Chapter 96 - Feng Shui Can Heal, Feng Shui Can Kill Too

Chapter 96 of 100 chapters

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Ye Chen checked into a hotel with his little girl that night.

Shen Jing called on the next morning. Ye Chen urged the little thing who was still sleeping to wash up after hanging up the call. The father and daughter departed with their dog.

Shen Jing informed on the phone that they would depart from his house. When Ye Chen arrived, he saw a red Ferrari sports car parked at the side of the road.

The Shen father and son were talking to a lady.

The lady had a pair of arched eyebrows along with bright and clear almond-shaped eyes. Her nose bridge was rather high. She wore black martial arts attire that covered her body and her expression was rather cold.

Meanwhile, there was an old man with completely white hair standing next to her. He shut his eyes to rest as if he had no interest at all.

Seeing Ye Chen’s arrival, Shen Jing went to him and said with a guilty face, “You’re finally here, I thought you would still be mad at me for what happened last night.”

“No, you’re overthinking,” Ye Chen said.

At the same time, the lady next to Shen Chongshan noticed Ye Chen too. She said with a cold expression, “County Head Shen, so this is the man that we’ve been waiting for?”

Shen Chongshan could only smile and come up with all sorts of explanations. However, he was also enraged.

‘This bastard desolated Ms. Tang just for a high school friend that he hasn’t seen for over ten years. There must be something wrong with his head.’

‘You must know that Ms. Tang came from a wealthy family in the Gang Province. If I managed to butter her up and she gives me even the tiniest of the advantages in the future, it’d be so much better than the political work that I’ve been doing.’

The disgust he had for Ye Chen was getting more and more intense as he thought. He coldly scoffed and pretended not to see Ye Chen.

“Come, let me introduce you guys.”

Shen Jing led Ye Chen over. He introduced them while looking at the lady and the old man next to her. “Ms. Tang Ning, Master Yao, this is my friend, Ye Chen. He’d like to go to Mount General with us.”

The old man suddenly opened his eyes and glanced at Ye Chen with a falcon-like gaze. Noticing Ye Chen who was carrying Mengmeng, he shook his head and closed his eyes again.

“Why are you going to Mount General?”

Tang Ning, who stood next to him, took a good look at Ye Chen and asked in a cold tone.

Ye Chen frowned. “Vacation.”

Tang Ning’s expression was getting colder now and there was apparent disgust in her eyes. “You’re carrying a little girl into a deep mountain for a vacation? I’m warning you, don’t blame us if something happens to you.”

In her opinion, Ye Chen was a bored person who had nothing better to do.

Ye Chen coldly said, “Alright.”

“Ms. Tang, it’s almost time,” Master Yao spoke. “Since this little brother insists to follow, let him come.”

“Ride in another car if you’re going.”

Tang Ning scoffed and gestured Master Yao to the red Ferrari.

“Old Ye, you’ll ride in my car. Although it isn’t as high class as theirs, it’s sturdier.”

Shen Jing directly got into a Highlander. Meanwhile, Shen Chongshan took the passenger’s seat without saying anything. He did not even want to look at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled and sat at the back while carrying the little girl. He didn’t say anything either.

Shen Jing drove the Highlander in front to lead the way while Tang Ning followed behind him in the Ferrari. Both cars drove towards the county’s suburbs.

In the Ferrari, Tang Ning peeped at Master Yao in the rearview mirror and asked without even turning her head, “I don’t understand why you would allow that hillbilly Ye to follow us.”

“Ms. Tang, don’t forget that we’re maintaining a low profile. Moreover, not everyone in your family agrees with this.”

Master Yao closed his eyes to rest. “Since that guy found out about our whereabouts, we’ll just let him follow us. I’ll just let him die if he gets himself into some accident later.”

Tang Ning became serious after hearing his words. Although the Tang family was wealthy in the Gang Province, there were internal conflicts. For instance, her elder uncle who…

She only spoke after a few seconds of silence. “Master Yao, are you sure that the black spot on my back came from the damage done to the ancestral tomb?”

Three years ago, a black spot the size of a palm appeared three inches below the back of her neck. Medicines and treatments did not help. The feng shui master, Master Yao, found out that it was a sand spot.

“Of course, ordinary people only know that feng shui can heal. However, they’ve no idea that feng shui can kill too!”

Master Yao opened his eyes and smiled with pride. “Ms. Tang, the spot on your back is called the sand spot. There are five key elements in feng shui. They are the dragon, cave, sand, water, and direction. The sand element is the mountain close to the dragon cave.”

“Sand spot is also called the tomb toxin. It’s caused by an ancestral tomb being destroyed which turns the dragon cave into an evil cave. Since the ancestral tomb is damaged, it’s only natural for you, the Tang family’s direct descendent to be affected by it.”

Tang Ning raised her brows. Master Yao’s words conflicted against her beliefs. She decided to ask after some hesitation. “Master Yao, is feng shui really not a baseless theory?”

She held doubts about feng shui. She believed that a man’s will would conquer nature, she only believed in science.

Master Yao shook his head and said, “Ms. Tang, you’ll understand after you listen to this story.

“There was once an old beggar who was dying by the street from starvation. A young man named Zhou happened to walk by. He brought him home and fed him well.

“Soon after the old beggar recovered, Zhou’s father passed away.

“To extend his gratitude to Zhou for saving his life, the old beggar picked a feng shui treasure land for Zhou’s father. He even helped Zhou move his father’s ancestral tomb after burying him in the place.

“He even said that Zhou’s descendants would end up being a deputy-level politician if they dabbled in policies while those in business would be wealthy.

“Of course, it was under the premise that Zhou would have to take care of the old beggar until his death.

“Young man Zhou took an oath and swore to do so.

“As expected, 20 years later, Zhou’s eldest son became the second most prominent man in a prefecture-level city with a mere high school certification.

“His daughter went into business. She had countless people helping her as soon as she started it. Within a short few years, her little company became one of the 500 most successful businesses in China.

“Zhou passed away from an illness. After his death, his descendants went against the oath whereby they stopped taking care of the old beggar.

“The old beggar was close to his death. He was dying as he had no one to depend on.

“One evening, the old beggar headed to the Zhou family’s ancestral tomb alone. He pointed a paper fan on the ancestral tomb.

“Every time he fanned it, there would be gold ingots and ancient officer’s hats made of paper coming out of the tomb.

“The gold ingots were the Zhou family’s fortune, while the officer’s hats were the Zhou family’s power.

“A month later, the Zhou family was found guilty of corruption and tax evasion. Those who were in politics were charged with double designation while those who were in business fell into bankruptcy.

“The empire that they had built with power and fortune collapsed overnight.”

Tang Ning showed no expression on her face. Instead, she smiled and said, “Master Yao, you’ve said it yourself that it’s just a story.

Stories are usually used to educate the young generation. Who would investigate its source and legitimacy?”

Master Yao chuckled. “What if I say that the old beggar is my grandmaster?”