Chapter 89 - Master Ye, Do You Dare to Fight Me?

Chapter 89 of 100 chapters

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The audience turned their heads to look toward the source of the voice.

A middle-aged man with a muscular build walked into the dojo on his own. He wore a black coat and had a crude face.

What shocked them was that a finger on his right hand was missing. It seemed to have been severed by a sharp weapon.

The crowd gasped as the atmosphere peaked again.

“That’s the prominent man from Xiangnan, Fifth Master Liu. I can’t believe he’s here too.”

“That’s right. Fifth Master Liu has basically taken over the transportation sector in Xiangnan. There’s no need for him to come to this martial arts competition at all.”

“Guys, a little bird told me that Fifth Master Liu was in Qiannan earlier. Someone severed one of his fingers there…”

“Really? What kind of crazy person managed to sever Fifth Master Liu’s finger?”


Liu Chuang seemed to not have heard the people’s discussion and walked straight to the front row of the VIP section.

He had his eyes fixated on Old Master Gu and Gu Yingying from the beginning. He smiled in an eerie way. “Ms. Gu, it’s been a few days since I’ve last seen you. I sure do miss you.”

“Junior from the Liu family, don’t think I’ve no idea of what you’re trying to do by coming here. Let me tell you this, my Gu family will do whatever it takes to defeat you,” Old Master Gu said with his deep voice.

The Han family’s master who was from one of the wealthy families of Qiannan scoffed. “Liu No.5, I don’t think you’re on the guest list. Why are you here?”

“Why am I here?”

Liu Chuang extended his right hand and pointed at the finger that was severed as he laughed hysterically. “Hehe, I’m here to take back something that belonged to me.”

Master Tan who was on the stage frowned and impatiently said, “Fifth Master Liu, I don’t care about why you’re here. Please step aside. Do whatever you’re here for after I’m done with this battle.”

Although Liu No.5 was a prominent man, he was no different than an ordinary person to Master Tan.

“Who told you to interrupt me, you old thing?”

Liu Chuang glared at him in disdain and scoffed. “Sure, since you’re seeking death, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

He quickly turned around and bowed a little as he clasped his fists at the dojo’s entrance and spoke with the utmost respect.

“Please welcome Master Gu Fan!”

As soon as he was done speaking, many people instinctively turned their heads to look behind. Even the few wealthy families sitting on the armchairs could not help but sit straight. They looked serious now.

A crude faced man wearing black martial art attire appeared before everyone.

The person looked around 40 years old. He had flat top hair and his ferocious stare gave him a terrifying imposing manner. He walked like a king. He had a magnificent posture that seemed to influence one’s heartbeats.

Ye Chen who had been bored had his eyes lit up at that moment. A mischievous grin appeared at the corner of his lips.

“So this is the expert that Liu Chuang hired? His ability is pretty good, no wonder Liu Chuang dared to come for revenge in such a boastful manner.”

Seeing the person, Liu Chuang immediately sprinted to welcome him. He was extremely respectful, all his arrogance from before had vanished.

Gu Fan nodded expressionlessly. He slightly lifted his eyes to glance at the people and eventually set them on the ring. A gleam of disdain flashed by his eyes.

He subsequently leaped into midair. He was as agile as a goshawk. He leaped over 50 meters and landed on the ring within the blink of an eye.

“I-Is this a movie set?”

The people had a great change of expression as they watched his actions. They were utterly shocked.

That person leaped over 50 meters…

That had completely surpassed the capabilities of humans. Even if this was a movie set, one would not manage that even with a wire hanging on them.


The people that were sitting on the armchairs stood up one after another. They had fear on their faces.

Chao Tianba sharply inhaled. He turned his head and looked at the old man behind him. “Master He, w-what’s that?”

“That’s right!”

Master He’s lips quivered. “This person’s conception and governor vessels have been stimulated, whereby he has energy pumped through his entire body. Nobody under the master level could defeat him. Master Chao, please don’t make enemies with this person. The ending of the martial art competition has been set since the appearance of this man!”

Not only Chao Tianba, but Zhao Jinming and the rest were also behaving in the same manner. The few of them looked at each other, they saw the heaviness and fear in each other’s eyes.

The bosses of the three provinces in the southeast might be reshuffled today!

As Gu Fan landed on the ring, Master Tan and Master Yu retreated a couple of steps by instinct. They were no longer as calm as before.

The person could leap 50 meters across the air. That technique alone made them look up to him.

Gu Fan stood with his hands behind his back as he expressionlessly looked at Master Tan and Master Yu. “You guys are not my match. Get out of the ring if you still want to live.”

Master Yu forced a smile and clasped his fists at him. He turned around and leaped under the stage without the slightest bit of hesitation.

However, Master Tan did not move at all.

Gu Fan frowned. “Did you not hear me? You don’t deserve to fight me. The 12 Pond Kicks is just a joke to me.”


Master Tan was furious. He shouted and kicked after a leap. His leg was like the helicopter’s propeller, whereby it charged at Gu Fan with intense wind.

The kick alone utilized all of the strength in him. It was the most powerful kick he had used in his life.

He had the means of retreating.

However, Gu Fan said that the 12 Pond Kicks was a joke. That was no different than humiliating his inheritance. How could he not be mad?

“That does look like the 12 Pond Kicks. But just as I said, it’s a mere joke to me!”

Gu Fan smiled instead of being mad. He was mocking Master Tan.

He slightly tilted his body and directly charged at the kick. He did not dodge the attack, nor was there a fancy move in his charge.

The moment when Master Tan’s kick landed on Gu Fan’s body, he felt like he was kicking a steel wall. Powerful energy penetrated his body and pierced through his organs.

Master Tan groaned in devastation.

He was directly thrown out from the ring. He was bleeding from all seven orifices when he landed on the ground. However, he had stopped breathing. He was dead.

The entire place fell into dead silence at that moment.

Everyone stopped breathing as they blankly watched, especially the few bosses sitting on the armchairs.

Everyone saw Master Tan’s ability, he had the hope of taking over the ring. However, Gu Fan hit him to death.

One could tell how powerful Gu Fan was from that!

“Master Tan!”

A shriek was heard as Lin Jiao ran to Master Tan. She began crying out loud.

She had hope and confidence in Master Tan before this. She thought he would defeat everyone as soon as he began fighting.

Never had she expected that he would die within the blink of an eye.

Han Xu fell straight onto the ground. His eyes were filled with fear and he looked extremely pale.

Ye Chen shook his head.

The ending was set the very moment when Gu Fan went onto the ring. Master Yu directly decided to give up, but Master Tan insisted on fighting despite knowing that he was incapable.

Such integrity lived up to his identity of being the 12 Pond Kicks’ descendant.


“Who else? Whoever doesn’t want to yield to Master Gu, please get up!”

A hysterical laugh exploded in the dojo.

It was Liu Chuang. He could not hide the joy on his face at the moment. He took a good look at all the bosses sitting on the armchairs and smiled arrogantly.

Everyone had lowered their heads. They dared not lock eyes with Liu Chuang, neither did they want to directly look at Gu Fan’s ferocious stare.

Who dared to fight when there was such a person in Tiannan?

Even Gu Yingying’s pretty face turned pale. She clenched her fists hard and dared not breathe too loudly.

Old Master Gu was the only one who remained fearless. He said while angrily glaring at Liu Chuang, “Junior from the Liu family, this is just a competition, must you be so brutal?”

“If you hadn’t spoken, I would have almost forgotten about you.”

Liu Chuang coldly smiled and pointed at the finger missing on his right hand. “Eight days ago, the Master that your Gu family hired severed a finger of mine. Since then, I, Liu Chuang, swore that not only will I kill everyone in the Gu family, I want to kill that Master Ye too!”

“Since the Gu family dares to come to this competition, I’m sure that Master Ye is here too!”

Liu Chuang glanced through the entire place with a grudgeful look. “Come out, Master Ye. You severed my finger, it’s time for vengeance now!”

Gu Fan took a step forward and looked at everyone in a condescending manner. He enunciated word by word. “I’m not sure if I should call you Master Ye or Mr. Ye!”

“You killed Lin Fan, that useless junior brother of mine. He deserved it since he was incapable. However, as his senior brother, I must avenge him!”

“Pay money when you owe money, pay with your life when you’ve killed. That’s just how it is!”

“Master Ye, do you dare to fight me?”