Chapter 88 - 12 Pond Kicks

Chapter 88 of 100 chapters

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A man with a gauze wrapped around his fist came out of the crowd after the young man with the surname Du was done speaking.

The person directly leaped onto the ring. His agile move instantly won everyone’s cheers.

“I suppose you guys already know the rules? It’s a play-touch competition, death isn’t necessary for one to win!” Chao Tianba expressionlessly glanced through the duo.

The duo nodded to acknowledge.

As Chao Tianba ordered, young man Du attacked first. He sprinted and threw a hard punch.

Young man Luo too did not yield, rather he shouted and charged at him. He chose to fight the opponent head-on.

The duo was punching intensely at the moment. The sound of punches directly landing on flesh made the crowd cheer intensely as if they were injected with chicken blood.

Ye Chen watched in deep thought while carrying the little girl. Just like the saying went, ‘You will know if one is an expert as soon as he starts to fight.

Young man Du’s moves were more ferocious, he was clearly well versed in attacks. On the other side, although young man Luo had been beaten over and over, he knew when to charge and when to retreat!

If this went on, young man Luo would definitely be defeated!

Lin Jiao who was sitting close to Ye Chen could not help but had disdain growing in her seeing him indulged in the battle.

‘You must’ve been living in a cave for you to indulge in a competition of such quality. You’d be shocked if you see Master Tan fight.’

As expected, the young man Luo soon found young man Du’s weakness. He threw a punch and threw young man Du out of the ring.

Half an hour passed as the competition went on. Only four of the nine wealthy families of the three southeast provinces were left.

They were the Gu family, the Zhao family, the Chao family, and the Han family.

Everyone looked extremely serious at that moment. Nobody chose to initiate the challenge. The reason was that they knew that the rest of them had a rather powerful ability and each one was hard to defeat.

Lin Jiao suddenly asked. “Master Tan, it should be your turn soon?”

“Soon.” Master Tan smiled while playing with his beard. There was no anxiety on his face at all.

Lin Jiao looked excited. She turned her head to look at Ye Chen by instinct, but to her surprise, he fell asleep with his eyes closed.

This bastard!

He fell asleep?!

She was so pissed. If not for the fact that there were so many people watching, she was dying to chase Ye Chen out.

Master Tan and Han Xu looked at him too, they shook their heads one after another. Master Tan sighed. “Decayed wood cannot be carved!”

Anyone would watch the competition with their eyes wide open but this guy fell asleep. One could only say that this guy was hopeless and he had missed a great show in his life.

Zhao Jinming suddenly turned his head to look at the old man in martial art attire behind him. He smiled and said, “Master Yu, sorry I have to trouble you to fight!”

Everyone’s expression changed as soon as he said that.

The Zhao family could no longer wait?

The old man in martial art attire slightly nodded and glanced through the people in utter disdain. He then stomped both his feet hard and leaped three to five feet into the air. He eventually landed on the ring.

A one-finger deep footprint suddenly appeared on the ground where he stomped on earlier.


The crowd below the stage gasped and showed disbelief on their faces.

‘Wh-What kind of power is that?!’

The people who battled earlier had cold sweat dripping one after another. Apart from being shocked, they felt fortunate that they did not encounter such an expert earlier.

The remaining three families looked at each other as they saw the seriousness in each other’s eyes.

Master Yu’s appearance pressured them.

Master Yu clasped his fists at a middle-aged man with a square face. “Master Han, sorry if this offends you!”

Master Han looked rather terrible. Among the three families, the Zhao family challenged their Han family. Did they think that the Han family was a pushover?

“What? The formidable Qiannan’s wealthy family, the Han family, is avoiding the battle? Is there no one powerful enough in the Han family?” Master Yu scoffed.

Han Zu who was below the stage was pissed hearing the words. He immediately looked at Master Tan who was next to him. “Master Tan, please fight for us!”

“A man who is merely on the beginner-stage of Internal Energy dares to boast. Let me teach him a lesson!”

Master Tan scoffed in disdain and leaped like an arrow. His feet were like a rabbit hopping into the air as he arrived on the ring within a blink of an eye.

The smile on Master Yu’s face was gone. He coldly said, “Who are you? Say your name!”

“You don’t deserve to know my name just yet!” Master Tan scoffed in disdain.

As soon as he was done speaking, he lifted his left foot and stomped hard on the ring.

A crack appeared on the ring’s ground along with a thud. It looked like an intersecting spider web.

Master Yu who stood across him finally had his expression change after Master Tan stomped his foot. He had a faint feeling that Master Tan’s stomp contained a compelling strength. He might not be able to take it if he was being kicked by that foot.

The people under the stage sharply inhaled one after another.

A foot… crushed the ground?

“Nice one!”

Han Xu could not help exclaim out loud as excitement filled his face.

Lin Jiao smiled too, excitement and pride were apparent in her beautiful eyes. She looked at Ye Chen who was behind her by instinct, she found out that he was still sleeping.

Her face turned grim as she angrily pushed Ye Chen and coldly said, “Did you come here to sleep?”

“That’s not it, it’s just that this is too boring for me.” Ye Chen yawned.

Too boring?

Lin Jiao was pissed. “Master Tan is fighting, it won’t be boring now. You better watch it with your eyes wide open. It’ll be a life-changing experience for you.”

Ye Chen gave a lazy response.

Lin Jiao was getting furious at his ignorant behavior. She almost lost it. She glared at Ye Chen before turning around to look at the ring again.

‘Go ahead and pretend!’

‘Let’s see how you’re going to pretend after witnessing Master Tan’s techniques.’

At the same time, Master Yu grimly looked at Master Tan after witnessing that stomp. Hostility filled his eyes as he said, “There sure are many hidden dragons in Tiannan. I can’t believe even the 12 Pond Kicks’ descendant is here.”

“What? The move that the old man performed was from the 12 Pond Kicks?”

“From what I know, the 12 Pond Kicks is the authentic Shaolin kick style. It has the reputation of the Nanquan Northern Legs. The terrifying explosive strength aside, the speed is extremely quick!”

“Exciting, exciting!”


The people below the stage were discussing among themselves. They thought the trip here today was worth it.

Han Xu was the most excited one.

It took him great efforts to hire Master Tan, the descendent of the authentic 12 Pond Kicks. He could take over the entire ring and win glory for the Han family.

Hearing the people exclaim, Lin Jiao looked at Ye Chen in a boastful manner. “Did you hear that? Master Tan is the descendent of the 12 Pond Kicks!”

“Not bad!” Ye Chen coldly said.

Lin Jiao’s face turned completely grim now. She could no longer hide the hatred she had for Ye Chen.

‘Not bad?’

‘Don’t you have a mirror to look at the failure you are?!’

Just as she was about to speak, a wild and hysterical laugh came from behind the crowd.


“How can I, Liu Chuang, miss out on such a big and glorious scene?!”