Chapter 75 - The Talisman is Made, Now to The Master Banquet

Chapter 75 of 100 chapters

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In the end, to everyone’s shock, Ye Chen successfully won the bid for the brush pen for 200 million.

Just when everyone was secretly anticipating that he would challenge the boss, Wei Dong, Ye Chen left the auction venue with the item impatiently. He wanted to see if the brush pen could be used to inscribe talisman.


Elder Priest Qingyang did not have the manner of an expert at all. Instead, his expression was grim. “This brat is daring. I can’t believe that he dared to take what belongs to me!”

He had coveted that pen for a long time and had gone all the way there for it. Who would have thought that a brat that he did not care about would take his item?

“Elder Priest, this is Lin City after all. If I were to offend him, Third Master Gu will definitely do something about it,” Wei Dong said, slightly fearful.

Elder Priest Qingyang’s expression changed for a few times before he subsequently scoffed, “Does he really think that he can take my stuff away just like that? Isn’t he a master? Organize a master banquet later and invite him. I’ll show him what I’ve got.”

At the Precious Treasure Pavilion in the Jiulong Antique Street, Ye Chen got Uncle Xu to arrange a room for him. He took out the brush pen after he closed the door and asked not to be interrupted by anyone.

‘It’s a spiritual pen indeed. Although the spiritual energy is weak, it’s considered a low-grade magic tool. The wolf hair on it seems like armpit hair from a hundred-year-old wolf.’

Ye Chen smirked in satisfaction. He did not really care when he heard Third Master Gu mention that Xiao Buyi was well versed in Dark Arts earlier, but he believed it even more now.

Since he managed to craft such a spiritual pen, one could tell that Xiao Buyi had comprehended the unity of heaven and man which was also the integration of man and nature.

However, a mortal would still be a mortal after all. Without cultivation, one would still be an ant and could not escape the pain of reincarnation.

Ye Chen shook his head before he opened his mouth and blew rage qi at the brush pen. As he thought to himself, he lit up the True Samadhi Fire then performed sacrificial refinement with the Pill Cauldron Sect’s Void Tool Refining Method.

Soon, a brush pen with rage qi appeared in Ye Chen’s hand when the last sacrificial refinement step was completed.

If this pen had emitted a worn-out feeling before, it now exuded a spirited aura.

“Wherever you may be, now hear my command. With one stroke, all demons must hide.” Ye Chen held onto the brush pen and smiled lightly. “From now on, I’ll call you the First Heaven Pen!”

This was the first magic tool that he obtained since his return to Earth.

‘The spiritual pen is done. Now, it’s time to inscribe a talisman!’

Ye Chen sorted out the yellow paper, vermillion, and ink that he bought on the way there. He held the First Heaven Pen and dipped the tip in the ink softly. After taking a deep inhalation, he inscribed a Five Thunder Talisman on the yellow paper in a flamboyant manner.

The entire process was done seamlessly with no dread at all. Within the blink of an eye, a Five Thunder Talisman was completed.

“It’s too bad that I don’t have enough material. Otherwise, I could inscribe more talismans such as the Imperial Wind Talisman. If I were on the Golden Core level, I’d even make talisman treasures like a sword talisman. As soon as the seal is opened, there’ll be sword qi within ten miles, and the place will turn into barren land.”

Ye Chen sighed lightly, the neutral gaze in his eyes replaced by a gush of determination. With this First Heaven Pen, it would be a great help for him when he went to the Su family in the future.

“Haha, Su family, you’d better watch out. I’ll be coming in two months, and I’ll show you that your pride is not worthy of being mentioned when it comes to my talisman and formations!”

Looking at the Five Thunder Talisman before him, Lin Huang was rather moved. “I wonder what’s its power like. I must find an opportunity to try this.”

Just when he was thinking to himself, his phone rang. It was Third Master Gu calling. “Master Ye, where are you?”

“What’s up?” Ye Chen said in his deep voice.

Third Master Gu forced a smile after noticing his impatience. “Well, Wei Dong is throwing a master banquet after the auction has ended. He’s invited many bosses there, and I happen to be included.”

Ye Chen frowned. “A master banquet?”

“That’s right. It’s a banquet for the bosses’ masters to connect with one another. The invited masters are experts from all over.”

In reality, Third Master Gu did not convey everything that he was supposed to. He did not plan to participate, but Wei Dong had asked for him specially and told all the bosses that he had a master with him.

Therefore, for the sake of his dignity, he could only invite Ye Chen along.

Ye Chen came to a realization then, and ridicule was revealed at the corner of his lips. He thought to himself, ‘It seems like he’s not over my First Heaven Pen. Forget it. I’d love to see what kind of tricks you have up your sleeve.”

He agreed to go and informed Third Master Gu about his current location. Soon, Gu Yingying went to the Precious Treasure Pavilion by herself.

After getting into Gu Yingying’s car, they drove straight to a recreation village that appeared very vintage. With a pavilion, a loft, and a tiny bridge over flowing water, it felt as if they were in the rain and fog in Jiangnan.

There were more than ten old-fashioned wooden armchairs in the open-air land. At the moment, there were people sitting in the chairs while many hunks in suits and sunglasses stood around, seeming like they had their guards up.

“Master Ye, over here!” The impatient Third Master Gu stood up and waved as soon as he saw Ye Chen as if he was his god.

One of them, a middle-aged man with a square face and a beard, said in surprise, “Third Master, is this Master Ye who just won the bid for Master Xiao’s remnant at 200 million?”

As soon as he said that, Elder Priest Qingyang merely peered at him and looked away as if he had forgotten about whatever had happened earlier.

Among the crowd, Wei Dong’s expression turned grim as he said with a plastic smile, “Every master here today is at least 50 years old, but Master Ye is the only one who isn’t 30 yet. What a talented man!”

After he said that, everyone watched at Ye Chen with various expressions.

Some were surprised by how ordinary he looked while some were surprised by how young he was. There were more who were in disdain.

What made him deserve being called a master when he was so young?

“Wei, you’re just upset that Master Ye outbid you, aren’t you? Based on the saying ‘the higher bid wins’, stop being sarcastic over there. Come at me if you’re upset!” Third Master Gu slammed the table hard, looking harsh.

Wei Dong scoffed, “Come at you? It’s not that I look down on you, but you, Gu No. 3, don’t deserve my attention at all!”

“You…” Third Master Gu was furious.

“Alright.” Seeing the duo fighting, an old man sitting on the top left frowned. “We’re here for the master banquet today, not to see you guys fight.”

Only then did the duo stop fighting.

Gu Yingying whispered to Ye Chen next to her, “That man with the square face and the beard on his chin who spoke first is Yan Bin. He’s the richest man of Qiannan Chen State. Meanwhile, the old man who broke up the fight is Ma Zhenbai from Tong State. He owns a factory with over 50,000 staff…”

“Since this is a master banquet, it’s naturally an exchange among masters,” said Wei Dong, the banquet organizer, in all honesty, “The one who gives us a good show and wins the championship at this master banquet exchange will be awarded 10 million by each person present.”

The masters that the many bosses brought secretly inhaled sharply when they heard that. There were over ten bosses here, so 10 million a person would mean close to 200 million, would it not?

Yan Bin frowned. “So, what kind of exchange will determine who is the champion?” he asked what everyone was wondering.

“It’s simple!”

At that moment, Elder Priest Qingyang, who had been resting with his eyes closed, opened his eyes suddenly. He walked up to everyone and grinned coldly.

“Whoever defeats me will be the champion!”