Chapter 71 - I’ve Severed A Finger of Yours, Come At Me Again If You’re Bitter About It!

Chapter 71 of 100 chapters


The sound of 10,000 yuan being slammed on Liu Chuang’s face was loud.

However, the lounge was terrifyingly quiet as the 100 pieces of cash were flying everywhere.

Everyone held their breath, they dared not make a sound. The temperature in the room seemed to have dropped.

Who was Liu Chuang?

He was the dragon hovering over Tiannan. However, not only did Ye Chen dare to win his money, he even humiliated such a person. Did Ye Chen not fear death?

“How dare you humiliate me?”

Liu Chuang’s face was gravely grim. He glared at Ye Chen as his killing intent increased.

The five hunks in sunglasses standing behind him took a step forward at the same time. They looked unkind.

Ye Chen coldly smiled and sat down to light himself a cigarette. He said without even lifting his head, “People who humiliate others deserve to be humiliated!”

“Liu, what are you trying to do?” Third Master Gu slammed the table and stood next to Ye Chen.

Many people stood behind him as he said that. The atmosphere became heavy as the two groups of people stared at each other.

Hong Jindou said with his deep voice, “What do the both of you think my place is? The market? Go outside if you’re fighting. Otherwise, don’t blame me for flipping out.”

“Great, that’s just great!”

Liu Chuang grimly looked at Ye Cheng for a while. He then laughed in the rage. “You’re the first one that dared talk to me like this. Great, do you dare to gamble another hand with me? I’ll gamble with a finger!”

The crowd gasped as soon as he said that. They could not help but feel the chilliness in the atmosphere. It seemed like Ye Chen had deeply offended Fifth Master Liu.

Hong Jindou looked serious as he subtly glanced at Ye Chen. He was secretly shaking his head.

The situation was now serious.

“Liu, are you crazy? You’re betting your finger? Why don’t you bet on your head instead?”

Third Master Gu scolded from the rage. He subsequently looked at Ye Chen and said, “Master Ye, this Liu is a lunatic. Ignore him, let’s go. We’ll go drinking. I’ll get you two ladies for some fun.”

“That’s right, Master Ye. This is stone gambling. You basically gamble ten times and lose nine. It’s unnecessary to lose your finger out of rage.” Gu Yingying nodded immediately.

However, Ye Chen lifted his head and responded coldly, “Sure, it’s not my finger that would be severed anyway.”

The crowd was stunned to hear his words. They looked at Ye Chen in disbelief.

He really went for it? Was he crazy?

What did he mean when he said ‘It’s not my finger that would be severed anyway’?

Was he really confident that he would win?

Seeing that Third Master Gu wanted to stop him, Liu Chuang took over the conversation while scoffing. “It’s great that you dare take up the challenge. Let’s give the fate of our finger to these stones, Boss Hong will be the witness.”

Hong Jindou forced a smile. He could only nod since the situation had unfolded as such. “Since you guys want to play this big, I’ll be the witness. Let me just say something that isn’t so nice – those who lose can only blame it on their bad luck.”

He glanced at Liu Chuang and Ye Chen when he was done speaking. “Do both of you have anything to say about it?”

“What do I have to say about that? I, Liu Chuang, have been out in the world since 16. Getting a finger severed aside, I won’t even frown if I get my head severed.”

Liu Chuang coldly glared at Ye Chen as he spoke to this point, “I’m just worried that this brat would run away with Gu No.3 supporting him.”

“My a*s!”

Third Master Gu cursed. “Don’t worry. If Master Ye really lost, I definitely won’t help him escape. The most I would do is to send him to the hospital myself to get his finger fixed.”

“Third Uncle…” Gu Yingying who was standing aside could not help herself. She looked anxious.

Hong Jindou nodded, “If that’s the case, then let’s start. Which one of you would pick first?”

Liu Chuang wanted to go first but he changed his mind when he opened his mouth. “Let this brat pick first.”

It would be ridiculous to say that he was not nervous at all since the situation had unfolded to this.

“What does Master Ye think?”

Hong Jindou could not help but look at Ye Chen.

“I’m indifferent.”

Ye Chen smiled calmly and walked directly to the raw stone pile. He picked a stone the size of a watermelon. Liu Chuang scoffed and picked one that was the size of a goose egg.

The crowd was speechless. Liu Chuang really thought the remaining small stones would have ice red jade just because there was one earlier.

Following Hong Jindou’s suggestion, the duo respectively placed the raw stone that they picked on two cutting machines to be disintegrated at the same time.

The people presented had their eyes fixated on the two raw stones as the cutting machines were running. They did not dare to blink even once, including Liu Chuang, Hong Jindou, and Third Master Gu.

Ye Chen, on the other hand, stood with arms on his back and looked at ease.

The crowd soon heard someone scream. “I see green, I see green…”

As the stone cutting master completely disintegrated the raw stones, they saw a jade approximately the size of an adult arm that was shining with green color exposed before everybody’s eyes.

Liu Chuang staggered, he felt like the entire world around him was spinning.

Indeed, there was a shade of green. However, it came from the raw stone that Ye Chen picked and the one that he had picked had nothing in it. No matter how deep he was trying to hide the shock in him, he could not help but show it on his face at the moment.

“My God! I can’t believe it’s the green imperial jade. The imperial glass jade. I’ve never seen one in my entire life.”

“It’s definitely the imperial glass jade. Look at the color, it’s 100% green imperial jade.”

“This trip is rewarding. It’s truly an enriching trip.”


Even Hong Jindou could no longer remain calm at the moment. He could not help but felt his mouth go dry. “It’s really the green imperial jade.”

Even the stone cutting master’s hand was shaking. He had disintegrated countless stones in his life but it was the first time he disintegrated a green imperial jade. He could not help but get flushed as he thought about it.

Third Master Gu pushed the stone cutting master aside and picked up the green imperial jade. He began looking at it closely and carefully. He could not help exclaimed out loud.

Gu Yingying covered her red lips with her hand. She looked at Ye Chen as her beautiful eyes were filled with disbelief.

Ye Chen smiled and said nothing.

“It’s impossible!”

Liu Chuang suddenly shouted, “How is it possible? How can be the green imperial jade? It must be a mistake, a mistake!”

He was still in denial. If it was truly the green imperial jade, it would mean that he would lose a finger.

“Mistake my a*s. I’m swearing with my head that this is definitely a real green imperial jade.” Third Master Gu was furious.

Apart from being shocked, the people were in disbelief. They looked at Hong Jindou who was standing aside and were waiting for him to speak.

After lifting his hand to gesture the people to be quiet, Hong Jindou fell into silence for a moment and then waved to get a staff over.

As he whispered to the staff, the staff nodded and walked out of the lounge. Very soon, an old man with silver hair walked in.

Hong Jindou welcomed him and said with a smile. “Old Chen, there’s a big baby for you to verify today. I’m sorry to have disturbed you.”

He cleared his throat at the end of the sentence and introduced while pointing at the old man, “Everyone, I, Hong, would like you guys to meet someone. This is Old Chen, he stayed in Macau for over ten years and he has verified at least five green imperial jades before. I can only trouble this old man to verify whether Master Ye’s green imperial jade is authentic.”

Someone took two steps forward in excitement as soon as Hong Jindou was done speaking. “Old Chen, I’ve never thought it’s really you. I’ve met you once in Macau back then. It’s been so many years, you’re still high in spirit.”

“Stop your nonsense. I don’t need buttering up just yet. Where’s the green imperial jade that you told me about?’ Old Chen angrily waved with a cold expression on his face.

Third Master Gu passed the green imperial jade to him right away. Old Chen put on his reading glasses first and then took out a magnifying glass to closely check the jade.

Liu Chuang was deadly nervous. There were 10,000 voices in his head telling him that it was not the green imperial jade, as if he would win if it was not a green imperial jade.

The people stared at Old Chen without blinking.

Old Chen suddenly cried. He cried tears of joy while hugging that piece of jade. “It’s real, it’s real. It’s the king of jade, the imperial glass jade. I can’t believe an old man like me would have the opportunity to see it again while I’m still alive.”


Liu Chuang felt like his scalp exploded. He squeezed himself through the crowd and ran outside when nobody was watching.

“He’s running away!” Third Master Gu immediately shouted.

Ye Chen who had been watching him since the beginning scoffed and went after him.

“Stop that brat. I’ll pay 10 million to whoever stops him !” Liu Chuang screamed from the fright.

His five bodyguards charged at Ye Chen when they heard the offer.


Ye Chen shouted. A loud thud came as the five of them were thrown out. Liu Chuang was shocked to see it.

He started feeling dizzy before he could think about it. Ye Chen subsequently choked him and lifted his entire body midair.

“No! I can pay you no matter how much you want…” Liu Chuang shrieked with all of the strength in his body. He no longer maintained the image he had before.

Before he was done speaking, he suddenly felt intense pain from his right hand.

Blood splashed in the air.

Ye Chen’s cold voice came into his ears.

“I’ve severed a finger of yours, come at me again if you’re bitter about it!”