Chapter 74 - Unexpected Discovery

Chapter 74 of 100 chapters

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In the private room, Gu Yingying noticed Ye Chen’s unusual reaction. She could not help but ask, “What’s wrong, Master Ye?”

Third Master Gu who was with them looked over too.

“I noticed something good.” Ye Chen coldly smiled with the same usual look on his face.

He could see with his Divine Consciousness that there was a pen in the sandalwood box. It was a brush pen.

If it was just an ordinary brush pen, it could not pique his interest at all. The most important aspect here was that it had some faint spiritual energy.

It was a spiritual pen.

In the cultivation world, the spiritual pen was necessary for every talisman craftsman who was eager to craft talismans. It was the medium whereby the cultivator could inscribe methods on the talisman.

The talisman that was inscribed would contain power only if that were the case. If it was an ordinary brush pen, the talisman would not be any different from a piece of white paper.

If he could obtain this spiritual pen, it would provide some additional help to him.

Ye Chen secretly nodded as he thought to this point.

As Big Teeth Jin opened the sandalwood box, the brush pen inside was revealed to everyone. It looked nothing different from an ordinary brush pen. It was just that the shaft of the pen was yellowish and seemed worn out.

The crowd could not help but felt disappointed. Someone raised his doubt while scoffing.

“Master Jin, don’t tell me this brush pen is the auction item?”

“That’s right. It’s just a worn brush pen, I have so many of them at home.”

“Do you think we’re dummies? Is there nothing good to be auctioned here?”


Big Teeth Jin was not mad facing the crowd’s suspicion. He lifted his hand instead, gesturing the crowd to keep quiet. “Guys, don’t judge this brush pen by its appearance. It was left behind by the late Master Xiao Buyi.”

The crowd was instantly stirred when the name Xiao Buyi was mentioned.

“Xiao Buyi? Can it be that Dark Learning master Xiao Buyi who was once popular in Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan?”

Big Teeth Jin nodded immediately. “That’s right, it’s the remnant the old man left behind. Master Xiao’s descendent brought it to our company to auction it.”

In the private room, Ye Chen turned his head to look at Gu Yingying who was next to him and asked in confusion, “Who is Xiao Buyi?”

Gu Yingying shook her head to show that she had no idea.

“Master Xiao is the legend of a generation!”

Third Master Gu, on the other hand, was stunned. He took a breath and said with respect on his face, “Master Xiao is a legit Dark Learning expert. Legend has it that he possessed medical skills, was well versed in Feng Shui, and even studied phenomenons. He was very popular in Macau in the 80s and 90s. I heard that Master Xiao picked the grave for the richest man of Macau. Unfortunately, although the old man mastered Dark Learning, he could not escape from sickness and death.”

Ye Chen nodded lightly.

Dark Learning had always been a Chinese culture since the beginning of time. Thousands of years of inheritance naturally produced many talents. Although one was an ordinary man, one could use the geography of mountains and the energy of the sun, moon, and stars to change one’s fate.

As the few of them were chatting, the atmosphere below the stage peaked. Many people were tempted after hearing that the brush pen was Xiao Buyi’s remnant.

Big Teeth Jin smiled as he said, “This pen will be auctioned officially. The starting bid would be 10 million, the minimum bid would be one million.”

Before the crowd could bid, a cold voice came out of one of the private rooms on the third floor. “Everyone, this is Wei Dong. I hope that everyone can give me face and let me buy this pen.”

Although what he said sounded calm, nobody could reject his request.

Wei Dong?

The crowd was stunned at first which they subsequently showed fear on their face.

Everyone present here was from Tiannan, whereby they knew the name of Rock City’s boss Wei Dong.

They could not believe he was here.

Some showed unwillingness on their faces but they dared not bid on the pen. They could only blame it on their bad luck.

Although there were some of them whose position was not lower than Boss Wei Dong, they chose to back off at the moment.

The Master Xiao’s remnant was precious, but it was not precious enough for one to offend the boss for it.

Big Teeth Jin’s expression changed, he was clearly unwilling. After all, Wei Dong’s behavior was a major violation of the auction’s rule. However, there was nothing that he could do since the person was Wei Dong.

The entire auction became silent at that moment.

When the crowd thought the brush pen that Master Xiao left behind would be bid at 10 million by Wei Dong, an extremely dissonant voice was heard.

“20 million!”

The crowd gasped. Everyone could not help but look at the third floor following the voice. They were shocked.

That included Big Teeth Jin.

“Who was that? Who exactly dares to pick a fight with Wei Dong under the sun?”

In the private room, Gu Yingying looked at Ye Chen who had just placed a bid. She could not help but said, “Master Ye, you…”

She wanted to say that Ye Chen should not interfere when Wei Dong had named his price. After all, Wei Dong’s background was not lower than the Gu family.

Third Master Gu was shocked too.

Ye Chen did not even flinch. He coldly smiled, “Oh well, I can’t help it since I want that pen too.”

Big Teeth Jin was over the moon when he snapped back to his senses. “The guest in Room No.8 on the third floor is bidding 20 million, do I hear a higher bid?”

Although he said that, he could not help but look at Room No.6 on the third floor.

Wei Dong looked rather grim at the moment. He said in a slightly terrifying manner, “Someone dares to outbid me?”

“I think it’s that Master Ye from before. Is he taking revenge because I mocked him earlier?” Elder Priest Qingyang was stunned at first. He looked terrible right now.

He thought it was something that was at his fingertips, never had he thought an obstacle would appear out of nowhere. Not only that, but it just had to be the person that he thought to be a scam.

Wei Dong walked out of the private room and said to Big Teeth Jin on stage, “30 million!”

Big Teeth Jin nodded. “30 million going once…”

Another cold voice came before he could finish. “50 million!”

The crowd was now speechless. They looked at Room No.8 with respect in their eyes.

A boss!

A real boss?

Did a monkey send him here to oppress Wei Dong?

“You bastard!”

Wei Dong could no longer hide the rage in him. He coldly looked at the private room that Ye Chen was in. He laughed from the rage. “Third Master Gu, please watch your underling!”

He understood it now. Indeed, it was Ye Chen who was stirring things up with him. When had anyone thrown a cold blanket at him like this?

Third Master Gu glanced at Ye Chen. He did not want to get into trouble with Wei Dong for this as he said while stuttering, “Master Ye…”

Ye Chen did not even look at him and placed another bid.

“100 million!”

Wei Dong was speechless.

Third Master Gu, “…”

Elder Priest Qingyang could no longer sit still seeing that the bid had gone up to 100 million. He said, “I must obtain this pen, I hope that you can give me face…”

He was a master who people sought after. Nobody would dare to not give him some face no matter what the request was.

“200 million!”

Another bid shut him up.

The venue fell into dead silence.

Ye Chen looked up a little with mockery on his lips.

“Give you face? Who do you think you are?”