinned without saying anything because he realized that his Divine Consciousness could penetrate the core of the raw stones when he walked into the room. He could see whether the stones contained a shade of green with merely a glance.

Meanwhile, there was no shade of green in the raw stone that Third Master Gu chose at all. Instead, the one that Liu Chuang picked had a tint of green the size of an egg inside.

Noticing that he said nothing, Gu Yingying raised her brows slightly. She could only suppress her doubt and watched them disintegrating the stones.

After Liu Chuang and Third Master Gu picked their raw stones, staff in gloves brought the stone cutting machine in.

“Which of you wants to go first?” Hong Jindou looked at the both of them and said habitually while smiling, “I, Hong Jindou, will say this again. Our company will buy the jade if there’re any in the stones that the both of you picked.”

“Liu will go first. If there’s no shade of green in his stone, it means that I win,” Third Master Gu mocked.

Liu Chuang glared at him in disdain and subsequently said to the stone cutting master, “Wipe it first before grinding it.”

The stone cutting master nodded to show his acknowledgment.

Ye Chen nodded secretly.

Judging by that alone, one could tell that Liu Chuang was much more matured than Third Master Gu. Under his Divine Consciousness, he realized that there was a shade of green the size of an egg at the very middle of the raw stone.

If one were to cut it from the middle, the jade would be ruined.

First, the stone cutting master put some water on the cutting machine. As the machine was running, the onlookers took a step forward by instinct and watched whatever that was happening with their eyes wide open as they were scared to miss out on any details.

Third Master Gu clenched his fists that were placed behind his back. There was a bit of sweat dripping from him.

The stone cutting master was very experienced. As he followed Liu Chuang’s request to wipe the surface before grinding, he soon disintegrated half of the raw stone.

“Green…I see green, I see green!” somebody shouted in surprise when his sharp eyes spotted something.

As expected, a cast of green on the raw stone was exposed to the air. As the stone cutting master proceeded to disintegrate the stone, a jade the size of an egg was completely exposed. The jade was close to dark green, and the color was beautiful.

“Congratulations, Fifth Master, you’ve got a material the size of a thumb ring!” Many people began congratulating him one after another.

“Fifth Master, are you selling this jade? I’m willing to pay 500,000,” somebody said.

“You bastard, do you think I need that pathetic amount of money that you’re offering?” Liu Chuang glared at him angrily. He could no longer hide the gloat on his face. “Hahaha, Gu No. 3, you lost again!”

“Liu, it’s too early for you to celebrate. My stone hasn’t been disintegrated yet, so it’s too early to decide who has lost now.” Third Master Gu’s face turned extremely grim. He clearly did not expect the random stone that Liu Chuang picked would contain a shade of green inside.

“Third Master, how do you want it to be cut?” the stone cutting master asked carefully.

“You idiot, just slice it from the middle directly,” Third Master Gu said with a grim expression. In reality, he had lost all hope.

The stone cutting master nodded again and began disintegrating the stone after turning the machine on. When the entire raw stone was sliced, nothing was found inside.

The crowd sighed one after another.

Gu Yingying jolted.

Master Ye had really guessed it right. How was that possible?

She looked at Ye Chen immediately. There was light in her beautiful eyes. “Master Ye, how could you tell that my Third Uncle would lose?”

“Try guessing!” Ye Chen smiled in a mysterious manner. There was no surprise on his face at all.

Liu Chuang laughed out loud. “Gu No. 3, you’ve lost again. You owe me a total of 75 million, so pay up now.” He looked at Ye Chen on purpose when he was done speaking. He frowned and said upon noticing that Ye Chen looked calm, “What? This master seems to be ignoring me. Do you want to play?”

The crowd could not help but look at Ye Chen with mockery in their eyes. They teased that it was fortunate that he had not picked the stone for Third Master Gu earlier. Otherwise, the situation would have been even more terrible now.

Ye Chen was stunned at first, but subsequently, he said sinisterly, “You want to play with me? Are you sure?”

Never had he thought that Liu Chuang would be even more pissed off now. He said in his deep voice, “Do you think I, Liu No. 5, am scared of you? I’m just worried that you don’t have the money to play with me. Of course, you can borrow some from Gu No. 3…”


Before he was done speaking, Ye Chen took out a bank card and slammed it onto the table. “How do you want to play? Money or your life?” he then said calmly.