Chapter 87 - The Martial Art Competition Has Begun

Chapter 87 of 100 chapters

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Ye Chen waved, he looked like he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“If what Master Tan said is true, do you think you can afford to make fun of a person like Master Ye?” Lin Jiao grimly glared at him. She regretted bringing him here.

Master Tan scoffed. “How can a narrow-minded person like you know how powerful the old man Master Ye is?”

Old man?

Ye Chen could not stop coughing. “Master Tan, you’ve never seen this Master Ye. How would you know that he’s an old man?”

Actually, Master Tan was right to call Ye Chan an old man. Ye Chen would be an ancestor if he was to add his age in the cultivation world on earth. However, he had always thought himself to be 30 since he returned to earth.

“What do you know?”

Master Tan scoffed and said in a serious manner, “Just like the saying ‘The one who discovers the truth should be the master’. Age doesn’t matter in the cultivation world, the ability does. If I get the chance to meet Master Ye, I’d definitely bow to him with the utmost respect.”

Ye Chen coughed again.

Lin Jiao shook his head and thought Ye Chen was just too irritating. He knew nothing but insisted to make his existence be known before Master Tan.

“Do you have a cold, daddy?” The little girl asked with concern seeing that her father kept coughing.

Ye Chen shook his head and smiled. “Daddy’s fine.”

Just when Han Xu was about to speak, a commotion came from behind them. He saw that everyone stood up by instinct and made a path on their own. They looked at the dojo’s entrance with respect on their faces.

A middle-aged man with gray side-burns who looked majestic walked in big steps. He looked straight ahead as if he did not see the people at all. Behind him were four to five hunks that respectfully followed him.

“It’s Chao Tianba of the Chao family, a wealthy family from Diannan.” Master Tan recognized the person with just one glance.

The crowd was stirred because of this.

“Master Chao is here!”

“Welcome Master Chao!”


Everyone loudly cheered with a burning desire in their eyes and respect on their faces. Facing the people’s passion, Chao Tianba expressionlessly walked to the nine old-fashioned wooden armchairs at the front of the VIP section and took his seat.

The nine old-fashioned wooden armchairs where he was sitting were arranged into a curve. The handles on the armchairs were carved with dragon heads.

Very soon, another commotion broke out in the crowd.

A skinny middle-aged man in a mink coat walked in with big steps. His imposing manner was extraordinary. Compared to the cold Chao Tianba, this person was smiling and nodding at the people.

“It’s Zhao Jinming from the Zhao family, another wealthy family from Diannan. I can’t believe he’s the second person to arrive.” Someone exclaimed.

Zhao Jinming too sat on the armchair at the front of the VIP section. He subsequently looked at Chao Tianba who was across him with a cold gaze, while Chao Tianba returned the same cold gesture to him.

The people below the stage could not help but force a smile. It seemed like the rumor was true. The Zhao family and the Chao family were enemies.

Meanwhile, there was an old man in black martial arts attire behind Zhao Jinming. He had an introverted imposing manner. He closed his eyes facing the noise from the crowd and seemed to be resting.

“Is that Jade Buddha Hand who is well-known in the northwest?”

Master Tan’s expression changed seeing that person. “I can’t believe that the Zhao family hired him. It seems like they will win this martial arts competition for sure.”

“Master Tan, who is this Jade Buddha Hand?” Han Xu who was next to them asked in puzzlement.

Just when Master Tan was about to speak but another commotion appeared from behind. Old Master Gu and Gu Yingying walked in at normal speed. However, they looked gravely serious at the moment.

As soon as Old Master Gu showed up, the atmosphere immediately peaked.

“Old master, you’re here!”

“Old Master Gu!”

The crowd greeted him with respect on their faces.

Old Master Gu coldly responded. When they were passing by the VIP section, Gu Yingying suddenly saw Ye Chen. She wanted to walk over by instinct, but the old master stopped her.

The old master nodded at Ye Chen in respect as he led Gu Yingying and took his seat on the armchair.

His actions caused many people to be curious. Many people looked at Ye Chen and the rest. Even Lin Jiao and Han Xu looked surprised.

They looked left and right, trying to figure out who the old master was greeting earlier. They felt helpless as they failed after looking around for a while. They could only forget it. Meanwhile, they had directly looked past Ye Chen.

Many people had come since the old master’s arrival. Ye Chen carefully counted and found out that there were nine bosses in total. It seemed like there were three wealthy families averagely in each province in the three southeast provinces.

However, Liu Chuang of Xiangnan did not show up. Nobody knew if his arrival was delayed by something else.

Ye Chen could not help but feel disappointed.

After the rest took their seats, Chao Tianba looked at the old master and said with a mocking smile, “Old master, don’t tell me that you’re going to fight for the Gu family?”

“Do you have a problem with that?” The old master coldly said.

Chao Tianba chuckled. “You’re the senior. I shouldn’t have any opinions on you. However, if you do fight, don’t blame us for beating you up later…”

“Old master, I heard that Fifth Master Liu would come to this martial arts competition. Not only that, but he has also announced that he would challenge your Gu family,” Lu Wanhui who represented Xiangnan said with a smile.

The three provinces of Tiannan were only at peace with each other on the surface. They were dying to see the others being killed.

“Don’t you worry about it.”

Old Master Gu scoffed.

The grim-faced old man sitting on the right cleared his throat and said, “Alright, stop all this nonsense. Let’s begin.”

Chao Tianba nodded and instantly stood up from his seat. He expressionlessly glanced through everyone below the stage.

“The martial arts competition has officially begun. I’ll say the same things I do every time. Even brothers of the same mother would fight, let alone people from three different provinces. Let’s take this opportunity today to put an end to this. We’ll fight with all our might, yield when you lose!”

The crowd was stirred hearing what he said. How could they not be excited to witness such a nerve-racking scene?

Lin Jiao turned her head to look at Master Tan next to her with her flushed cheeks. “Master Tan, when will it be your turn?”

“I’m going up much later. Those who go first are just appetizers, they’re too weak and don’t deserve to fight me.” Master Tan shook his head.

At the same time, there were a few of them who sat in the middle of the dojo.

Ah Xue could not stop looking for Ye Chen with her eyes wide open. Jiang Lei, who was sitting next to her curiously asked, “Who are you looking for, Ah Xue?”

“I’m looking for Master Ye,” Ah Xue said without even thinking about it. She was rather curious about whether Master Ye would go into the ring or not.

“Master Ye?”

Xiao Qin was stunned while she chuckled out loud. “Do you mean Ye Chen? Why would you call him Master Ye?”

“How would he deserve to be called master?” Jiang Lei said with a plastic smile. He could not believe that someone called Ye Chen a master when he did not even dare to take up his challenge.

It was such a joke.

Ah Xue shook her head. “I’ve no idea, it’s my first time meeting Master Ye too.”

An ugly young man in black martial arts attire took the lead to walk up to the ring as soon as Chao Tianba was done speaking. He pointed his finger to a direction below the stage.

“Get up, people from the Luo family. Our Du family is so done with you!”