Chapter 72 - As Long As Qiannan Has Me, I’ll Execute You No Matter How Far You Are!

Chapter 72 of 100 chapters

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The series of actions was too fast.

Before the people could even react, Liu Chuang’s bodyguards were groaning on the ground.

Meanwhile, Liu Chuang himself was lifted midair by Ye Chen with a single hand. He was like a chick being picked up and was shrieking.

Meanwhile, there was a bloody finger on the ground.

The venue fell into dead silence at that very moment. Many people inhaled sharply and were shocked. They were rubbing their eyes and looking again.

What did they just witness?

Fifth Master Liu, the person who dared to pick a fight with Third Master Gu was single-handedly being choked by Ye Chen at the moment. He had no strength to fight back at all.

Shocked, they were completely shocked.

The most shocked person was none other than the Third Master Gu. He blankly looked at them. He turned his head to look at Zhang Hu who was next to him. “Can you do that?”

He knew very well about Liu Chuang’s underlings.

All of them were retired special force soldiers and they cultivated ancient martial art. Their ability was at least at Illuminating Energy. However, they were no match for Ye Chen.


Zhang Hu forced a smile while suppressing the shock in him. Although he was the disciple of a Shaolin monk, it would be great trouble for him to handle two of them, let alone five.

More importantly, he was the first one who saw what Ye Chen did among all that were present. However, he could not clearly see Ye Chen’s movements from the beginning to the end.

Third Master Gu fell into silence.

Hong Jindou’s pupils shrunk hard and the hands that he had placed behind him began to shake.

He could not believe that the Gu family knew someone like that!

Gu Yingying was the only one who seemed rather calm among the people present. If one was to look closer, they would see there was a mocking smile at the corner of her lips.

Liu Chuang, oh, Liu Chuang!

People called you a prominent man!

But they had no idea that Mr. Ye was the real dragon, he was truly a dragon. You’re at most a bully to him.

The lounge was silent at the moment. Nobody dared to speak. They were all shocked by Ye Chen’s actions and were looking at him blankly.

Ye Chen squinted as he looked at Liu Chuang who he lifted into the air. He expressionlessly said, “Do you yield?”

“M-Master Ye, I-I yield… I yield!” Liu Chuang was flushing. He could not even speak properly any longer.

He had truly realized that Ye Chen was no ordinary person. It was no wonder that the Gu family called him a master. The consequences would be unimaginable if he was to say no to anything he said.

Ye Chen tossed him onto the ground as if he was tossing a dead dog. His deadly cold voice echoed through the entire lounge.

“From now on, I don’t want to see your face ever again. Go back to your Xiangnan. If you dare to step into Qiannan, I’ll definitely bring my sword to Xiangnan myself and dye the whole sky red!”

“As long as Qiannan has me, I’ll execute you no matter how far you are!”

His voice was not too loud but everyone heard it. It was buzzing in everyone’s heads.

“Yes, yes. I swear as long as Master Ye is in Qiannan, I, Liu No.5 definitely won’t step into Qiannan!” Liu Chuang’s face turned pale. He said while nodding and held back the intense pain.

One could clearly see a pool of liquid on the ground.

Ye Chen coldly said, “Leave behind the money you lost and scram!”

Liu Chuang felt like his sin had been pardoned. He left behind a bank card and disappeared quickly with the help of his five bodyguards. He did not even pick up his finger as he feared that Ye Chen would take back his words.

There was now great respect in the people’s eyes as they looked at Ye Chen.

Master Ye picked a raw stone with ice red jade inside on the first round and won 50 million from Fifth Master Liu. He expressionlessly gambled with a finger under Fifth Master Liu’s challenge and got an imperial glass jade.

Liu Chuang took back his words and attempted to run, but Master Ye scared his soul out of him.

“I’ve severed a finger of yours, come at me again if you’re bitter about it!!

“Do you yield?”

“Go back to your Xiangnan!”

What he said made Fifth Master Liu pee his pants and he even promised not to step into Qiannan again.

What was overbearing?

This was overbearing!

Master Ye himself… was overbearing!

What was a king?

Master Ye was the king in their eyes. The funny thing was that they teased Master Ye earlier!

Those who teased Ye Chen before held down their heads now. They could not help but feel anxious. They were scared that Ye Chen would take revenge on them.

However, Old Chen looked impatient as he mumbled, “Hey, do you guys still want this imperial glass jade? If not, I’m taking it.”

“I do, how can I not want it?” Ye Chen laughed out loud.

Everyone presented laughed along with him. The serious atmosphere before eased significantly.

After Hong Jindou snapped back to his senses, he respectfully walked to Ye Chen and said while smiling, “Master Ye, can you sell me this green imperial jade? I’ll pay you 70 million.”

He wanted to use that as his most precious piece, as well as his own branding.

“Boss Hong, please have some conscience. It’s such a big green imperial jade, you’re so shameless to only pay 70 million for it?” Third Master Gu who was standing aside was upset.

Hong Jindou clenched his teeth. “80 million with the red jade earlier, that’s the most I can offer.”

Ye Chen nodded. Hong Jindou was over the moon at the moment and got his finance department to transfer him the money.

After everything was done, Gu Yingying looked at the time and realized it was 5 p.m. already. She immediately said, “Master Ye, the auction is happening soon. Should we leave?”

Ye Chen nodded.

After leaving the building, Third Master Gu paused and said to Ye Chen with a serious look, “Master Ye, thank you so much for taking my dignity back for me.”

Just when Ye Chen was going to speak, he noticed a group of people coming across them. The leading one was a middle-aged man with a square majestic face.

Meanwhile, there was a sage-like priest in a yellow taoist robe standing right next to him. He was some 50-year old who had an extraordinary imposing manner.

The man would turn his head to speak to the old priest as he walked. His behavior showed respect for the old man.

“I can’t believe they’re here too.”

Gu Yingying’s pretty face changed, they seemed to be someone that mattered.

Ye Chen coldly peeped at the few of them, he had his eyes on the old priest for a few seconds.

Gu Yingying seemed to have noticed his doubt as she said, “Master Ye, the person who was walking in front is Wei Dong. He’s from Rock City. Rock City is more developed than Lin City and it has the biggest region. Meanwhile, Wei Dong is the No.1 boss in Rock City. If we talk about popularity, he’s even more popular than my Third Uncle.”

Third Master Gu looked embarrassed after hearing that. He merely moved his lips but said nothing.

Gu Yingying was right.

Lin City’s Third Master Gu, Rock City’s Wei Dong, Xiangnan’s Liu Chuang, and Medicine King Sun Zhaonian were popular people in the entire Tiannan. However, Wei Dong would be the most powerful one among all. It was said that he came from a clan in Beijing.

As Wei Dong was speaking, he seemed to have noticed Ye Chen and the rest. He immediately walked over and said, “Third Master Gu, where is the old master? Why did you come instead?”

He only had his eyes on Third Master Gu throughout the whole time. He did not even give any attention to Ye Chen and the rest.

“Why can’t I come?” Third Master Gu scoffed and did not bother looking friendly.

In the entire Gu family, Old Master Gu was the only one who could ride over Wei Dong. However, the old master was in his twilight years now. He had long lost his will to fight.

Wei No did not get mad. Instead, he looked at the priest next to him and smiled as he said, “Let me introduce you guys, this is Elder Priest Qingyang.”

“What? Elder Priest Qingyang?” Third Master Gu exclaimed out loud. He looked at the old priest next to Wei Dong in a rather surprised manner.

Elder Priest Qingyang nodded coldly.

Gu Yingying lowered her voice and said to Ye Chen close to his ear, “Master Ye, Elder Priest Qingyang is an expert who has real ability. He’s from the Shenxiao Sect. I heard the talisman that he inscribed can be used for exorcism and healing, it can also speak to spirits!”

Ye Chen could not help but look at Elder Priest Qingyang again. He thought since he could inscribe talisman, could it be that he was also a cultivator?

Elder Priest Qingyang frowned, noticing his stare. He instantly showed disdain on his face.

Wei Dong noticed the little thing that was going on and looked at Ye Chen as his smile turned cold. “Who is this?”

“This is Master Ye.” Third Master Gu smiled proudly as if Ye Chen was his support.

Wei Dong was stunned. “Him? Master Ye?”

Was the Gu family really desperate? That they were calling a young man master? In the entire Tiannan, only the Elder Priest Qingyang next to him deserved to be called master.

Hearing the word ‘master’, Elder Priest Qingyang looked at Ye Chen expressionlessly and scoffed, “Third Master Gu, your Gu family is a prominent family in Lin City after all. It’s better to get the facts checked instead of being blinded by other people’s ill intentions.”