Chapter 70

Chapter 70 of 100 chapters

Everyone became silent as soon as Ye Chen was done speaking. Stunned, they stared at Ye Chen in disbelief.

They understood that Fifth Master Liu was just teasing him.

However, he had turned the tables on Fifth Master Liu instead and even asked such things about whether Fifth Master Liu wanted to bet with money or his life.

Even Third Master Gu and Gu Yingying were stunned as they stood by the side. Clearly, what Ye Chen said shocked them.

“It seems like Master Ye is something else.” Liu Chuang’s expression was hard to predict, and he said after a scoff, “Sure, I’ll play with you.”

Ye Chen lit a cigarette up on his own. With a cold expression, he said as the smoke lingered, “There’s 100 million in this card. Let’s bet 50 million each round if we’re betting with money. Of course, it’s fine by me if you want to bet with your life.”

The crowd gasped as soon as he said that. Disbelief filled their eyes when they gawked at Ye Chen because they could not believe that he would go so big.

One must know that even the boss, Third Master Gu, only played ten million a hand. After all, it would be 100 million for ten hands if he played at ten million per hand. However, Ye Chen was already calling five folds the first round he played, so their shock made sense.

Third Master Gu glanced deeply at Ye Chen. At that moment, he realized how complicated Ye Chen was. Nevertheless, his guts alone impressed him.

From the side, Hong Jindou’s face flashed with shock. He wondered if Ye Chen was betting so much because he was wealthy or because he came from a powerful background.

“So, what say you?” Ye Chen ignored everyone’s expression and he looked at Liu Chuang calmly instead.

Liu Chuang shook hands and said, wearing a plastic smile on his face, “Sure, 50 million a hand then!”

He thought, ‘Brat, although I’ve no idea where you got the guts to gamble with me, when have I ever been scared of anyone?! By the time you lose then and aren’t able to take out the sum of money, even Third Master Gu can’t save you!’

“Master Ye, Sir…” Gu Yingying could not help but interfere. She was eager to tell Ye Chen not to behave recklessly.

Ye Chen replied calmly, “Sure!”

“So, who between the two of you would like to pick the raw stone first?” Hong Jindou said with a cough.

“I don’t care.” Ye Chen shrugged.

Countless people exclaimed secretly. Whether Ye Chen was faking it aside, his imposing manner alone was much more powerful than Third Master Gu.

“Sure, I’ll go first then!” Liu Chuang smiled slyly and walked to the raw stone pile to pick his choice. Eventually, he said while pointing at the biggest stone, “I’ll pick this one.”

He turned to say to Ye Chen while looking at him with a smile when he was done speaking, “It’s your turn, Master. Take a closer look. Third Master Gu is waiting for you to get his dignity back.”

He emphasized the word ‘master’. Anyone smart could tell that disdain was directed towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled lightly. He walked two steps forward to the raw stone pile and picked a stone the size of an adult palm without even thinking.

The people could not help but shake their heads. They initially thought that Ye Chen knew what he was doing, but now he seemed just like a guy who knew nothing.

After all, the stone that Liu Chuang picked was incredibly large. If both of the stones had a shade of green inside, there would be naturally more in the bigger stone. In addition to that, it would be easier to slice into.

Liu Chuang scoffed.

He would definitely win this round!

Ye Chen peered at the 800 yuan tag on the raw stone, then he turned his head around and said to Gu Yingying while looking at her after realizing that he did not bring any cash, “Can you lend me 1,000 yuan?”

The crowd became speechless when they heard him saying that. They laughed out loud one after another, almost falling onto the ground.

After all, this person was truly an idiot.

Gu Yingying was shocked. Meanwhile, Third Master Gu, who was standing aside, turned crimson. The positive feeling that he had for Ye Chen that had been hard to come by vanished completely.

Before Gu Yingying could speak, Liu Chuang snickered. “1,000 yuan, was it? I’ll give you 5,000 yuan directly. The rest is my donation to you. I hope that there’s jade in the stone that you picked.” He then took out 5,000 yuan and tossed it onto the ground as he spoke.

“Don’t worry. I’ll return the money to you.” Ye Chen did not even pick it up. Instead, he said to Hong Jindou, “Boss Hong, deduct 800 from that. Please return the rest to Boss Liu.”

Hong Jindou forced a smile in return.

Subsequently, the staff placed the raw stones that the duo picked before the cutting machine. At that moment, the raw stone Ye Chen picked bore an obvious comparison to Liu Chuang’s.

Before the stone cutting master spoke, Liu Chuang said to him instantly, “Do it just like before. Wipe it before grinding it.”

A while later, the stone cutting master said after wiping his sweat off, “I’m sorry, Fifth Master. There’s nothing inside.”

“You’re pretty lucky.” Liu Chuang waved casually at Ye Chen with a wry smile.

The crowd shook their heads instinctively.

Even the stone Fifth Master Liu picked had nothing inside, so they would have guessed that the small stone which Ye Chen picked would be worse.

“Little guy, how would you like to do it?” the stone cutting master asked in a dispirited manner. Clearly, he looked down on Ye Chen too.

Ye Chen picked up a piece of chalk on the ground and drew a circle on the raw stone. He then explained to the stone cutting master, “Wipe it before grinding following my mark.”

The people could not help but scoff upon seeing that he said that in all seriousness. Liu Chuang was chuckling.

The stone cutting master nodded impatiently and began disintegrating the stone. Liu Chuang did not even look at it and walked directly to Third Master Gu. “Gu No. 3, is it time for you to pay me?”

“There’s 20 million in here. Take it first. I’ll get my finance department to send you the remaining 55 million later.” Third Master Gu tossed the bank card to him. He then turned around and grabbed Gu Yingying as he walked towards the door, not caring about Ye Chen.

Gu Yingying stopped and looked into the crowd. She said while frowning, “Third Uncle, Master Ye is still inside. Let’s wait for him.”

“What kind of dumba*s master is he?!”

“Go, let’s go. I can’t lose my face because of this man,” Third Master Gu insisted angrily. He was attempting to leave as he looked grim.

Suddenly, an exclamation came from the crowd, “Green! It’s green!”

“It’s an ice-red jade!”

At the moment, the driver, Xiaozhang, came running with excitement apparent on his face. He stuttered to Third Master Gu, “G-green, it’s green, T-third Master!”

“God damn it, speak properly. What do you mean by it’s green?” Third Master Gu slapped him. People who had no idea would think that he wore a green hat[1].

Xiaochang paused for a while before saying, “Third Master, the raw stone that Master Ye picked has a shade of green within. On top of that…it’s an ice-red jade!”


Third Master Gu exclaimed and turned around to rush into the crowd. He saw the stone cutting master lifting the saw and said in disbelief, “Red jade… It’s really an ice-red jade…”

Meanwhile, there was a red stone the size of a duck egg in his hand. It was blood red as if it had been injected with chicken blood. The color was transparent, implying that there were no impurities at all.

“It’s really the ice-red jade. His luck is so fantastic for him to be able to tell from such a small stone.”

“It seems like this brother is really something.”

“He can get the value of a bracelet from this piece of red jade. He can even carve at least a few pendants from the remaining money that he’s made from it. He’s made himself a fortune out of 800 yuan.”

“Why get a bracelet? He can even get a jade curtain. If I’m not mistaken, this can be sold at more than five million!”

The people spoke one after another in astonishment. They had been here many times but had never seen anyone picking a raw stone with ice-red jade inside.

“Hahaha, Liu, who’s the fool now?” Third Master Gu could not help but laugh out loud as if the jade was his.

Liu Chuang looked so terrible as if he had eaten shit. He never expected an insignificant stone to have such rare and scarce ice-red jade in it.

At that instant, Ye Chen borrowed 10,000 yuan from Gu Yingying. He walked to Liu Chuang one step after another and tossed the 10,000 yuan directly into his face.

“1,000 yuan is yours. The remaining 9,000 yuan will be the red packet that I’m donating to you!”

[1] Chinese slang for being cheated on.