Chapter 77 - : This Talisman in My Hand Can Summon the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder

Chapter 77 of 100 chapters

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Ye Chen’s words stunned the audience.

Wei Dong frowned and secretly thought to himself. ‘Could it be that this brat has some support that we don’t know about?’

There were two goals for which he organized this master banquet. One was to show off Elder Priest Qingyang before the many bosses of Tiannan and the second goal was for Elder Priest Qingyang to take back that First Heaven Pen.

According to the plan, Ye Chen should surrender on his own after seeing Elder Priest Qingyang’s technique. He should have given back the First Heaven Pen to them. Never had he thought he would say such words.

The smile on everyone’s faces disappeared, they looked rather serious now as they glared at Ye Chen.

Could this person really be an expert?

Third Master Gu and Gu Yingying were the only ones who were anxious, they had no idea what to do. After all, they did not have much confidence left in Ye Chen after witnessing Elder Priest Qingyang’s technique.

Facing Ye Chen’s question, Elder Priest Qingyang merely treated them as boastful words and scoffed. “I might let you go if you’re willing to give back Master Xiao’s remnant.”

That was his final goal.

“I bought Master Xiao’s remnant with my own money. Why should I give it to you?” The smile on Ye Chen’s face remained calm.

Elder Priest Qingyang smiled from the rage. “Sure. Since you’re unwilling to give back the stuff and neither do you surrender, get up here and fight me.”

“Just because you have Third Master Gu’s support, don’t think you can ignore the master banquet’s rule when so many people are watching.” Wei Dong completely roasted Ye Chen.

Third Master Gu’s expression changed as soon as he heard Wei Dong’s words. He could not help but look at Ye Chen with an open mouth. “Master Ye…”


Ye Chen smiled and placed his arms on his back as he walked to Elder Priest Qingyang one step at a time. There was a smile at the corner of his lips. “I’d love to witness your so-called Maoshan Method.”

“Sure, you got yourself into this.”

Elder Priest Qingyang took a deep breath and picked up the straw doll from the ground. He had two silver needles in his hand now.

Great fear flashed through the people’s faces as they witnessed his actions.

Elder Priest Qingyang was going to perform the Maoshan Method.

Master Qian who hovered into the air in one move was defeated by the doll and could not move at all.

Master Qian turned pale from fear at the moment.

Gu Yingying held her soft firsts tight with determination on her pretty face. She was secretly prepared to surrender for Master Ye once he could no longer take it.

‘What a dumb brat.’

Wei Dong secretly scoffed.

Just like before, Elder Priest Qingyang picked up the two needles and poked them directly into the straw doll’s legs.

However, the smile on his face froze in the very next second.

He realized that the straw doll’s legs were as hard as steel and the needles could not go through at all.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen proceeded to walk towards him. He did not show any intention of stopping.

Elder Priest Qingyang poked the straw doll harder this time but the needles still could not go in.

Perhaps he did it too hard. A crisp sound came as the two silver needles directly broke.

“H-How is this possible?” Elder Priest Qingyang exclaimed out loud in disbelief.

This technique of his had always worked, he could not understand why it did not work on Ye Chen at all.

Seeing that Ye Chen was getting closer to him, Elder Priest Qingyang began to panic. He took out another two silver needles and poked them towards the straw doll’s heart.


The straw doll exploded immediately.


Elder Priest Qingyang spat a mouthful of blood. He retreated a few steps back and looked at Ye Chen in fear. “W-Who exactly are you?”

Even his Puppet Method could not do anything to Ye Chen. Not only that, but it also backfired.

He was not the only one who was shocked, everyone present gasped at the moment.

Did the Elder Priest Qingyang’s method not work on Ye Chen?

Wei Dong was so shocked that he got up from his seat. Disbelief filled his face.

Third Master Gu was dumbstruck while Gu Yingying released a long breath.

Ye Chen stopped when he was less than ten centimeters away from Elder Priest Qingyang and looked at him in slight disappointment. “So this is the asset that you’re so proud of? It’s nothing!”

Ye Chen shook his head and then returned to his seat.

He had the flesh of an immortal and the Heavenly Emperor’s fate, how could a heresy affect him?


Elder Priest Qingyang spat another mouthful of blood.

The place fell into dead silence.

Everyone was so shocked and speechless. Initially, they thought the end of the gamble would be definite. However, this was completely out of their expectations.

“Hahaha! Wei Dong, it seems like this Elder Priest Qingyang that you hired isn’t as powerful as the Master that I invited.” Third Master Gu was the first to react. He laughed out loud with satisfaction.

Wei Dong’s face instantly turned pale.

Ma Zhenbai, Yan Bin, and the rest looked at each other as they saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

So this Master Ye was really an expert.

Elder Priest Qingyang looked at Ye Chen in grudge.

“Brat, you took my stuff first and ruined my image. I won’t stop until I kill you today!”

Ye Chen coldly said, “What? Could it be that you have other tricks?”

Elder Priest Qingyang extended his arm and took out a red coffin the size of a palm. He opened the coffin cover and a strong, sinister wind came out of it.

Sinister wind covered everyone within like a sand storm. The people jolted. It felt like their souls were frozen. They could not help but have goosebumps all over.

Elder Priest Qingyang bit the tip of his tongue and spat a mouthful of blood on the coffin as a shadow flew out of it.

The shadow was the size of a baby, it looked like a ball of flesh. Its face was the shape of a cookie with bumps all over. Both its red eyes were bulgy.


The shadow laughed hysterically showing its teeth that looked like thorns. It was like a demon coming to the world.


The people presented were shocked and fell onto the floor. They lost their image as they let out cries and shrieks of all sorts. Some even ran towards the back of their bodyguards.

Ma Zhenbai’s whole body was shaking. He stuttered as he spoke, “I-Is this Ghost Keeping Method? I can’t believe such a thing actually exists.”

“That’s right, this is the ghost that I’ve created after tens of years of sacrificial refinement. This is the first time I’m using it on anybody. Consider yourself lucky to die like this.”

Elder Priest Qingyang smiled in an eerie way and subsequently looked at Ye Chen in the crowd. However, the latter was calmly sitting where he was while drinking tea. Elder Priest Qingyang could not help but become furious as he extended his arm and pointed.

“Go, suck his blood essence.”

The ball of shadow in the air charged at Ye Chen along with the sinister wind. One could tell there was a hunger for blood in its eyes.

“Cry as much as you want, brat. The more you cry, the happier my ghost will be,” Elder Priest Qingyang said in a sinister tone.

Gu Yingying panicked seeing that, she was almost crying, “Master Ye, run now!”

“Oh, no!”

“Master Ye, please forgive me!”

Third Master Gu shut his eyes in despair, he had guilt in his heart. If he knew this would happen, he would not have asked Ye Chen to come to the master banquet and such an incident would not have happened.

“Die, go to hell. So what if you have a couple of tricks? You’re not my match at all.” Wei Dong’s eyes looked terrifying.

Ye Chen snickered. “Run? Why would I run?”

He smiled while putting down the teacup, he then stood up from the chair.

“It’s just a ghost, how dare you offend the Heavenly Emperor!”

A talisman appeared in his hand. He opened his mouth and slowly spat out a couple of words. The method was performed following his speech.

“This talisman in my hand can summon the Nine Heavens Divine Thunder!”

“Where are the Eight Thunder Gods?!”

People felt darkness above their heads as soon as he was done speaking. They could not help but lift their heads to look towards the sky by instinct.

The sky that was initially sunny was filled with dark clouds within a blink of an eye. Meanwhile, there was a big bunch of dark thunderclouds consolidated on the top of their heads.


A series of thunders echoed as lightning showered from the sky one after another in a manner that could destroy heaven and earth.

In the next second, Wei Dong, Third Master Gu, and the rest saw a scene that they would never forget in their lives.

The bricks on the ground cracked.

The entire place was filled with lightning.

However, Ye Chen who was before them stood with his arms on his back at the moment. He was stepping on lightning. It was flowing throughout his body as if he was a thunder god that had come to earth.