Chapter 76 - Are You Sure You Want to Make Me Fight You?

Chapter 76 of 100 chapters

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“I’m not targeting anyone, but I’d like to say that all of you so-called ‘masters’ here are trash!”

As soon as Elder Priest Qingyang was done speaking, the place fell into dead silence for a moment. A series of objections exploded instantly.

“We’d be champions if we defeated you? You sure are daring! Who do you think you are?”

“You’re just an insignificant priest. Who gave you the confidence to say such a thing?”

All of the masters were outstanding people from all over, hence naturally, they were prideful and yielded to no one. Meanwhile, Elder Priest Qingyang’s declaration undoubtedly ignited their fury.

Besides them, even the bosses looked offended. Yan Bin scoffed at Wei Dong, “Wei Dong, the master that you invited sure is full of himself.”

“He’s not full of himself, but Elder Priest Qingyang is worthy of being arrogant.” Wei Dong smiled confidently as he ignored the bosses’ wrath.

He thought, ‘What a bunch of trash. Do you guys really think that I invited all of you here to show what you’ve got? You’ve got it wrong. All of you are just here for show. You guys are here to complement Elder Priest Qingyang.’

The more he behaved like that, the more the bosses were upset. Yan Bin lifted his eyes at the master he brought and said while smiling, “Master Qian, what do you think?”

Master Qian was an old man over 50, and his expression was solemn right then. His imposing manner was extraordinary while his brows were raised.

“Let me see what he’s got!” Master Qian jeered and slammed the arm of the chair hard. He hovered into the air and leaped over the people’s heads directly before landing sturdily on an empty spot five meters away.

The people’s eyes twitched at the sight of his trick while many of them had shock written on their faces. Ma Zhenbai looked at Yan Bai in all seriousness, “Director Yan, this Master Qian of yours is really something.”

Many of the masters might not have been able to perform the trick that Master Qian had earlier whereby he rose into the air with a slam of his hand.

“That’s flattering.” Yan Bin smiled calmly, but he could not hide the excitement on his face.

Third Master Gu’s expression changed, and there was fear in his eyes when he looked at Master Qian.

Clearly, Master Qian was an expert too. It was no wonder that Yan Bin had given him such a special place. He wondered if Master Ye…

As he thought about this point, he could not help but peep at Ye Chen instinctively. To his surprise, he noticed that the latter did not care as if he had not seen what happened earlier.

After Master Qian landed, he glared coldly at Elder Priest Qingyang and scoffed in disdain, “Insignificant priest, how do you want to do this?”

“I’ll concede defeat as long as you manage to come close to me.” Elder Priest Qingyang glanced at Master Qian in disdain and subsequently took out a straw doll that was approximately the size of a palm.

“You arrogant b*stard!” Enraged, Master Qian charged his palm and approached Elder Priest Qingyan at high speed.

The bosses were serious now.

However, Elder Priest Qingyang picked up a silver needle at ease and poked the straw doll’s legs softly.


As a loud thud rang out, Master Qian, who was reaching Elder Priest Qingyang, fell forward and collapsed straight on the ground.

Master Qian appeared terrified when he realized that both his legs could no longer move as if he was being held back.

Ye Chen looked at the straw doll in Elder Priest Qingyang’s hand in deep consideration. Instantly, he came to a realization: Elder Priest Qingyang was well versed in witchcraft.

He had encountered witchcraft in the cultivation world and found it very strange and evil. Those who cultivated witchcraft could carry it out from 1,000 miles away. It could also kill a person without leaving a trace.

When one had cultivated it to mastery stage, as soon as he called the enemy’s name and the enemy responded, the enemy would die instantly.

The series of incidents that came out of nowhere confused everyone. Yan Bin’s expression changed and he urged immediately, “Get up, Master Qian!”

“Get up? How can he get up without my permission?” Elder Priest Qingyang chuckled and tossed the straw doll in his hand onto the ground.

The straw doll’s legs curled and it seemed like it was kneeling. At the same time, Master Qian mimicked the straw voodoo doll’s action and he knelt before Elder Priest Qingyang.

“It’s the straw doll!” Third Master Gu gulped, losing his calm.

Everyone reacted instantly.

Ma Zhenbai inhaled sharply as he seemed to have recalled something. “Is this the Maoshan Method?”

“You’re quite knowledgeable. That’s right. The elder priest is performing the Maoshan Method.” Wei Dong took over the conversation and grinned arrogantly.

The onlookers’ expressions changed one after another after he said that. There was deep fear in their eyes when they looked at Elder Priest Qingyang again.

So, he had mastered the Maoshan Method.

Legend had it that the Maoshan Method derived from witchcraft and contained mysterious power. How was it possible for mortals like them to be a match for that?

Ma Zhenbai took the initiative to get up and clasped his fists at Elder Priest Qingyang. “Forgive me for not knowing who you really are. Please don’t take it to heart.”

As he said that, the other bosses reacted too. They clasped their fists and bowed at Elder Priest Qingyang one after another without daring to delay at all. The same went for the other masters present.

It was not a joke.

He even played Master Qian like a puppet. Needless to say, the consequences would be severe if they challenged him now.

Third Master Gu was the only one who looked panicked because Ye Chen had taken Wei Dong’s items earlier, and Elder Priest Qingyang was under Wei Dong. What if Elder Priest Qingyang blamed it on him?

Elder Priest Qingyang enjoyed the shower of respect from everyone. He then extended his hand and pulled out the silver needle from the straw doll.

Finally, Master Qian recovered his mobility. He humbled himself, looking bitter as he groveled, “Thank you, Elder Priest, for showing mercy.”

“I guess nobody has anything to object to the elder priest winning the champion of the master banquet exchange, hmm?” Wei Dong was satisfied with the performance.

With Elder Priest Qingyang’s help, his position in the entire Tiannan would definitely be boosted. Then, people like Ma Zhenbai and Third Master Gu would be nothing to him.

Ma Zhenbai shook his head. “I daren’t have any means of declining the victory before the elder priest.”

“That’s right. The elder priest deserves the championship of the master banquet,” Yan Bin agreed while nodding immediately.

“Hold up!” Elder Priest Qingyang stopped everyone from talking suddenly and glared at Ye Chen who was sitting in front of Third Master Gu. He said with a scoff, “Master Ye hasn’t sparred with me yet.”

Everyone followed his line of sight and looked at Ye Chen. At first, they were stunned, then they laughed out loud.

To them, Ye Chen was merely a scammer who went around to swindle people with his master title. Who made him think that he deserved to be called a master?

Furthermore, even if he was a real master, how would he be a match for Elder Priest Qingyang?

Did he not realize that more than ten masters had surrendered?

At that moment, countless eyes that were filled with disdain were scrutinizing Third Master Gu and Ye Chen.

Gu Yingying’s pretty face changed, and she pulled Ye Chen’s sleeve instantly, seeming to ask him to surrender.

However, Ye Chen, who was facing Elder Priest Qingyang’s approach, said with a wry expression, “Are you sure you want to make me fight you?”