Chapter 92 - Three Provinces Sharing One Master, The King of Tiannan

Chapter 92 of 100 chapters

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This Divine Punch was created in 33 days.

Ye Chen created this punch with treasures when he was the Heavenly Emperor in the Immortal World. He was using this since he became an immortal.

It was a body refining martial tactic that surpassed immortal methods. There were a total of 33 styles. If one was to perform 33 styles at once, one the power of this move would increase by 33 folds.

The ultimate method created in 33 days, defeating all methods with the Divine Punch.

The first ten styles were the Optimus Blow, Earth-shaking Stomp, Heaven-shattering Press, Earth-shattering Press, Cloud-kicking Leg, Shock Hammer, Burning Palm, Dragon Claw, Star-picking Hand, and Killer Finger.

Ye Chen’s imposing manner changed drastically as he stomped. He was as sturdy as a mountain.

At the same time, Gu Fan’s momentum skyrocketed as he charged forward. With the air-tearing noise coming from his Destructive Killer Fist, terrifying waves were formed in the air around him.

The people who were closed to the stage spat a mouthful of blood from the imposing manner. They retreated one after another. They looked at Gu Fan with even more terror in their eyes.

‘This so-called Master Ye is in trouble!’

Almost everyone thought the same.

Although Ye Chen killed Liu Chuang before anyone could react, the crowd had no confidence in him.

Facing the terrifying Destructive Killer Fist coming from Gu Fan, one could see a grin at the corner of Ye Chen’s lips. He did not dodge it, but he was taking it head-on instead.

Gu Fan scoffed with charging momentum.

‘You foolish brat.’

‘Do you think you can handle my Destructive Killer Fist just because you killed my junior brother? You think too highly of yourself.’

The crowd could not help but exclaim out loud.

“He’s out of his mind, he’s really out of his mind!”

“That bastard, why is he just standing there? Could he be dumbstruck?”

Lin Jiao clenched her teeth. She was so pissed that she almost spat blood. She could not accept that Ye Chen was Master Ye and at the same time, she hoped that Ye Chen would be unharmed.

However, what happened next made them freeze.


As a steel-collision noise was heard as Gu Fan’s Destructive Killer Fist landed directly on Ye Chen’s chest.

People imagined that the punch would either kill Ye Chen or he would be thrown out, but neither of those scenarios occurred. Instead, he stood where and even his express didn’t change.

“What? He’s fine?”

Everyone’s mouth was wide open. They rubbed their eyes one after another and looked as if they had seen a ghost.

Such a terrifying punch should be able to punch through a city wall. How could he be alright?!

Can he not be so ridiculous?

Can he not defy things like that?

“H-he’s so powerful!”

Lin Jiao’s pretty eyes were wide open as she mumbled. She didn’t want to accept it.

The disdain, hate, and distrust she had on Ye Chen were entirely crushed in that very moment. Her eyes were filled with shock and regret…

“H-How is this possible?!”

The most shocked person was no other than Gu Fan. He was confident in this punch because he had punched through a metal plate before.

Ye Chen grinned facing his shock. “So this is your most powerful punch? Your strength isn’t too shabby. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on me!”

Gu Fan was furious hearing his words. However, there was also a seed of fear growing in him now. Ye Chen defended the most powerful punch he had with his bare chest, how could he harm him now?

A faint sense of withdrawal was rising in him. He slowly moved towards the corner of the ring.

“I’ve given you a chance, but you didn’t cherish it. So it’s my turn to attack now!”

Ye Chen shook his head and slowly opened his mouth. He slowly enunciated some words.

“Divine Punch created in 33 days. The second style, Earth-shaking Stomp!”

As soon as he was done speaking, Ye Chen slightly lifted a leg and stomped hard onto the ground. Compared to Gu Fan’s intense imposing manner, this stomp of him seemed like a casual step.


A loud thud came and the entire ground shook as if mountains were collapsing. Even the people under the stage were affected by the impact as they staggered and fell onto the ground.

Shock and fear were apparent on their faces when they stood up and lifted their heads to look.

The entire ring floor was cracked open as if a bull had dragged a plow over it for tens of times. Countless gravels were thrown into the air.

“I-Is he even human?”

Everyone jolted, they felt numb in their scalps.

A stomp alone crushed the ring.

Even that Master Tan who was an expert in the 12 Pond Kicks merely damaged the surface of the ring.

Since Gu Fan was in the ring, he felt the vital energy and blood in his body rumble from the impact coming from the stomp. He was thrown into the air and subsequently fell onto the ground.

‘Run, I must run!’

He ignored the rumbling vital energy and blood in his body as he got up and he ran down the stage without hesitation.

He was really scared after witnessing how powerful Ye Chen was. He was so scared that his gut almost exploded.

‘Even master isn’t as powerful as him?’


Everyone below the stage gasped, their eyeballs almost fell out.

The compelling Gu Fan was running away!

“Since you came all the way here for me, leave your life behind. Your journey in hell will be long, enjoy Liu Chuang’s company there.”

Ye Chen moved at moderate speed. He lifted his arm and pressed his palm onto Gu Fan who had leaped over ten meters away.

“Third style, Earth-shattering Press!”

Gu Fan suddenly felt empty below his feet. He immediately held his head down to look and was shocked to find out that the ground beneath his feet collapsed entirely like it had been cracked open after an earthquake.

He could no longer run and fell into the crack.

The crack began to seal as fresh blood spattered into the air. The ground that was cracked open had returned to its former state.

Meanwhile, Gu Fan had been crushed by the closed ground.

His wish of escaping had been fulfilled and he escaped into a crack in the ground.

The dead silence in the dojo was terrifying.

Gu Fan who suppressed everyone and was invincible since he showed up died just like that. Not only that, Ye Chen only used two styles from the beginning until the end!

“Anyone else that wants to challenge me?” Ye Chen stood with his arms on his back as he glanced through the place with his cold eyes.

Everyone including the bosses sitting in the armchairs held their heads down by instinct. They dared not look straight into his ferocious eyes.

He took the Xiangnan boss, the prominent Liu Chuang’s head while joking!

He killed the overbearing Gu Fan within two styles while waving his hand!

He was the true boss!

Who could look into the ferocious eyes of such a man?

‘Is he really my junior from university?’

Xiao Qin who was sitting at the back blankly looked at Ye Chen. Everything that had happened before her was like a dream to her.

Jiang Lei and the rest buried their heads in their chest. They were afraid that Ye Chen might see them.

Ah Xue’s eyes were sparkling as she looked at Ye Chen with admiration. “Master Ye is so powerful!”

“Daddy, you’re the best. Mengmeng loves you! here’s a heart for you,” The little girl was blushing. She was so excited that she could not stop pulling the hair of the Patriarch of Hell.

The Patriarch of Hell was crying. “Damn it, what exactly did I do to deserve this?”


Old Master Gu’s voice echoed through the entire dojo. Excitement and pride filled his laughter.

The old master got up and bowed to Ye Chen in the next moment. He clasped his fists and said, “From today onwards, Master Ye will be the master of Qiannan’s Gu family!”

The crowd was shocked when they heard him.

A wealthy family yielded to Master Ye just like that?

It would mean that Ye Chen would take over the Gu family from today onwards. All of the Gu family’s resources and power would belong to Ye Chen now.

Han Xu took a deep breath and got up to bow. “From today onwards, Master Ye is the master of Qiannan’s Han family!”

“Diannan’s Chao family and Zhao family also take Master Ye as our master!” Chao Tianba and Zhao Jinming instantly stood up to bow at Ye Chen after looking at each other.

“Xiangnan’s Luo family will also take Master Ye as our master from now on!”

“Xiangnan’s Du family…”

Within a few breaths of time, the wealthy families of the Tiannan’s three provinces represented their families to make Ye Chen their master.

Someone shivered and inhaled sharply. “Three provinces sharing one master, the king of Tiannan. From today onwards, I’m afraid the entire Tiannan will be ruled by only one person!

“That person is Mr. Ye!”