Chapter 97 - Arriving at the General Cemetery

Chapter 97 of 100 chapters

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Over an hour later, they arrived in a small township called the Yellow Sand Town in Ba County. They directly parked their cars by a natural lake.

Ye Chen got out of the Highlander while carrying the little girl. He had just noticed that there was a black BMW parked behind the Ferrari. It seemed like Tang Ning had brought bodyguards along with her.

Shen Chongshan walked over while dragging Shen Jing with him. He smiled and said with extreme passion, “Ms. Tang, Master Yao, this is the bottom of Mount General.”

They looked over.

They were standing across a huge mountain. It spread hundreds of miles away and looked endless. There was fog lingering on the mountain and the trees were dense. It was difficult to see what exactly was inside of the mountain.

Meanwhile, there was a gigantic lake before them. Blue waves rippled far away, the lake was one with the mountains. Meanwhile, there were a few mud-brick houses erected behind them. There was smoke coming out of their chimney.

Master Yao could not stop pacing with a feng shui compass in his hands. He would look occasionally at the compass while observing the mountain landscape. Eventually, he exclaimed out loud, “What a place with lush green, ever-flowing water, and mountains stretching far and wide.”

“Master Yao, do you mean this place has good feng shui?” Shen Jing who was standing aside said with a plastic smile.

He did not believe in feng shui at all.

Not just him, Shen Chongshan did not believe either. The reason he came here with them was to butter up the Tang family.

“Of course!”

Master Yao nodded. “This place is like a giant pot with a green dragon standing 1,000 feet tall on the left, and white tiger roaring on the right. There’s a mountain in front and another one at the back. They represent the green dragon on the left, white tiger on the right, red phoenix in front, and black turtle on the back in feng shui.

“Why don’t you tell us what’s the green dragon on the left and the white tiger on the right?” Shen Jing continued to trouble him causing Shen Chongshan behind him to fiercely glare at him.

Master Yao placed his arms on his back and smiled after noticing Shen Jing’s disdain. “You won’t understand even if I told you.”

Since a cold blanket was thrown at him, Shen Jing walked to Ye Chen and softly snickered. “I think this old guy is a scam. Only wealthy people like the Tang family can afford to believe what he said.”

Ye Chen smiled without saying anything. He was quietly observing the terrain and could not stop linking the map in his head with the surrounding.

He realized that the red dot on the map happened to be in the mountain.

Tang Ning suddenly looked at Shen Jing and asked, “So how do we get into the mountain now?”

“I’ve no idea, you’ll have to ask the locals.” Shen Jing did not bother being nice to her.

Tang Ning scoffed and led her people to a mud-brick house nearby. She found the house owner and told him her purpose of visiting.

“You guys want to go to the General Cemetery?”

The house owner was an honest hunk. He seemed to have panicked after realizing that Tang Ning and the rest were attempting to go into the mountain.

Tang Ning nodded and took out 500 yuan from her purse for him. “Uncle, do you know which is the best way to go up there?”

“I do, but you shouldn’t be going there.”

The uncle did not take the money and continuously shook his head instead. “It’s been chaotic in the mountains lately. There would be all sorts of terrifying shrieks at night and nobody dares to go in any longer.”

“The people in our town said that there are zombies in the mountain.”


Tang Ning chuckled out loud.

As the county head, Shen Chongshan instantly condemned him by showing his power. “Zombies? What year are we living in now? You’re just too superstitious, you would be captured and demonstrated in the streets if this had happened in the 70s and 80s.”

“I mean it.”

The uncle panicked seeing that they did not believe him. “There really are zombies. A few days back, the livestock in a few houses in our town died overnight.”

“That should be done by tigers or leopards from the mountain. They must have come to hunt at night.”

Tang Ning shook her head in disbelief. “You don’t have to lead the way. Just tell us the way, we’ll go up on our own.”

“If you don’t, I’ll have to speak to your mayor later,” Shen Chongshan said with a serious face flaunting his position.

The uncle sighed. He unwillingly led the people to a stone staircase across the lake and then pointed at a narrow path leading into the jungle. “There, that’s the entrance.”

Shen Chongshan asked for some farm tools such as sickles. He only let him go after giving the tools to the bodyguards standing next to him.

At the moment, Tang Ning walked to Ye Chen and coldly said, “We’re at Mount General now, isn’t it time for you to leave?”

“Aunty, my daddy didn’t do anything wrong. Why are you chasing us away?” Mengmeng buried herself in Ye Chen’s embrace and felt wronged.

Shen Jing walked over and coldly glared at Tang Ning. “Ms. Tang, what do you mean by that? My friend is here for a vacation, why do you care?”

“Didn’t you hear what that uncle said? There are zombies in the mountain. Don’t blame us if something happened later.” Tang Ning scoffed.

She thought Ye Chen would be scared if she said that.

Never had she expected Ye Chen to coldly reply. “I’m not afraid even if there really are zombies.”

“Whatever, we don’t care if something happens to you.” Tang Ning returned to Master Yao after saying that and got her bodyguards to lead the way.

Shen Chongshan expressionlessly glanced at Ye Chen, he was disgusted by him. He subsequently caught up to Tang Ning and the rest.

“Old Ye, do you think it’s that time of the month for that lady? She speaks as if someone owes her tens of millions.” Shen Jing said while rubbing his chin as if he were in deep thought.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Chen smiled and followed behind them with little Mengmeng. The little girl curiously asked, “What are zombies, daddy?”

“Zombies are products of humans after death. Those that hops and bite your neck.”

Shen Jing took over the conversation and said while snickering, “Little girl, will you be scared if you see zombies later?”

The little thing pulled back her neck and pretended to be calm. “Mengmeng isn’t afraid. My daddy is very powerful. If the zombies dare to bite Mengmeng’s neck, daddy will beat him up…”

Although she said that, she could not help but bury herself in Ye Chen’s embrace. She softly mumbled. “Uncle Shen is so dumb, the zombies can’t bite me if I hide my neck.”

Ye Chen and Shen Jing looked at each other. They could not help but laugh out loud. This girl is foolish but she’s so cute.

The road in the mountain was tough to travel. It was currently summer and the plants were growing lush. The path was filled with brambles and bushes. Fortunately, the two bodyguards who were walking in front were opening the path with sickles.

Over half an hour later, they arrived in the middle of the mountain. Shen Jing and his father were panting from the exhaustion.

Tang Ning stopped and frowned while trying to recall. She subsequently looked at a gap not far away on the left. “Master Yao, our Tang family’s ancestral tomb is over there.”

The couple of them walked to the gap and their vision became wider now. They saw a soil pile that was raised three to four meters high. There was a tombstone in front of the soil pile.

What they were curious about was that the land ten meters around the soul pile was barren. It gave a withered and depressed feeling.

“That’s strange. When I was 10, I remember seeing trees and grass around.” Tang Ning looked doubtful.

Shen Chongshan comforted without even thinking about it. “Perhaps the people beneath the hill chopped off the woods or some herds ate all of the grass.”

Master Yao took two steps forward with a grim face. He extended his arm and grabbed some soul under his feet. He sniffed it and his expression changed after seemingly recalling something.

“Ms. Tang, something’s wrong!

“I think your family’s ancestral tomb has been robbed!”