Chapter 79 - Old Classmates Gathering

Chapter 79 of 100 chapters

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It was Yang Tian calling.

He called to say that he had thought it through whereby he would work at Ye Chen’s company and send his son Yang Hao to his parents.

Through the phone, Ye Chen could sense his spirit and vitality. Much to his elation, he was asked to start work the next day.

He even got Yang Tian a Bentley.

A few days later, it was the summer holidays for Mengmeng.

Ye Chen dropped by the Gu residence intentionally and got Gu Shaokun to bring over the Lamborghini that he had been given.

Just when he was going to take Mengmeng out with the car, Yang Tian called. “Yezi, I’ve more or less familiarized myself with the company business, but I need manpower. Oh yeah, do you remember Zhou Zheng?”

“Zhou Zheng?”

Ye Chen was stunned at first. He thought the name was familiar but could not recall who that was at the moment.

“That pervert that walked into the female toilet by mistake at the university,” Yang Tian reminded him instantly.

Ye Chen only recalled the person that after the reminder. There had indeed been such a person.

“So, that guy, Zhou Zheng, wants to quit his job to work under me after having heard that I’m now a vice president. Besides that, he’s having a gathering at the Auspicious Manor tonight. He said he wants to catch up with old mates. Since I happen to need manpower, do you want to go to the gathering with me?”

“Forget it. Go by yourself. I won’t be going. You’re the vice president, and you’ve got the authority in human resources,” Ye Chen declined without even giving it a thought.

Yang Tian said instantly, “Please don’t. Go with me. I don’t want the people in the company to think that I’m exploiting my power right after I started the job. Furthermore, it’s been a few years since we last saw them. It’s nice to catch up.”

“Alright, I’m still in a meeting. I might be late tonight, so don’t wait for me. Go straight to Room 13 at the Auspicious Manor directly.”

Ye Chen could only agree to go although he was not sure whether he should laugh or cry after being tricked by Yang Tian like that.

After hanging up the phone, Mengmeng, who was sitting next to him, pouted. She held onto his arm in a clingy manner. “Daddy, are you going out again?”

“Daddy will bring you out tonight, okay?” Ye Chen pinched her round face while smiling.

He was not sure if it was an illusion, but it seemed like his daughter’s face was getting chubbier. He thought maybe he should change her name to 圆yuan means round, implying that his daughter would be chubby.Ye Yuanyuan1 instead.

His daughter danced with joy immediately.

“Yes, please. It’s been so long since Mengmeng last went out with you, Daddy. I want to eat a lot of yummy food like ice-cream,A braised duck chain in China. Zhou Hei Ya1, and also chicken wings, burgers…”

Ye Chen looked annoyed. ‘No, if this goes on, my darling daughter will be a fatty. What if Yuhan can’t recognize her by then? It seems like I need to refine a weight-loss pill for this little glutton. Yes, she’ll need a pill that allows her to eat without getting fat.’

Soon, it was evening. Ye Chen took Mengmeng out in the Lamborghini after speaking to his parents.

“Daddy, did you buy this car yourself?” the little girl sat in the passenger seat and asked curiously with her eyes wide open after she buckled up.

Ye Chen was drowned in the love that he had for his daughter. “Somebody gave it to Daddy. Is it nice, my darling daughter?”

“It is, it is!” The little thing could not stop nodding. “Do you remember Piyang from my class? His dad bought a car too. Piyang goes to school every day in that car. Her mom even let us touch it, but she said that we’re poor. I was so angry!”

Ye Chen smiled awkwardly. “Ignore them. If Piyang’s mom says that you’re poor again, tell her that your daddy drives a Lamborghini. Not only are you a rich second-gen kid, but you’re also an immortal second-gen kid.”

“Daddy, what’s an immortal second-gen?” Mengmeng tilted her head in confusion.

Realizing that he had misspoken, Ye Chen coughed a few times. “Cough, cough, an immortal second-gen? It means that you, my Mengmeng, are a fairy.”

Ye Chen talked while he was driving. He was not worried that he might get into trouble with the traffic police. After all, Gu Shaokun had settled his driving license and permit for him.

He had been to the Auspicious Manor before, so he was pretty familiar with the way. However, there were already many cars parked at the entrance of the Auspicious Manor when he got there.

Feeling helpless, he parked the car by the street. He then carried Mengmeng and walked into the Auspicious Manor.

The reception staff greeted him respectfully as soon as he saw him. After that, he contacted the person-in-charge at the hotel.

Soon, that fatty named Feng from the last time welcomed him, “Mr. Ye, you’re here.”

The guests that were going in and out could not stop looking at him with their side-eye upon noticing that. They were secretly guessing who exactly Ye Chen was to be able to get the Auspicious Manor’s person-in-charge to come and greet him.

“Yes, I’m here for a school gathering. I think they’re in Room 13 on the second floor,” Ye Chen responded coldly.

Fatty Feng was beaming widely. “Mr. Ye, I’ll bring you over.”

“No need. Go ahead with your own matters. I can go there by myself.” Ye Chen shook his head and carried Mengmeng to the second floor.

At the same time, a group of people dressed in flashy clothes was sitting on a couch in Room 13. There were all sorts of fruit platters and wine before them.

A young man who was leading the session. He was dressed in a suit and had a tiny goatee on his chin and undercut hair. He held red wine in one hand and a cigar in the other. He seemed to be influenced by the West a lot.

He was Zhou Zheng that Yang Tian had mentioned before.

A lady in heavy makeup pushed her glasses up and asked in an uncertain manner, “Zhou Zheng, do you really believe that Yang Tian is a vice president now?”

As soon as she said that, the entire private room fell into silence.

Everyone there was an adult. They did not go all the way to the gathering today just to catch up.

Noticing the people staring, Zhou Zheng said while smiling, “That’s right. I don’t think he’d lie to us. I bumped into Yang Tian two days ago at a gas station.

“I asked him where he’s working now, and he mentioned he’s the vice president at Yaffle Cosmetics. I didn’t believe him at first, so I then went to the office with him. I only believed it after seeing so many people calling him Director Yang. Guess which car he’s driving?”

“Which one?” another classmate asked.

Zhou Zheng paused before speaking again, “A Bentley Mulsanne!”

Sounds of sharp inhales were heard in the private room. They finally believed what Zhou Zheng said.

A Bentley Mulsanne cost at least four to five million!

At that moment, everyone’s eyes lit up as they had thoughts of their own. Someone exclaimed, “I guess Yang Tian is indeed the richest among us. It’s only been a few years since we graduated, yet not only is he a vice president now, but he’s even driving a Bentley Mulsanne.”

Zhou Zheng smiled without saying anything. The one thing that he did not say was that he had secretly talked to Yang Tian, whereby he was going to work at the company given that they were old classmates. Yang Tian had also promised that he would work as the sales supervisor if the director agreed to that.

As he thought to this point, Zhou Zheng looked at Zhao Chun who had once been the class representative on the student committee. “Oh yeah, is everyone from the business course here?”

“Everyone but Yang Tian. He’s in a meeting, so he’ll come later. Oh yeah, I think Ye Chen is coming too, isn’t he?” Zhao Chun thought about it before saying.

Zhou Zheng frowned. “Ye Chen?”

He was irritated to hear that name. Zhou Zheng had always ranked No. 2 in class in university back then while Ye Chen had always dominated No. 1. For three whole years, Zhou Zhen always came second. That had always bothered him.

“Ye Chen hasn’t been keeping contact with any of us for so many years. Could he be doing so terribly that he’s too embarrassed to come?” Zhao Chun mocked while smirking.

Someone said instinctively, “Didn’t Yuan Yue see Ye Chen before this?”

Yuan Yue, who was sitting in a corner, froze when she heard Ye Chen’s name. She said unnaturally, “Don’t wait for him. He’s not doing too well now.”

She had gone through a lot since bumping into Ye Chen the last time. Losing her job aside, her boyfriend had beaten her up before they broke up. As a result, she had been hospitalized for half a month.

In her heart, she thought that Ye Chen would not come, so she defamed him before the bunch of old classmates to release her grudge.

Zhou Zheng was relieved at that moment. He then said, pretending to feel pity, “It’s unfortunate. If he manages to come today, perhaps Yang Tian could help him.”

Although he said that, he was secretly gloating. ‘Ye Chen, oh, Ye Chen. So what if you were top of the class? You’re doing so terribly that you don’t even have the guts to come to the gathering.’

‘You’d better watch out! The gap between us will only grow after I get into Yang Tian’s company! I look forward to the day that we meet again.’

Just as he was thinking to himself, someone knocked on the door of the private room. Subsequently, Ye Chen walked in while carrying Mengmeng.