Chapter 94 - There’s An Old Man in Traditional Attire Walking on The River

Chapter 94 of 100 chapters

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Following the marking on the map, Ye Chen and the Patriarch of Hell found out that the Sky Stone was located close to a county called the Ba County in Yu State. He even asked the people in town about it.

Ye Chen decided that he had to make a trip there.

He must get the Sky Stone.

As a cultivator, it would be inconvenient for him to travel around if he did not even have the most basic storage bag. With him possessing magic treasures in the future, he could not even be able to pass a security check for a plane.

If he had some sort of flying sword with him, Police would put him behind bars for possessing weapons.

The only doubt that he had was how would Gu Fan, an ordinary man, know the whereabouts of a Sky Stone. However, it seemed like he had yet to find out what a Sky Stone was.

A Land Rover pulled over by the street at the Swallowtail Town’s exit.

Lin Jiao stood by the car, as she looked into the town with complicated emotions. Almost everyone had left after the martial arts competition ended. However, she stayed behind.

She wanted to apologize to Ye Chen.

Meanwhile, Han Xu who stood next to her forced a smile. He wanted to advise her otherwise but was not sure what to say.

Lin Jiao was elated to see Ye Chen walk out while carrying his daughter. Just as she was about to say something, she realized that Ye Chen did not even look at her. Instead, he directly walked past her as if he did not see them at all.

Lin Jiao’s eyes turned red. She bit her lip hard as an indescribable emotion surged inside her.

She was eager to apologize to Ye Chen but he did not even give her a chance.

Han Xu lifted his head to look at the dark clouds above their heads and sighed. “Let’s go, it’s going to rain.”

A muffled thunder was heard in the sky after Han Xu spoke and rain could be seen coming from far away.

Han Xu got out an umbrella from the car instantly.

Lin Jiao rejected his umbrella and ran towards Ye Chen while embracing the rain.

She wore heels today. Perhaps she was too hasty, she sprained her ankle by accident and fell straight onto the ground.

Ignoring the pain on her knee, she lifted her head to look at Ye Chen who was going further away. She screamed. “Ye Chen!”

Ye Chen turned his head to look at her. “Anything?”

The rain poured heavily above their heads when he spoke. There was a purple light appearing on Ye Chen’s body. The light covered him and little Mengmeng within and blocked the rain outside.

Meanwhile, Lin Jiao was soaked wet by then. She bit her lip and said with a teary voice. “I-I’m sorry!”

Tears were rolling down from her eyes at the same time as if her words weighed 30 pounds.

“You were chasing me just to say that?”

Ye Chen looked at her, finding her behavior to be strange. He shook his head and said, “You don’t have to apologize to me, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Lin Jiao jolted hearing that, she then heard Ye Chen speak again. “Alright, go back now. You’ll catch a cold.”

Ye Chen turned around when Lin Jiao forced a smile. “A-Are we still friends?”


Ye Chen paused and said in a mocking manner, “You’re the Lin family’s young mistress and the owner of a company. How could I, Ye Chen, be your friend?”


Lin Jiao’s face turned pale. She could not help but move her lips. However, she realized how futile her words would be if she said anything else.

She knew that Ye Chen was mocking her for stopping him from dating Su Yuhan so many times back then. That was the truth, she had never treated him properly. How would they be friends?

It was a joke when she thought about it now.

She could not help but started crying as she thought to herself.

‘I’m sorry, I’m really sorry!’

‘I shouldn’t have looked down on you back then, I shouldn’t have discouraged you from dating Yuhan.’

‘The poor guy back then is now ruling the world, becoming the Master Ye that everyone respects.’

‘It has proven that Yuhan’s choice was right!’

Just when Han Xu was helping her up and planning to return quietly, a cold voice came from behind them.

“Hah, although you’re not my friend, you’re still Yuhan’s best friend!”

Lin Jiao was surprised. When she turned her head around, she realized that Ye Chen had disappeared into the rain.

At the Surge River, Ye Wen sat on a chair while spacing out as she watched the rumbling river water far away. She looked beaten on her pretty face and she had lost weight.

Ou Lan who dressed in a sexy bikini, showing her beautiful body walked over. She passed her a glass of cold orange juice and said while smiling, “Alright, alright. It’s hard for us to get to enjoy ourselves a little, stop being a sourpuss.”

“Sister Ou Lan, do you think there are two people in this world who have the same voice, height, and even the same tone when they speak?” Ye Wen took the orange juice and asked seemingly in deep thought.

For the past few days, she could not stop looking for the person who saved her that night as if she had gone insane. She was helpless as her effort had no avail.

After connecting the incident with her cousin Ye Chen who possessed the skill to craft magical tools, she could not help but suspect that the person who saved her that night was her own cousin.

Ou Lan bit the straw and rolled her eyes. “Why are you thinking so much about it? Just ask Mr. Ye directly.”

She was pissed when she mentioned Ye Chen. They seemed to have not seen each other since he treated her father’s disease.

Ou Lan could feel that Ye Chen was pulling their distance further apart.

Ye Wen forced a smile after hearing that.

She visited Ye Chen’s home earlier to apologize to him. Never had she thought that she would lose the courage to do it when he appeared before her. When she went back again, Ye Chen had already left.

To cheer her up, Ou Lan suddenly said, “Oh yeah, have you heard of the Tiannan Martial Arts Competition?”

Ye Wen shook her head looking at a blur.

“I heard that it’s a low-key competition that the Tiannan wealthy families organize but the news has been spread now.”

Ou Lan said with excitement on her face. “I heard that competition is like a ring fight and it’s much more brutal than those on tv. I heard there was an ancient martial artist and someone crushed the ground with merely a stomp.”

She heard this from a friend who visited Swallowtail Town. The person was at the competition and immediately boasted about it to her.

However, she was in disbelief.

“And then?” Ye Wen was a little absent-minded.

Ou Lan inhaled and spoke, “They said the champion of the competition is someone called Master Ye. All the wealthy families in Tiannan have made him their master.”

“Master Ye?”

Ye Wen was stunned. She would think of that cousin of hers by instinct every time she heard the family name Ye.

Could it really be him?

Ye Wen looked at Ou Lan and immediately said, “Sister Ou Lan, where did you hear this from?”

“I heard it from a friend of mine, she was at the competition too,” Ou Lan said without even thinking about it.

Ye Wen anxiously said, “Can you ask whether your friend has a video of that Master Ye? Photos would be good too.”

Ou Lu looked troubled and said after some hesitation, “Alright, I’ll ask for you but I can’t guarantee that I’ll get anything out of her.”

Just when she was about to pick up her phone to call her friend, people around them suddenly started shouting.

“Look, there’s someone on the river!”

Ou Lan and Ye Wen immediately looked over. They saw a faint shadow on the river, it seemed to be a blurry man that was quickly walking towards the shore.

Within a few breaths of time, the shadow had completely exposed itself in everyone’s eyes.

“It’s really a person, and it’s an old man.”

“Oh, god. Am I hallucinating? That man is running on the river. He’s running on the surface of the river with both feet. There’s no external tool helping him at all.”

“He’s so fast and he’s coming towards our direction.”


The tourists were shocked, they looked at the river with stunned faces. They saw an old man in traditional attire running non-stop on the river.

White waves would be stirred for each step he took. To outsiders, it seemed like the legendary Iron Palm Skimming on Water.

The old man stood on the river in pride as his clothes fluttered with the wind. He seemed to have integrated with heaven and river as if they had become one.