Chapter 82 - Old Time’s Sake? My A*s

Chapter 82 of 100 chapters

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Seeing that Ye Chen was not around, the smile on Fatty Feng’s face instantly turned cold. “Where’s Mr. Ye?”

“Which Mr. Ye?” Zhou Zheng’s heart jolted, he had a bad feeling about it.

The expression of the rest changed too.

Could Mr. Ye he talked about be Ye Chen?

Fatty Feng frowned and said rather impatiently, “Who else can it be? Of course, I’m talking about that Mr. Ye who was at your gathering!”

A gasp was heard in the room.

Although they already knew that Ye Chen held an extraordinary identity, never had they expected the person in charge of the Auspicious Manor to come and serve him.

“H-He’s gone!”

Zhou Zheng felt his scalp go numb.

‘Ye Chen!’

‘Who exactly are you?!’

‘You were driving a Lamborghini earlier and now the Auspicious Manor’s person in charge came here to serve you.’


Fatty Feng seemed to be a little disappointed. He shook his head as he turned around and left.

As soon as he turned around, Fang Lin who was standing aside could not help but ask, “Zhou Zheng, didn’t you say that Director Feng knows you? Didn’t you say that the two bottles of wine were gifted by Director Feng?”

Zhou Zheng was so mad hearing that.

‘When did I say Director Feng knows me? About the two bottles of 1982 Lafite, it was you guys who assumed that they were for me, okay?’

‘I’m not admitting my fault!’

Fang Lin’s voice was of normal volume, but Fatty Feng who had just walked out of the door heard it.

Fatty Feng turned his head and glanced at the people as he scoffed. “Did you guys think that the wine was for all of you?”

Since he managed to get to this position, it was only natural that he learned to observe and serve. He realized why Ye Chen left within a few short minutes.

The people dared not speak at all.

Fatty Feng scoffed as he said, “Hah! Here’s a pill that’s hard to swallow. If not for Mr. Ye, all of you here are trash to me!’

“If not for Mr. Ye, do you guys really think that I would give the wine and come over myself?”

Fatty Feng did not stay any longer and left the private room.

The people faintly heard something that came from the outside. “Get people to guard the door. Make them pay for the two bottles of 1982 Lafite, don’t let them leave until they do so!”

The private room fell into a dead silence, the people were speechless at the moment. Even after living for 20 to 30 years, they had never gone through a roller coaster-like experience like today.

Apart from regret, they could not find any other term that could describe their current mood.

Fang Lin glared deadly at Zhou Zheng. “Zhou Zheng, this is all your fault. If not for you, how could such a thing have happened?”

“That’s right, I didn’t say anything to Ye Chen. This has nothing to do with me, I won’t be paying for the 1982 Lafite!” Xie Gang instantly dusted everything off his shoulders.

Those were 1982 Lafite. The wine bottle alone could be sold for over 4,000 while it costs over 100,000 per bottle. The two bottles cost more than their annual salary.

The atmosphere changed at that moment. Everyone at the gathering began blaming the initiator Zhou Zheng.

Zhou Zheng smiled from the rage. “My fault? Aren’t you guys shameless? Fang Lin, did you not tease Ye Chen too? And you Xie Gang, if I remember correctly, Ye Chen helped you quite a bit back in university. And yet you wanted to hire him at your company as a typewriter with a salary of 2,000 per month, you b*stard.”

Seeing that the people were fighting, Huang Liang who was standing aside stopped them. “Alright, since it has already happened, what benefit is there for us to complain? Let’s just share the cost of the two bottles of 1982 Lafite.”

“Look at you. It’s over 200,000 for two bottles. There are only over ten of us here, so we’re paying 20,000 each?” A lady whose financial situation was tight scoffed and said.

“Stop it!”

Zhou Zheng shouted, “I’ll pay, alright? I’ll borrow from Yang Tian when he gets here.”

“I guess that’s the only thing that we can do now. But it’s 200,000 we’re talking about, will Yang Tian lend it to you?” Xie Gang sighed and said.

He was regretful, he could not believe the gap between people could be so great. Director Feng gifted the hundreds of thousands worth of wine to Ye Chen but they would have to pay. Not only that, but they were not allowed to leave until they paid for it.

“He will.”

Zhou Zheng nodded with confidence.

Yang Tian had told Zhou Zheng earlier that he would hire him at the company to work as the sales supervisor. However, it was under the premise that the director agreed with it. He was not at all worried about it, he had not offended the director after all.

As they were talking, someone knocked on the private room’s door.

The tall and handsome Yang Tian who was dressed in a suit walked in. He said after a big laugh, “I’m sorry, everyone. I’ve just finished a meeting, I was late because I was stuck in traffic.”

“Oh, my. Director Yang, you’re finally here.”

Zhou Zheng was elated, he instantly went over to butter him up. The upsetting incident with Ye Chen was all gone now.

The rest of them were behaving the same too. They stood up one after another with smiles on their faces. All of them called him Director Yang as if they were very close to him.

Yang Tian was not sure whether to laugh or cry. He was not stuck up at all. “We’re old classmates, stop being so pretentious.”

After he took his seat, a lady who was still single sat next to him right away and flirted, “Director Yang, it’s been a few years since we last saw each other. You’re looking more handsome now, do you remember me?”

“You’re Bai Jie, right? I remember you. You used to sit in front of me, and I burnt your hair with a matchstick.” Yang Tian laughed out loud.

The people were fighting to introduce themselves, they wanted to show their existence.

After all, they had just offended a man who drove a Lamborghini and could not afford to offend another man who owned a Bentley Mulsanne.

Yang Tian only said after chatting with the people, “Eh, where’s Ye Chen? I told him about this gathering, did he forget?”

The smile on people’s faces froze after hearing the name. They looked unnatural and thought to themselves. ‘Could it be that Yang Tian spoke to Ye Chen before this?’

“Well, Ye Chen was here. He’s just left.” Somebody answered in a weak voice.

“He left?”

Yang Tian frowned. He took out his phone and called Ye Chen. He scolded in a joking manner, “Old Ye, what’s up with you?”

“You guys go ahead, I’m not worthy enough to be there.” Ye Chen was driving, so he hung up after saying that.

Yang Tian looked lost and subsequently looked at Zhou Zheng. “Zhou Zheng, what happened? Why did Ye Chen leave so early?”

Although Yang Tian had no idea what happened, he could tell that Ye Chen was upset.

Zhou Zheng stuttered and told what happened by hiding some of the more serious stuff.

Yang Tian had a rough idea of what happened after he heard what Zhou Zheng said. He glanced through the people and scoffed. “I understand now. Ye Chen came to the gathering staying low and you guys thought that he’s doing terribly so all of you were humiliating him, am I right?”

“Director Yang, that’s not it…” Zhou Zheng’s expression changed, cold sweat was dripping from his forehead.

“Shut your f*cking mouth!”

Yang Tian cursed. “Do you really think I’m an idiot? Hah! I can’t believe he’s worthless to you guys despite being in the same class for four years. Humans sure are materialistic!”

Yang Tian coldly looked at Zhou Zheng as he continued. “Zhou Zheng, didn’t you say that you wanted to work at my company? Let me tell you something, Ye Chen is the director of the company. I, the vice president, would have to listen to Ye Chen.”

“What? He’s the company’s director?” Zhou Zheng fell onto the ground with a plop sound as if he heard something disastrous.

The rest of them were dumbstruck too.

They could not believe that they stirred the incident up earlier without knowing that the fortune was close. The company’s director was right before them earlier, but they were buttering up his underling Yang Tian…

“Not only Ye is Chen the company’s director, he even owns a villa that’s over 50 million. The company shares aside, his personal asset is over a billion. Ha! those assets that you guys are proud of are nothing to him!”


Xie Gang fell onto the ground and said with a pale face, “Yang Tian, Director Yang, Brother Tian, this is our fault. Do you think there’s anything that we can do to turn this around?”

“Turn my a*s. I, Yang Tian, owe everything to Ye Chen, even my life.”

“Old time’s sake? My a*s!”

Yang Tian glanced through the people and eventually had his eyes fixated at Zhou Zheng. “Such a snob like you wants to work under me? Eat sh*t!”

Yang Tian left the Auspicious Manor without even turning his head around. He had a new perspective on humanity.

As soon as he left, Fang Lin took out 20,000 from her purse and tossed it on the table. She said without even turning her head, “This is the money to pay the bill.”

The rest of them followed and left after they put down their money. Those who did not bring cash transferred the money straight to Zhou Zheng’s account.

Within the blink of an eye, the crowded private room became empty. Zhou Zheng sat on the ground and he looked rather absentminded.

His phone started vibrating at the moment. He immediately looked at it only to see a whole bunch of notifications.

‘Yang Tian has left the group!’

‘Fang Lin has left the group!’

‘Xie Gang has left the group!’

‘Huang Liang has left the group!’

‘Bai Jie has left the group!’

Speechless, Zhou Zheng stared at his phone. Within a minute, over 20 classmates left the group. Oh, wait, there was only one person left in the group now. It was him, the group admin.