Chapter 83 - The Patriarch’s Aspiration

Chapter 83 of 100 chapters

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Yang Tian dropped by soon after Ye Chen returned home. He could not help but apologize about the gathering and only left when Ye Chen comforted him.

In reality, Ye Chen did not take the incident to his heart at all. To describe it with a poem, ‘We parted as we walked, our memories are long gone. Some people are destined to be alone’.

The little girl fell asleep after playing in his lap for a while. Ye Chen got his mother to carry her into the room.

Just when he was going to his room to cultivate, the Patriarch of Hell ran over with a request.

The patriarch started talking as soon as he came in. “Master, uhh, I need a good time again.”

Ye Chen was speechless.

Ye Chen went to a club under Lin Tai in the middle of the night. The Patriarch of Hell went into the room since he had familiarized himself with the place. He brought two ladies with him and said that he would not come out for two hours.

Ye Chen was speechless at the Patriarch of Hell’s way of strange cultivation. He entered a private room with Lin Tai and expressionlessly asked, “Any news from Beijing?”

Lin Tai’s face turned serious as he said in a deep voice, “My lord, the people that I sent had bribed the Su family’s guard. They heard that the madam has been locked up secretly. We don’t know about her current whereabouts.”

“Locked up?”

Ye Chen frowned. Although he speculated the case, it still made him furious.

“Anything else?”

Lin Tai nodded and said, “Apart from that, we heard the Su family’s basic information. The madam has two brothers, the eldest brother is called Su Qilin and the second brother is Su Tao.

“We heard that the day when Su Qilin was born, there was a phenomenon of a qilin walking on clouds above the Su family. Therefore, he was given the name Su Qilin and is also called the Su family’s golden son.

“Theoretically, he should inherit the family business of military and politics. However, it is said that a traveling priest took him away. He disappeared from the public eye since then.

“On the other hand, his younger brother Su Tao led a high profile life. He was the new Beijing upstart, whereby he even took over most of the Su family’s matters.”

A qilin phenomenon at birth?

Ye Chen looked rather serious after hearing about it.

Qilin was the symbolism of a saint. Despite possessing great wisdom or being a great sage, one could not be described as qilin.

Perhaps it was just a rumor.

If that was the case, the man who stepped on him and tossed him into the river back then was Su Tao.

Ye Chen secretly grinned as he thought to this point.

Watch out, Su family!

I’ll be there in two months!

He got up and walked to Lin Tai and lightly patted his shoulder twice. “You’ve done well. Send more people to watch them, let me know if there’s anything happening there.”

Lin Tai respectfully responded but he was also secretly terrified.

He realized that Ye Chen’s pats on his shoulder instantly healed the internal injuries that were left behind during his early days.

He was even more respectful when he looked at Ye Chen now. There was a little excitement in the respect that he had for him.

‘My lord is not a mortal!

The Patriarch of Hell got out about half an hour later. He walked wobbly as if he was going to fall anytime.

Ye Chen peeped at him and chuckled.

‘Didn’t he said he would be inside for two hours?’

After seemingly noticing someone’s disdain, the Patriarch of Hell said in an extremely embarrassed manner through a voice transmission, “Uhh, master, I’ve finally broken through to the intermediate-stage Spirit Assembly.”

Although he presented himself as calm, the patriarch’s heart was blooming.

‘Xiao Yezi, oh, Xiao Yezi.’

‘I’m already on intermediate-stage Spirit Assembly now.’

‘I’ve written everything that you’ve ever done to me in a notebook. Sooner or later I’ll poop and pee on your head.’

‘My cultivation speed is faster than yours. You better watch out. When my cultivation base surpasses you, I’ll try to cheat that silly girl Mengmeng to remove the blood bond herself. And then I’ll turn you into a dog.’

“You’re on intermediate-stage Spirit Assembly too?” Ye Chen had no idea of what he was plotting, but he was rather stunned.

“That’s right, the threesome earlier helped me breakthrough.”

The Patriarch of Hell snickered. “Don’t be envious of me, master. I have a Heavenly Yin Remedy Method here. Use it on some pretty teacher or cold lady boss that you know. You’ll definitely get to Foundation Building in no time.”

Ye Chen stayed silent as he did not know what to say.

Seeing that the latter did not speak, the patriarch thought Ye Chen was moved. He rolled his eyes around and persuaded Ye Chen. “You don’t want it? It’s alright, I have the Yin and Yang Integration Method too. The technique is gentle, I guarantee you that all ladies would fall in love with you without being able to hold back…”

“I suddenly have the desire to eat dog meat.” Ye Chen interrupted the Patriarch of Hell’s long story and chuckled.

The patriarch was rendered speechless.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Chen walked out of the club with the patriarch after he was done speaking. He did not care about what the patriarch said.

Ye Chen was an immortal and the Heavenly Emperor. He did not care to use such Evil Dao techniques to boost his cultivation base.

Furthermore, the Emperor Scripture, the Heavenly Emperor Cauldron, and the Earth Emperor Book that he cultivated were named the three heaven, earth, and human treasures. Those alone overpowered everything else and no evil sect methods could compare with them.

After bringing the patriarch to the car, Ye Chen planned on returning home but he received a call from Gu Yingying. “Master Ye, are you available right now?”

“Anything important?” Ye Chen was stunned.

Gu Yingying took a deep breath in and said in a deep voice, “There’s something very important that my grandpa must tell you. If you’re available, I’ll come to pick you up.”

“No need, I happen to be out. I’ll go over soon.”

Ye Chen hung up the call after saying that and drove to the Gu’s residence.

The old master treated him well. It was rare for there to be something that could bother them. Ye Chen couldn’t ignore it.

He had arrived at the Gu’s residence over half an hour later. Gu Yingying had been waiting at the door since earlier.

Ye Chen asked the Patriarch of Hell to wait for him in the car and then he followed Gu Yingying into the house.

The Old Master Gu welcomed him in his coat as soon as they got in. “This old man feels guilty for having troubled master to come here in the middle of the night.”

“You’re too kind, old master. Just tell me what it is.” Ye Chen smiled and took his seat.

Gu Yingying stood aside to make tea.

The old master hesitated for a moment and asked, “I wonder if Master Ye has heard of the Tiannan Martial Arts Competition?”

Ye Chen shook his head.

The old master paused before speaking again. “There are three provinces in Tiannan, while each province has an organization of their own. It’s complicated as all organizations have power in the military, politics, and business.

Just like the saying ‘When there are people, there’s competition’. As there’s a conflict of interest, it has caused many conflicts on each side throughout many years.

To solve such conflicts, the heads of organizations would come up with a relatively peaceful way to privately solve the conflict or to split the interest.”

Ye Chen coldly smiled as he listened. He roughly understood what the old master was trying to say. “To put it simply, it’s to privately solve the conflicts and grudges on both sides without letting any outsiders know.”

“That’s right. The martial arts competition would be the fight that happens once a year!” Gu Yingying interrupted.

Ye Chen was confused, “How does a martial arts competition go?”

The old master nodded and continued. “It’s getting people to fight in a ring. The most primitive and brutal way of solution. If one wins, not only they win their dignity, but also the interest that they’re expecting.”

“Doesn’t everyone have some power of their own? Why don’t they compare and fight with those cards that they have?” Ye Chen asked.

“Although everyone has a card of their own, they would have to follow the rules.”

The old master forced a smile. “Everyone has power in the military, politics, and business. If they’re using all those, they would definitely stir up a great impact. Furthermore, the boss would not allow such a thing to happen. And this year’s martial arts competition will happen three days later.”

The boss?

Ye Chen was stunned for a moment and immediately understood what he meant. He coldly said, “Old master, so you’re saying that you want me to participate in this martial arts competition? To fight to my death for you guys?”

The old master immediately explained after sensing that Ye Chen seemed upset. “In the past, our family would always hire an outsider. However, we heard that Liu Chuang from Xiangnan hired a very powerful outsider targeting my family.”

“Liu Chuang? Isn’t he the guy who lost in stone gambling against me at the antique town back then? The one whose finger was severed by me?” Ye Chen frowned.

Gu Yingying could not stop nodding. “Yes, that’s him. Liu Chuang hired an expert and told everyone that not only he’s taking revenge on our family, he’s also taking revenge on you, Master Ye. He also said…”

“What else did he say?”

“He said he would kill everyone in your family!”

The temperature in the living room dropped as soon as Gu Yingying was done speaking.

Ye Chen smiled from the rage. “Kill everyone in my family? I can’t believe that a defeated man is so daring. I shouldn’t have let him go that day. Forget it, old master, I’ll go to the martial arts competition.”

“I would like to see what kind of expert he hired to have given him such great confidence!”