Chapter 81 - : Can You Not Catch My Daddy

Chapter 81 of 100 chapters


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Lamborghini Murcielago?

Zhou Zheng was stunned, he thought it was funny. “Yo, it seems like there’s a tycoon among these old classmates of mine. I can’t believe one of you drove a Lamborghini to the gathering.”

“It shouldn’t be ours.” Xie Gang looked at the people as they shook their heads one after another.

It was no joke. A car as luxurious as the Lamborghini Murcielago costs tens of millions. Driving one aside, some of them had not even seen one before.

Moreover, apart from Yang Tian, the most successful one among classmates was Zhou Zheng and he was only driving a BMW that cost him hundreds of thousands.

The waitress must have made a mistake.

Zhou Zheng only turned his head and said to the waitress while smiling, “Babe, that car isn’t ours…”

“May I know what’s the number on the car plate ?” Ye Chen stopped walking and asked in an unsure manner.

Zhou Zheng was surprised to hear Ye Chen ask about the car’s number plate. He asked with a mocking expression, “What are you thinking, Ye Chen? Don’t tell me that the Lamborghini Murcielago is yours?”

The other classmates laughed too.

The waitress smiled and answered. “贵A68688.”

“I’m sorry, it’s mine. I’ll go over and move it.” Ye Chen smiled apologetically. He carried his little daughter and walked out of the private room.

The smile on Zhou Zheng’s face instantly froze as soon as he heard what Ye Chen said. He felt like someone was choking him. The rest looked terrible too.

Everyone looked at each other. They felt a faint, bad omen inside of them.

Could it be that the car really belonged to Ye Chen?

How was it possible?

Fang Lin scoffed. “It’s impossible. If Ye Chen really had a Lamborghini, how would he look so terrible? Moreover, didn’t Yuan Yue say that he’s not doing good?”

The people reacted to her words. They could not help but look at Yuan Yue who was sitting on the couch.

Yuan Yue forced a smile, but she was secretly scared. She regretted coming to this gathering.

“He must’ve said that on purpose. He just wants his dignity back.” Zhou Zheng’s expression changed a few times.

“Why are we guessing? We will find out if we went out to check.” Xie Gang smiled in an ignorant manner and took the lead to walk out.

The people smiled and immediately followed him to get out of the Auspicious Manor.

They saw a black Lamborghini Murcielago parked outside. The cool car body made their eyes lit up.

Meanwhile, there was a patrol car parked behind the Lamborghini. A young lady officer in uniform was holding her phone standing next to the car. She seemed to be saying something.

After getting to the Lamborghini, Ye Chen put down the little thing he was carrying. He then said to the lady officer in an apologetic manner, “Officer, this car is mine. I’m sorry that I parked illegally, I’ll drive it away immediately.”

The lady officer hung up the phone and coldly looked at Ye Chen. “You parked illegally and caused congestion, do you think you can just drive away just like that? Show me your license.”

Ye Chen took out his license and passed it to her. After all, it was his fault and he had no objections about it.

“Aunty officer, my daddy didn’t do it on purpose. Since I’m so cute, can you not catch my daddy?”

Little Mengmeng looked at her with her puppy eyes, she looked like she was going to cry. She thought her father was going to be taken away.


Although the lady officer wanted to look serious, she could not help herself after seeing the little girl’s expression and giggled out loud.

She wrote a fine after taking over Ye Chen’s license and looked at it. She said in a serious manner. “According to the law, you’re fined 200 yuan for illegal parking. Drive away, now.”


Ye Chen said in gratitude and quickly paid the fine. He then took out the car key and opened the Lamborghini’s door. He went into the car.

“Aunty officer, thanks for not catching my daddy. You’re the prettiest.” The little thing stopped crying and smiled.

The lady officer rolled her eyes and angrily said. “You mischievous little demon, stop calling me aunty. Call me sister, okay?”

“Okay, aunty.”

The little girl nodded.

Ye Chen took out the car key, sat inside the Lamborghini, and drove away. Zhou Zheng and the rest who were waiting to make fun of him were stunned. They were petrified. Initially, they thought they would tease Ye Chen. However, they were now speechless.

“H-How is this possible?!” Zhou Zheng felt like the world was spinning, he almost fell.

However, nobody responded to him. Everyone had watched the scene unfold before them.

The Lamborghini was really Ye Chen’s!

They looked down on him earlier, said that he looked terrible, and even sarcastically said that they would recommend him some jobs.

Among them, Xie Gang, Fang Lin, and Huang Liang felt the worst.

They were flushing when they recalled what they did earlier.

It was as if someone had slapped their cheeks hard.

Ye Chen did not even look at them. He helped the little thing into the car and drove the car away after getting his license back from the lady officer.

A while later, someone weakly said, “H-He really left just like that?”

He instantly shut up after saying that.

They treated him rudely earlier and even mocked him, why would he stay? Should he stay to catch up with them while pretending to smile?

“It’s Yuan Yue that bitch’s fault!” Xie Gang’s face looked pale, he was enraged.

If not for Yuan Yue who said that Ye Chen was doing terribly, they would not say such things to Ye Chen.

The people reacted, they looked for Yuan Yue among the crowd but she had already left.

Zhou Zheng took a deep breath as he subsequently forced a stiff smile on his face. “Forget it, let him leave. Let’s get in now, Yang Tian isn’t here yet.”

“That’s right. Yang Tian drives a Bentley after all, he…” Xie Gang thought he would ease the situation, but he realized that people were looking at him as if he were an idiot.

Haha, how could a Bentley compare with a Lamborghini Murcielago? One was four to five million, while another was up to ten million.

Since the incident had already happened, there was nothing that the people could complain about. They could only return to the private room with their complicated feelings.

However, someone knocked on the door again even before they could sit down.

A fatty subsequently walked in with two bottles of red wine in his hands. He said with a solicitous smile while walking in, “Mr. Ye, I was too busy and failed to serve you. I’m here to apologize…”

He was stunned before he could even finish, he looked around the entire private room looking a little lost.

‘Where is Mr. Ye?’

This was Director Feng, the person in charge of the Auspicious Manor.

Zhou Zheng’s eye twitched at that moment. He instantly went to him and carefully asked, “Director Feng, what’s wrong?”