Chapter 91 - Killing You is Like Killing A Chicken

Chapter 91 of 100 chapters

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“So have you figured out how you want to die?”

Sounds of sharp inhales instantly rippled in the place after hearing Ye Chen’s words.

‘Even if you really are Master Ye, can you not be so arrogant?’

‘You haven’t even started fighting yet, and you’re already asking your opponent about how he would like to die.’

“Master Ye, we’re depending on you now!”

Old Master Gu who was sitting on the armchair stood up and sincerely bowed at Ye Chen. His actions proved Ye Chen’s identity even further.

“What, he’s really Master Ye?”

All eyes were fixated on Ye Chen at that moment. They were stunned and had disbelief in their eyes.

“How is that possible?”

Lin Jiao blankly covered her red lips. Her heart was beating fast while looking at Ye Chen with her pretty eyes.”H-He’s really Master Ye? Isn’t he Yuhan’s boyfriend, the Ye Chen that came from an ordinary family back then?”

She still could not accept this fact.

Meanwhile, Xiao Qin and the rest who sat at the back stood up. Although they were speculating since earlier, they still found it ridiculous when the truth was revealed.

Jiang Lei could not stop gulping, “He’s really Master Ye, I can’t believe he’s Master Ye…”

Master Ye was the person who severed Liu Chuang’s finger and killed Gu Fan’s junior brother. A person who could be Gu Fan’s junior brother should also have powerful abilities.

He could not believe that he challenged Master Ye at the ring outside…

Lin Jiao who had snapped back to her senses was raging with embarrassment. “You bastard, why didn’t you say that you’re Master Ye? Are you trying to make a fool out of me?”

She felt humiliated and furious recalling the time when she called Ye Chen a narrow-minded person and mocked him many times.

‘Hmph, so what if you’re the real Master Ye? Gu Fan isn’t a simple person, he even killed Master Tan and you want to fight him? Huh.’

In reality, she was not the only person in the crowd that had this same thought. Even a few bosses sitting on the armchairs were thinking the same.

They thought that Ye Chen was too young and did not look like an expert at all.

“So you’re Master Ye!”

Gu Fan who was on the ring had finally confirmed Ye Chen’s identity. The smile on his face began to vanish as his killing intent skyrocketed.

“You killed my junior brother, so I must avenge him! I, Gu Fan, have trained hard for 40 summers and winters. I’ll kill you today so that my junior brother could rest in peace!”

“Get up now!”

A raging roar stunned the entire place.

Ye Chen shook his head and said in a rather disappointed manner, “To be honest, I’m very disappointed. I’m disappointed that your master didn’t come with you. Otherwise, I could have killed both of you today!”

“You might look compelling to outsiders with your Illuminating Pulse cultivation base. But to me, killing you is like killing a chicken!”

“Ye, can you stop boasting? You can’t even imagine Master Gu’s power.” Liu Chuang who was standing aside finally recovered from the suppression earlier and scoffed.

Ye Chen only looked at him and snickered. “Liu No.5, do you remember what I said to you at the antique town eight days ago?

“You lost in stone gambling and wanted to run away, I severed a finger of yours as punishment.

“I even told you that I don’t ever want to see you again. Otherwise, I would sever your head.

“And now, you got help for revenge. You’ve clearly forgotten about your promise before.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll get rid of you!”

As soon as Ye Chen was done speaking, he appeared before Liu Chuang within the blink of an eye.

“Help me, Master Gu!”

Liu Chuang’s expression changed drastically. He did not expect Ye Chen to attack him first.

“How dare you!

“How dare you do as you wish before me!”

Gu Fan was enraged. Just when he was going to attack, he found out that Liu Chuang’s head had already been separated from his body. Meanwhile, there was a severed head in Ye Chen’s hand. The eyes on the head were wide opened and seemed to have not died in peace.

A prominent man of Xiangnan died just like that!


The crowd gasped, many of them screamed after witnessing such a gory scene. Some of them directly puked.

Lin Jiao’s face turned pale. She felt her stomach rumble as her lips quivered. “W-When did he become like this…”

Her eyes were filled with fear at that moment as she looked at Ye Chen.

He was no longer the Ye Chen that she once knew. He seemed to have transformed into the asura demon at the moment. A merciless and cold atmosphere surrounded his body…

Meanwhile, Xiao Qin and the rest were staring blankly. The shock rendered them speechless.

“H-He’s so scary.” Ah Xue’s little face turned pale as she placed both her hands before her chest.

The only person who was not affected by it was the little Mengmeng. The Patriarch of Hell used his Divine Consciousness to block the scene that happened earlier from her eyes.

Ye Chen turned around and directly tossed Liu Chuang’s head to Old Master Gu. He said while smiling, “Old master, treat this as the appetizer. I’ll ease your stun after I kill one more man!”

Old Master Gu instantly caught the head. Despite having been in wars back then, he could not help but feel a chilliness inside of him.

The people who sat around him retreated far away as the chill that they were feeling was even more intense now. They no longer cared about their image.

This Master Ye’s terrifying ability aside, his killing method was decisive and merciless. If Ye Chen were to win today’s battle, he might be the second Yuan Bupo in Tiannan.

Moreover, he has the powerful Gu family as his support.

He would be invincible!

“Congratulations, you’ve successfully made me want to kill you even more now. You must die today!” Gu Fan scoffed.

Ye Chen’s actions had completely triggered Gu Fan.

Subsequently, an imposing manner suddenly appeared on his body. Energy filled his body as both of his fists instantly turned red. Faint red gas was exuding from his fists.

People could see with their naked eyes that the air around his fists began to move. It was scorching hot like molten metal.

In the next second, Gu Fan threw his fist at Ye Chen like a cannon. There was explosion noise in the air wherever the fist went by.

“Is this… the Destructive Killer Fist?”

Chao Tianba who was standing aside exclaimed out loud. He had a stunned look on his face. “Legend has it that the Destructive Killer Fist was the popular ultimate skill that Yuan Bupo created 30 years ago. It contained the will of his Martial Dao. Destructive and killer, as the name suggests, it can kill Buddhas and gods if they come in his way!”

“Is this man Yuan Bupo’s disciple?” Zhao Jinming’s expression instantly changed as he noticed the possibility of this man being Yuan Bupo’s disciple.

Yuan Bupo, Tiannan’s No. 1, had the nickname of Southern Killer Yuan. Together with the three aces from three regions, they were called the Eastern Superior, Western Overlord, Southern Killer, and Northern Devil!

Yuan Bupo’s existence was like a shadow above their heads. It was like a mountain that they admired.

If Gu Fan really was Yuan Bupo’s disciple, then this Master Ye would definitely be killed!

Chao Tianba said, “Most probably…”

“Since you came all the way here, you deserve my time to play with you.”

Ye Chen smiled in a non-committal manner. He stomped both his feet on the ground as if he was pushing the entire mortal world under his feet.

“Here’s the Divine Punch that was created in 33 days. The first style, Optimus Blow!”