Chapter 78 - Five Thunderbolts from the Sky

Chapter 78 of 100 chapters

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The entire recreation village looked like it was going through a catastrophe.

Thunders were rumbling and strong winds were blown before them. The people were horrified as if heaven was punishing people in a rage.

The clothes on Ye Chen were fluttering loud under the insane wind.

Everyone outside held tight onto the objects next to them. They were scared that the wind would take them with it.


Gu Yingying exclaimed out loud as her top busted open. Her breasts were exposed.

She tightly held onto a big tree next to her. Just like everyone else, she stared blankly at the man that was being showered by the lightning.

“Is he even human?!”

“Miracle, it’s a miracle. This is a technique of an immortal.”

“Oh lord, please forgive me for I’ve sinned…”


Under such terrifying power, anyone would feel fear deep in their hearts. Many of them could not help but kneeled onto the ground and kowtowed. They were praying.

The shadow that was charging at Ye Chen in the air released a devastating shriek at the same time as the lightning struck down. It was attempting to run away.

The good and the evil could not coexist from the beginning of time.

This was the Heavenly Thunder!

It was the nemesis of all evil!

However, lightning struck the shadow as soon as it turned around. It vanished within the blink of an eye as a shriek was heard.

The lightning’s power was still strong. It struck the red coffin in Elder Priest Qingyang’s hand and the coffin instantly exploded.

Although the lightning did not directly strike Elder Priest Qingyang, a portion of it penetrated both of his hands.


Elder Priest Qingyang shrieked as both his hands that were holding the red coffin exploded at the same time. He fell onto the ground and was shaking from the fear.

“Who exactly are you? How did you manage to perform the Five Thunder Spell that only the masters at Mount Longhu can?”

He was petrified at the moment.

Ye Chen slowly walked towards Elder Priest Qingyang. He looked extremely cold and there was no emotion in his voice at all.

“You’re a cultivator but you performed sacrificial refinement to keep a ghost. That has harmed the harmony of heaven. Not only that, but you also controlled the ghost with an attempt to kill!”

“I hereby sentence you to death!”

“Your punishment would be the Five Thunder Strike!”

Five bolts of lightning the size of a baby’s arm each with different colors came from above following Ye Chen’s judgment. They were charged straight at Elder Priest Qingyang.

They were the five thunders.

The five thunders, as the name suggested, were the Metal Thunder, Wood Thunder, Water Thunder, Fire Thunder, and Earth Thunder.


Elder Priest Qingyang lifted his head as he released a shriek of unwillingness and extreme fear.

Five bolts of lightning landed on his head.

Under his devastating cry, Elder Priest Qingyang was completely crushed by the lightning bolts. He turned into dust.

The series of lightning bolts seemed to have taken a toll on the dark clouds in the sky as heavy rain poured subsequently. It was as if a river was flipped over, soaking everyone wet.

However, the rain could not get to Ye Chen at all. He slightly raised his head as he looked into the sky and frowned.

He pointed to the sky and screamed.

“Who gave you permission to rain? Go away, now!”

A shocking scene occurred before the crowd at the very next moment.

The dark clouds above the people’s heads quickly faded following Ye Chen’s shout as if they got some order.

The wind and rain stopped. The clouds and thunder faded.

The sky that was filled with dark clouds went back to a sunny day just like before.

Everyone present opened their mouths wide. They were shocked.

They felt like everything they knew about science was crushed at that very moment. Three words appeared in their heads at the same time.

‘A god-like man!’

The lightning bolts came with a wave of the hand and left with an order. The man stopped the strong winds and rain with his words alone.

Especially his voice saying, “Who gave you permission to rain? Go away, now!” echoed in people’s heads.

“Is Master Ye an immortal that came to earth?” Ma Zhenbai inhaled sharply. He could not help but secretly exclaim over and over again.

Wei Dong laid on the ground, shaking from fear. He completely lost his overbearing image from before.

Ye Chen turned his head to look at the crowd with his arms behind his back.

Ye Chen’s image had peaked in their hearts at the moment. Everyone buried their heads low by instinct, they dared not lift their heads to look straight into Ye Chen’s ferocious eyes.

Including Third Master Gu and Gu Yingying.

Ye Chen frowned and said to Wei Dong while looking at him. Nobody knew if he was smiling or angry. “I failed to hold back and killed the master that you hired. You won’t call the police to come for me, will you?”

“I-I won’t dare, I won’t dare to do that. I’ll give you 500 million to redeem my regret!”

Wei Dong jolted and peeped at Ye Chen suppressing the fear in him. He then buried his head down again.

How dare he decline a person who killed Elder Priest Qingyang, the man who mastered the Maoshao Method, with bolts of lightning? He dared not even think about revenge.

The remaining bosses reacted one after another. The way they looked at Ye Chen was a combination of fear, respect, and complication. A powerful man like Wei Dong was kneeling before that man like a dead dog now.

Let alone them?

Under such ultimate power earlier, what was one’s identity, position, and status worth?”

“He’s the real master!”

Ma Zhenbai exclaimed that out loud while still shaking. He got up and bowed at Ye Chen with utter respect. “Master Ye deserves to be the champion of the master banquet!”

“Master Ye deserves to be the champion, we’re nothing compared to you!” The crowd reacted one after another. They learned from Ma Zhenbai and bowed at him.

At that moment, no matter the masters or bosses, all of them bowed at Ye Chen.

Meanwhile, Gu Yingying’s eyes were filled with admiration as she looked at Ye Chen. Her chest was undulating as her heart bloomed.

It was no wonder grandpa was eager to keep him around!

That was right!

There was only one true master among the masters present!

That was Master Ye!

Third Master Gu sprinted to Ye Chen after standing up from the ground. He looked at Ye Chen in all seriousness as he spoke like a crazy fan, “Master Ye, you were so powerful earlier!”

If he was still suspicious of Ye Chen earlier, he had now surrendered everything to him.

Ye Chen could not help but shook his head.

Ma Zhenbai and the other bosses looked at each other. They took out a cheque each and passed it to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, this is the reward for being the master banquet’s champion.”

Ye Chen took over and realized that 100 million was written on each cheque. He looked at them in shock. “Isn’t it 10 million each?”

“That was for the late Elder Priest Qingyang. To such a great person as Master Ye, only 100 million each could show you our respect,” Yan Bin said while smiling.

They did this with an attempt to apologize to Ye Chen for their rudeness earlier. They were eager to make acquaintances with him.

Ye Chen’s heart was as clear as a mirror. He took the cheques anyway thinking it would be a waste if he did not.

The people present were relieved seeing him accept the cheques. They began surrounding Ye Chen and started showering every compliment that they could think of.

Ye Chen was not used to such a thing. He simply said a few things and sat into Gu Yingying’s car with over two billion yuan worth of cheques. They left the recreation village.

His phone rang when he was in the car.