Chapter 90 - Daddy, Who Are They Talking About?

Chapter 90 of 100 chapters

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Gu Fan’s voice was as loud.

He shocked the entire crowd as soon as he spoke.

Master Ye?

The crowd below the stage was puzzled.

It was their first time hearing such a name. They were stunned after hearing the conversation between Liu Chuang and Gu Fan.

So this Master Ye severed Fifth Master Ye’s finger?

And he also killed Gu Fan’s junior brother? Since he managed to make Gu Fan travel so far, wouldn’t that mean this Master Ye was an expert among experts?

Everyone jolted as they thought and they instinctually glanced through the entire dojo. They looked at each other and were eager to know who this Master Ye was.

Chao Tianba, Zhao Jinming, and the rest who were sitting on the armchairs looked confused. Initially, they thought Liu Chuang brought Gu Fan here to take revenge on the Gu family. Never had they expected Gu Fan to be here for somebody else.

“Could this be the Master Ye from Qiannan we heard about a few days ago? The Master Ye who can control lightning and has mastered methods?” Zhao Jinming mumbled to himself.

Even Lin Jiao and Han Xu were curious too.

The two of them no longer drowned themselves in Master Tan’s death and were looking around instead.

What the crowd did not notice was that the moment when Liu Chuang and Gu Fan called out to Master Ye, a few young men and ladies sitting at the back of the audience seats had their expressions change. They looked shocked.

They were Xiao Qin, Jiang Lei, Wang Dan, Li Peng, Ah Xue, and the rest.

Xiao Qin lowered her voice. “D-Did I hear it right? Those two men are looking for Master Ye?”

“I think so, I heard the same name.” Li Peng gulped and could not stop nodding.

The few of them looked at Ah Xue who was sitting beside them at the moment. Xiao Qin looked puzzled as she said, “Ah Xue, if I remember it correctly, you were addressing Ye Chen as Master Ye, right?”

“That’s right. Mayor and the rest called him Master Ye, so I followed.” Ah Xue nodded.

Xiao Qin secretly jolted, she immediately tried looking for Ye Chen with a blur expression. “Could it really be Ye Chen?”

“How can it possibly be him? You guys are overthinking.” Jiang Lei snickered out loud.

Wang Dan and Li Peng immediately agreed with his words. If Ye Chen was really Master Ye, why would he not agree to Jiang Lei’s challenge earlier?

Just when they were thinking to themselves, Gu Fan who was in the ring frowned. He was growing rather impatient. “Master Ye, if you’re here, come out right now. Don’t force me to go to Qiannan.”

His voice reverberated through the entire place. Everyone’s eardrums were hurting, they were even more scared now.

Chao Tianba could not help but look at Old Master Gu. “Old Gu, is that Master Ye here or not?’

Old Master Gu kept quiet.

He believed in Master Ye. Since he was here, he would definitely show himself and would not ignore it.

Seeing that Old Master Gu kept quiet, Zhao Jinming, Chao Tianba, and the rest looked at each other. They thought that this Master Ye either was not sure and dared not show himself after witnessing how powerful Gu Fan was.

“I’ve no idea who this Master Ye is, but they’ve already asked him for the battle and he hasn’t shown. Is he a coward?”

Lin Jiao shook her head, her face was filled with disdain.

With Master Tan’s fearless death, since the person in the ring had called out to someone for the battle, the opponent should go into the ring. Otherwise, that person would be a coward.

At the moment, a baby voice echoed through the entire dojo.

“Daddy, who are they talking about?”

The crowd was slightly stunned, they looked towards the source of that voice.

They saw a young man sitting close to the corner in the last row of the VIP section. The young man looked mediocre and there was a little girl sitting on his lap.

The little girl looked four or five years old and wore a pink dress. She was cute with beautiful features like a porcelain doll. She was innocently looking around with her eyes wide open at the moment.

Liu Chuang’s expression changed when he saw Ye Chen. Just when he scoffed and was going to speak, Lin Jiao’s furious voice interrupted him. “Ye Chen, get your daughter to behave and stop her from speaking nonsense.”

Lin Jiao was pissed.

She could not believe that Ye Chen’s daughter spoke and attracted people’s attention at such a serious moment.

Ye Chen smiled and patted the little girl’s head. “They’re talking about daddy, daddy is Master Ye.”

“Daddy’s so powerful.” The little thing’s eyes lit up as she giggled.

“Are you out of your mind, Ye Chen? Stop getting me into trouble.” Lin Jiao’s expression changed. She was clearly shocked by what he said.

‘Bastard, didn’t you see that Gu Fan is looking for that Master Ye in rage? How could you say that you’re Master Ye? What if he kills you in rage?’

Han Xu glared at Ye Chen and said in fear, “Shut your mouth!”

Ye Chen ignored them and put the little thing on his seat. He softly said, “My darling daughter, sit here properly. Daddy will kill two people now!”

At the same time, Ye Chen also ordered the Patriarch of Hell through Divine Consciousness Voice Transmission to take care of the little thing. With the Patriarch here, even if Gu Fan were to attack her, he would not be able to harm the little girl.

“Be careful, Daddy. That bad, terrifying-looking uncle is scary. He even killed that old man.”

The little thing anxiously grabbed his hand. The young innocent girl was scared at the moment.

“Don’t worry, daddy will be back very soon.”

Ye Chen patted her head and walked to the ring step by step.

He did not mind letting his daughter see this.

She was his, Ye Chen’s, daughter who would be going to various places with him. It was only a matter of time before she experienced this.

Seeing him walk over, Lin Jiao felt like the world around him was spinning.

Can he… really be Master Ye?

Meanwhile, Xiao Qin and the rest were stunned. They were bewildered.

Ye Chen really was Master Ye?!


The crowd gasped and countless eyes were looking at Ye Chen. They had puzzlement and disbelief on their faces.

This person who dressed ordinarily and had a mediocre appearance was Master Ye?

Chao Tianba and the rest frowned.

Was this guy out of his mind?

Old Master Gu and Gu Yingying were the only ones who looked excited.

Master Ye had decided to show himself!

Ye Chen ignored the people’s doubtful gaze and lifted his eyes to look at Liu Chuang when he arrived below the ring.

Liu Chuang felt like he fell into Avici, the lowest level of hell. He had chills all over his body and the courage that he showed earlier had vanished completely. He could not even speak now.

Gu Fan grimly looked at Ye Chen. “You’re the Master Ye who killed my junior brother?”

He asked that because Ye Chen looked way too young and there were no energy waves on his body at all. He looked like a weak, ordinary man.


Ye Chen lit a cigarette and took a slow puff. His extremely cold voice echoed through the entire place.

“Of course, weren’t you looking for me?

“I’m here now.

“So have you figured out how you want to die?”