Chapter 86 - This Schoolmate of Yours is Terrible

Chapter 86 of 100 chapters

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Jiang Lei was pissed.

Ye Chen shook his head when Wang Dan and Li Peng were buttering him up. After his win, everyone was cheering but Ye Chen was still expressionless as if nothing interested him.

He was enraged by Ye Chen’s actions. Therefore, he provoked Ye Chen on purpose with the attempt to teach him a lesson.

As soon as he was done speaking, Wang Dan and Li Peng could not help but look at Ye Chen. They had gloat and sympathy in their eyes. If Ye Chen were to fight Jiang Lei, he would definitely be beaten up.

“Jiang Lei, stop messing around. You’ve already won, get down here now.” The expression on Xiao Qin’s pretty face changed. She tried to stop him.

She was clearly aware of Jiang Lei’s ability. How could the skinny Ye Chen be his match?

Jiang Lei glanced at Ye Chen in disdain. Following the advantage that everyone was on his side, he was going to get off the stage.

However, he had never expected Ye Chen to look down on him. “Forget it, you’re not my match. I’m afraid that I’ll fail to hold back and injure you.”

Xiao Qin and the rest were stunned to hear that, they thought something was wrong with their ears.

Ye Chen said that Jiang Lei was not his match? What was wrong with him?

The smile on Jiang Lei’s face froze. He squinted his eyes to take a good look at Ye Chen as he smiled with rage. “Would you like to give it a try?”

“Since you’re so full of yourself, you should spar with Brother Lei up there.” Wang Dan chuckled out loud.

Li Peng looked at Ye Chen in a sarcastic manner and said, “Don’t worry. Our Brother Lei wouldn’t mind it even if you really injure him.”

The two of them thought Ye Chen was pretending. They thought his goal was to get their attention and show off before Xiao Qin, his senior back at the university.

Ye Chen coldly smiled. Just when he was about to agree, Xiao Qin interjected. “Ye Chen was kidding, don’t take him seriously.”

She could not stop signaling Ye Chen when she was done speaking. She seemed to be hinting him to stop his nonsense.

Jiang Lei looked at Ye Chen for a good few seconds then leaped from the stage. He shook his head while putting on his clothes. “Ugh, these people are too weak.”

“Don’t blame them for being weak, it’s Brother Lei who is too powerful.”

Li Peng buttered him up and then coldly looked at Ye Chen. “Hah. Unlike some people who are all bark and no bite.”

“Alright, aren’t we going to stroll the streets? Let’s go.” Xiao Qin instantly waved and changed the subject.

Ye Chen shook his head and said, “Senior Xiao Qin, you guys go ahead. There are things that I need to handle first so I won’t be going with you guys.”

Since those people did not welcome him and saw him as an eyesore, there was no need for him to go with them.

Xiao Qin sighed. “Alright then, let’s hang out next time. Oh yeah, what’s your phone number?”

She knew that Jiang Lei and the rest were against Ye Chen. If they went on like that, they might stir up trouble.

Ye Chen gave her his phone number and left while carrying the little girl.

Jiang Lei coldly watched Ye Chen’s back as he walked away. He looked at Xiao Qin and said, “Sister Qin, I don’t want to be mean but this schoolmate of yours is terrible!”

“Forget it, let’s not talk about him.” Xiao Qin shook her head and led them to the north side of the town.

“Master, this cutie is pissed.”

Ye Chen heard the Patriarch of Hell’s Divine Consciousness Voice Transmission as soon as they left. He could not help but ask, “Why?”

“That toy boy Jiang is just an ant. He kept provoking you. If it were me, the hot-tempered cutie, I would’ve broken him into pieces long ago.” The Patriarch of Hell was enraged.

“And then? Will you be happy after you killed him? Will you do that to everyone who mocks you?”

Ye Chen shook his head. “He’s just an ant. You’ve said it yourself. Since that’s the case, why would you care what an ant thinks? Furthermore, this is incomparable to the cultivation world!”

The Patriarch of Hell was speechless.

‘It makes sense.’

‘I, the Patriarch of Hell, is a tiger that has left his mountain. If I don’t behave myself, I might turn into dust any minute.’

‘That’s right.’

‘This patriarch isn’t mad, this patriarch is at peace!’

The Patriarch of Hell felt better as soon as he shifted his thinking.

Later on, Ye Chen strolled the streets around with the little girl. He thought he would head back to look for Gu Yingying and the rest realizing there was nothing around.

Just when he turned around, a cold voice came from behind him.

“Why are you here?”

Ye Chen turned his head to look. He saw Lin Jiao and a young man walking out of a car together. Meanwhile, there was an old man in traditional Chinese attire following behind them.

“I was just strolling.”

Ye Chen coldly said. The little girl angrily turned her head around as soon as she saw Lin Jiao.

Perhaps Lin Jiao noticed that she was too harsh on her attitude, she softened her tone and said, “Ye Chen, you should head back. This isn’t a place for you.”

“Why can’t I come if you can?” Ye Chen said with a smile on his face.

Lin Jiao’s face turned grim. “You…”

“Jiaojiao, since this Brother Ye is your friend, let him walk with us,” The young handsome man next to her was smiling instead.

Lin Jiao frowned. She looked at Ye Chen and said after a moment of hesitation, “Alright Ye Chen, come with us. Don’t blame me for being harsh on you, it’s bad that you took your kid along. I’ll call Yuhan to tell on you if you do this again.”

Seeing that she brought up Su Yuhan, Ye Chen could only agree. He then took out 1,000 yuan and passed it to Ah Xue. “Ah Xue, please go back and tell Ms. Gu that I’m following them.”

Ah Xue refused to take the money. She nodded and left after looking at Lin Jiao in slight envy.

Under the guidance of Lin Jiao and the rest, Ye Chen followed them to the biggest building in the town – the dojo.

It was built using the funds sponsored by the bosses of Tiannan’s three provinces. It was made exclusively for the competitions.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen learned that the young man next to Lin Jiao was called Han Xu, and the old man was called Master Tan.

There were already many people seated in the dojo at the moment.

Countless eyes were looking at Ye Chen and the rest as they walked inside. They paused when they saw Lin Jiao and Han Xu. However, they merely glanced past through Ye Chen.

They seated on the VIP seats on the first row, while Ye Chen directly laid on the chair.

“Can’t you sit properly?

Lin Jiao was pissed seeing him act like that. Noticing the people judging them, she felt like a cold blanket had been thrown at her.

Ye Chen glanced at her and said with a smile, “Aren’t chairs’ made to sit? Of course I would make myself comfortable in it.”

The little thing blinked her eyes when she said, “My daddy is right. We’re not at school, neither are you a teacher, why are you so bossy?”

“You…” Lin Jiao was pissed.

“Such a sharp-tongued young man!”

The old man in traditional Chinese attire could not help but criticize at the moment. “Didn’t you see that so many people are looking at us? You’re rude to not know the etiquettes.”

“Forget it, Master Tan. Let Brother Ye sit however he wants.” Han Xu, who was sitting next to him, eased the situation while smiling. However, a gush of disdain flashed through his eyes.

This rude man was an eyesore to him!

Lin Jiao scoffed and turned her head over. The more she looked at Ye Chen, the angrier she became.

Han Xu looked at Master Tan and asked with a burning desire in his eyes, “Master Tan, how confident are you in the martial competition this time?”

Master Tan was the foreign aid that the Han family hired. Even the young master from the Han family wanted to butter him up.

“I’m not sure.”

Master Tan shook his head. “This old man thinks that my ability is pretty powerful, but they’re just too many talents in China.”


Lin Jiao opened her mouth wide, she was rather stunned. “Master Tan, you’re an Internal Energy expert after all. There should be a limited number of experts like you even in the entire China.”

Although she was a lady, she was into martial arts and admired powerhouses. Han Xu had such talent. Otherwise, she would not agree to date him.

She subtly peeped at the dispirited Ye Chen as she thought to this point and secretly shook her head.

She thought the gap between Ye Chen and Han Xu was just too great. The gap was the same as between heaven and earth.

‘Yuhan, oh, Yuhan, what do you like about this guy? A mistake can ruin your whole life.’

“In China?”

Master Tan did not know whether to laugh or cry. “This tiny ability can’t even rank on top in the entire Tiannan.”

“Master Tan you’re too humble.” Han Xu smiled.


Master Tan frowned and said in all seriousness, “Tiannan No.1 Yuan Bupo and those veteran experts that we already know aside, I can’t compare with that Master Ye.”

“Master Ye?” Han Xu looked at a blur, he could not recall a person with such a name in Tiannan.

Lin Jiao looked puzzled too.

Seeing the duo’s confusion, Master Tan forced a smile and said, “It makes sense that you guys have no idea about him. This Master Ye had only appeared in Qiannan a few days ago. He’s very mysterious. Legend has it that this man is well versed in some methods and he can control lightning with them.”

Lin Jiao instantly covered her red lips with her hands while her pretty eyes were wide open. “What? Control lightning?”

An ordinary person could not even take the 220v household current and this Master Ye can control lightning.

Was that not terrifying?

“Master Tan, is that true?” Han Xu gulped and looked shocked.

Master Tan shook his head. “I’ve no idea if it’s true but it’s not entirely baseless. All you guys need to know is that there is always someone who is better than us.”

Ye Chen who was sitting aside looked rather stunned as the few of them were talking. He subsequently shook his head not sure whether to laugh or cry.

That did not matter but Lin Jiao saw that. Her pretty face instantly turned grim.

“Ye Chen, what are you laughing at?”