Chapter 85 - Would You Like to Practise Up Here?

Chapter 85 of 100 chapters

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Ye Chen turned around hearing the voice that came from behind. He saw a Land Rover being pulled over less than 50 meters away from him.

A pretty face that looked like a painting appeared in Ye Chen’s eyes as a person winded down the window.

He was stunned. “Lin Jiao?”

The lady opened the door and walked out. She frowned while speaking, “It’s really you, I thought I got the wrong guy.”

Some people walked out of the car one after another at the same time. Ye Chen was not sure whether to laugh or cry when he saw the leading delicate lady. “Senior Xiao Qin.”

“Yo, your memory’s pretty good. I can’t believe that you still remember me. It’s been such a long time since we last saw each other.” The lady named Xiao Qin smiled in a dazzling manner.

Ye Chen was speechless. He could not believe that he bumped into two university mates in such a remote location.

Lin Jiao was Su Yuhan’s best friend back then, they could talk for days. However, she was arrogant and did not think that it was a good idea for Ye Chen to date Su Yuhan. She discriminated against Ye Chen all this time.

Meanwhile, Xiao Qin was a year older than Ye Chen. It was her who admitted Ye Chen into the school and took him around to help familiarize him with the school.

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Why are you guys here?”

“Director Lin came with her friends, so she thought she would bring her staff, which is why we’re here.”

Xiao Qin smiled. She noticed Mengmeng who was in his arms and said in disbelief, “T-This is your daughter?”

“That’s right.”

Ye Chen nodded and patted the little girl’s head with his head low. “Mengmeng, say hello to these two aunties. Aunty Lin was your mommy’s best friend back then.”

“Hello Aunty Lin, hello Aunty Xiao. My name is Ye Mengmeng.” The little girl obediently said.

Xiao Qin was overwhelmed with motherly love. She could not help but extend her arm to play with her. “This little thing is so cute, she looks so much like Yuhan. Oh yeah, where’s Yuhan?”

“I didn’t bring her along.” Ye Chen’s smile froze as he said in a rather unnatural manner.

Lin Jiao who was standing aside took a good look at Ye Chen. She coldly spoke after noticing Ah Xue next to him.

“Why are you here?”

Ye Chen said while smiling, “I accompanied a friend here for fun.”

“Fun? Ye Chen, how old are you? You brought your daughter here for fun?” Lin Jiao’s expression was getting grim.

Back at the university, she and Su Yuhan were the campus belles. However, she had been against Ye Chen dating Su Yuhan. After all, Ye Chen was poor and ugly back then. She felt helpless when Su Yuhan refused to listen to her.

Therefore, she despised Ye Chen. She was even more pissed now that Ye Chen took his daughter to a messy place such as Swallowtail Town for fun.

Ye Chen frowned. “Lin Jiao, it’s been such a long time. I don’t want to fight.”

He knew that Lin Jiao despised him because of Su Yuhan. Never had he thought that she was still the same after so many years had passed.

“Aunty Lin, I’ll be angry if you bully my daddy.” The little thing pouted and looked at Lin Jiao madly.


Lin Jiao scoffed and looked at Xiao Qin. “You guys have fun, there are errands that I need to run.”

She returned to the car after saying that.

A handsome young man who was driving in the Land Rover peeped at Lin Jiao with warmth in his eyes. He asked rather intentionally, “Who was that?”

“He’s my old classmate, I’ve no idea why he came here for no reason. Doesn’t he know that such a place isn’t for ordinary people?” Lin Jiao’s pretty face was slightly grim.

After Lin Jiao left, Xiao Qin looked at Ye Chen and smiled awkwardly. “Uhh Ye Chen, Director Lin is hot-tempered. Don’t take it to heart.”

“Director Lin?” Ye Chen asked.

Xiao Qin nodded. “Director Lin founded the company as soon as she graduated. Within a few years, she became the listed company’s director. I’m working under her now.”

She turned her head and pointed at the two men and a lady behind her as she introduced them. “Oh yeah, let me introduce you guys. These are my colleagues from the company. Jiang Lei, Wang Dan, and Li Peng.”

Ye Chen lightly smiled at them. Feeling helpless, the few of them were not exactly fond of him. They merely nodded in a neutral manner.

Wang Dan asked, “Where do we go next?”

“Should we watch the battle?” Li Peng pointed at the battle ring that was far away.

Wang Dan snickered out loud. “What is there to see? Don’t you know that our Brother Lei was on the provincial kickboxing team? How could you ask him to watch those girly fights on the stage?”

As soon as that was brought up, Jiang Lei revealed an extremely confident face. He shook his head and said, “It’s not that I’m being mean, but those people on the stage are just goofs. They didn’t go through professional training and they’re just fighting without styles. It’s really boring to watch.”

“Not only that, but it’s nothing even if they won. They’re only getting 100,000 for the first prize. The prize money from the national kickboxing competition that I went to last time was at least one million. It’s incomparable with this.”

Wang Dan’s agreement came as soon as he said that, “That’s right, Brother Lei was an elite in the kickboxing team back then. Watching these hillbillies messing around is quite boring.”

“This is just something small. Only those who knew nothing would find it interesting.”

Jiang Lei proceeded to boast seeing that they were buttering him up. “The real thing would be the martial arts competition later. The bosses of three provinces in Tiannan would send experts to fight, now that would be exciting.”

“Brother Lei, you can show them a few moves at the martial arts competition later. Show them the real thing.” Wang Dan revealed an expression as if she was a fan.

Li Peng rode on the hype. “That’s right, Brother Lei. I see those so-called experts are actually nothing. They might not be a match for Brother Lei.”

“I’ll see if I’m feeling like it by then. I don’t mind showing one or two things if I’m in a good mood.” Jiang Lei nodded without paying too much attention.

Even Ah Xue could not help but look at him again. She could not believe that Master Ye knew someone so powerful.

Ye Chen was the only one who was out of words. He glanced at Jiang Lei, he could not help but shook his head.

This Jiang Lei was way too arrogant. He did not know his limits. He thought that he was invincible just because he learned kickboxing before, not knowing that there would always be someone better than him.

It did not matter that Ye Chen shook his head, but Jiang Lei whose eyes were sharp noticed it.

Jiang Lei thought he was mocking him and thought he had lost his pride. “This Brother Ye seems to not believe me?”

At that moment, Wang Dao and Li Peng looked at Ye Chen together. There was disdain and hostility in their eyes.

Sensing the atmosphere that was a little off, Xiao Qin immediately tried to ease it while smiling. “Alright, Jiang Lei. Ye Chen has no idea about that, don’t mind him.”

Jiang Lei scoffed. He turned around and walked to the battle ring to register himself.

Very soon, the result of the battle among the duo that was currently going on in the ring came out. It was an extremely muscular middle-aged man who won. Both of his arms looked as hard as rocks.

The crowd noticed that he had consecutively won three rounds since he got into the ring. Clearly, he was pretty powerful.

The spectators under the stage were terrified of his power, thus nobody dared to challenge him within a short period.

When the referee called out to Jiang Lei, the latter coldly glared at Ye Chen. He subsequently scoffed and went onto the stage.

So it turned out that not all of Jiang Lei’s confidence came from the people’s compliments. He defeated that muscular hunk within 20 moves.

Wang Dan and Li Peng were excited, even Xiao Qin could not help but nod.

As the crowd was cheering, Jiang Lei walked to the railing at the side of the ring and condescendingly looked at Ye Chen.

“Brother Ye, you seem to have a move or two. You might be an expert yourself.”

“Would you like to practice up here?”