Chapter 93 - The Sky Stones’ Whereabouts

Chapter 93 of 100 chapters

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As Ye Chen suppressed the scene, the highly anticipated Tiannan Martial Arts Competition had officially ended. The tourists and wealthy businessmen who came to watch left one after another.

Satisfaction and excitement filled their faces and they could not wait to return in order to boast about what they had experienced.

Indeed, this was an eye-opening trip. Not only did they witness the descendent of the 12 Pond Kicks, but they were also stunned by Gu Fan’s overbearing entrance. Alas, the two eventually became stepping stones for Master Ye.

One could say that from today onwards, the name Master Ye would spread through the entire Tiannan.

Seeing that Ye Chen was chatting away with a few wealthy men of Tiannan, Jiang Lei who was below the stage released a sigh of relief. He urged Xiao Qin and the rest to leave immediately. He seemed to be afraid that Ye Chen might take revenge.

Jiang Lei was dying to have a pair of extra legs on him so that he could walk faster. The shock that Ye Chen gave them was way too great.

However, they were stopped by a few hunks in suits just as they were about to leave the dojo. “Master Ye wants to see you guys!”


Jiang Lei and the rest felt their legs become wobbly as they sat straight onto the ground. Does he really want to take revenge on us?”

“Sister Qin, Master Ye and you were schoolmates. Can you beg him to spare us? W-we’re sorry,” Li Peng looked at Xiao Qin with a pale face.

“Ye Chen… Master Ye shouldn’t be this petty. Let’s go over and check first.” Xiao Qin bit her lip.

She was wise. She knew that the ordinary schoolmate of hers before was different now. He was Master Ye, the master of all wealthy families in the entire Tiannan.

With his current identity, he would not take Jiang Lei and the rest’s rude behavior to his heart.

Even if he did, it would not be as serious as wanting to see them. After all, he only had to give his words and there would be people getting rid of Jiang Lei and rest without leaving any traces behind.

The few of them followed the few hunks in suits with fear. They eventually saw Ye Chen in Mayor Sun’s house.

Ye Chen was carrying little Mengmeng at the moment. He was sitting on the main seat in Mayor Sun’s living room. The father and daughter were playing and giggling. He lost all the imposing manners of a decisive killer and everything was back to how he had been earlier.

Meanwhile, Chao Tianba and the rest of the wealthy family’s masters sat before him. They looked respectful. The atmosphere resembled a court meeting in an ancient palace.

Jiang Lei and the rest kneeled onto the ground by instinct as soon as they entered. They said while shaking, “M-Master Ye…”

“What are you guys doing?” Ye Chen raised his brows. He could not react to what was happening before him at the moment.

Xiao Qin looked at Ye Chen in an extremely complicated expression and said after taking a deep breath. “Master Ye, can you forgive them for what they did earlier? They didn’t mean it.”

Her behavior had suddenly changed after meeting Ye Chen for the second time on the same day. She dared not call his name directly.

“Senior, is that it?”

Ye Chen shook his head and looked like he was between laughter and tears. “Get up, I didn’t take it seriously at all.”

The most Jiang Lei and the rest did was being snobbish, they did not cross the line. Moreover, he was the Heavenly Emperor of the era. If he were to be so petty, why even cultivate?

However, Jiang Lei and the rest dared not move at all.

Ye Chen said while smiling after seemingly sensing Xiao Qin’s doubt. “Senior, I called you over here because I’m leaving soon. I just want to say goodbye.”

Xiao Qin was a nice person who had helped him a lot during his time at university. Although they met a long time ago, this rather naive person really treated Ye Chen as a schoolmate.

“Y-You’re still treating me as your senior?” Xiao Qin was slightly stunned. She was in slight disbelief.

Meanwhile, Jiang Lei and the rest who were kneeling were relieved.

“Of course.”

Ye Chen nodded with a smile. “We’ve known each other for seven to eight years. It’s rare that we managed to gather here. Since Mayor Sun has made dinner, I thought I should ask you to join.”

Xiao Qin felt like her stress had melted away as she smiled in a sweet manner. “Ye Chen, you scared me. I thought you won’t talk to me since you’re Master Ye now. Thank you for your kind offer but we have to get back to the office now. Come to Xiangnan when you have the chance. The treat will be on me.”

Ye Chen could only agree to her. After chatting for a while, Xiao Qin left with Jiang Lei and the rest who had their sin lifted.

Ye Chen peeped at the little thing who had fallen asleep after everyone left. He had his eyes on the Patriarch of Hell as he coldly said, “Give it to me.”


The Patriarch of Hell buried himself on the couch and could not stop flicking his ears. He lifted his head to look at the ceiling, posing as if he had no idea what Ye Chen was talking about.

Ye Chen snickered, “Don’t think I didn’t see you steal a pouch from Gu Fan when he was running away.”

The pouch was a cloth bag with an opening in the middle with both sides of containers. Gu Fan had this pouch hanging on his waist earlier.

He knew the character of the Patriarch of Hell. He was perverted, shameless, cunning, and selfish. Otherwise, how would he become an old, Tribulation monster?

Since it was something that the Patriarch of Hell fancied, it must be something good.

The Patriarch of Hell rolled his eyes realizing his action earlier was caught by Ye Chen.

He subsequently ran to Ye Chen while shaking his butt and spat out that pouch from his mouth. He smiled and tried to butter up Ye Chen. “Master, uhh, don’t get me wrong. I’m just helping you out of kindness. I swear to god that I wasn’t being selfish at all. Or else, I’ll die from having too much sex.”

Ye Chen did not bother him. He extended his arm and took over the pouch. He saw many things inside, including bank cards, keys, and cash.

Apart from those, he also found a purple pebble the size of a bean and a map. The map’s material seemed to be waterproof. The surface was oily and should be covered in goat oil.

“What’s this? Is it the Sky Stone?” Ye Chen’s eyes lit up. He could not hold back the joy on his face.

The Sky Stone was a refinement material in the cultivation world. Apart from refining magical tools, it could also be used to refine storage magic treasures, such as storage bags, storage rings, and storage bracelets.

However, Gu Fan was an ancient martial artist. How would he have a refinement material that belonged to a cultivator?

The Patriarch of Hell rolled his eyes and could not stop cursing Ye Chen secretly.

‘This damn Xiao Yezi.’

‘No, I should call you Ruthless Ye!’

‘I stole that thing with my own ability. I still haven’t gotten my hands on it and you took it away.’

“It’s a pity that it’s too small.”

Though surprised, Ye Chen was a little disappointed at the same time. The Sky Stone in his hand was too small. It was insufficient to even make a storage ring.

He looked around the pouch again and found nothing. He could only look at the map. He was shocked and said, “This map leads to the Sky Stone?”

“You’re just too smart, master.”

The Patriarch of Hell began to shamelessly butter him up. “My admiration for you is like a flowing river that’s endless. Just like the Yellow River…”

Ye Chen waved to interrupt him. He pointed at a red dot marked on the map and asked, “Look at this, where is this place?”