Chapter 98 - There’s Someone in the Tomb

Chapter 98 of 100 chapters

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The family’s ancestral tomb had been robbed?

Everyone present had their expression changed as soon as Master Yao was done talking.

Especially Shen Chongshan, Ba County was under his jurisdiction after all. If the Tang family’s ancestral tomb had really been robbed, it would be hard for him to explain as the county head.

Tang Ning immediately took two steps forward and asked after she got to Master Yao, “What did you say, Master Yao?”

“Look at the soil.”

Master Yao grabbed another piece of dirt and said in a deep voice while crushing it, “The Tang family’s ancestral tomb has existed for 200 years but the soil is very fresh. It’s like it has just been dug. Also, I smell the scent of fresh soil.”

Tang Ning copied what he did and grabbed a piece of dirt. She placed it before her nose and sniffed. She turned her head around to look at Shen Chongshan as her pretty face was filled with rage. “County Head Shen, aren’t you reliable?”

“Ms. Tang, I…” Shen Chongshan’s forehead was dripping cold sweat. He had no idea how to explain that.

Meanwhile, Shen Jing who was standing aside scoffed. “Don’t jump to conclusions yet, isn’t this just a piece of dirt? How can you tell whether the tomb has been robbed? Moreover, the tomb is doing fine right here.”

“This isn’t an ordinary tomb robbery. If I’m not mistaken, the tomb robber must’ve dug a robber’s hole that connects to the bottom of the tomb.”

Master Yao shook his head and started pacing around the tomb with his feng shui compass. He then walked to the back of the tomb and dug in the soil.

A hole with almost one meter in diameter appeared before them. There were old branches and fallen leaves around the hole placed in an attempt to cover it.

“This is the robber’s hole.”

Master Yao said with determination and exclaimed. “Robbing an ancestral tomb is extremely unethical behavior, and it would damage the feng shui. Ms. Tang, I suppose this is the reason you got the sand spot on your back.”

Seeing that the robber’s hole had appeared, Shen Jing had nothing left to say completely while Shen Chongshan’s heart sank. He was close to tears and was secretly cursing the Yellow Sand Town’s mayor.

“Master Yao, what do we do now?”

Apart from being enraged, Tang Ning was panicking. If the ancestral tomb had really been robbed, she had no idea about how she would explain it to her family when she returned.

Master Yao said after a moment of silence, “Now the only thing that we can do is to check the tomb. The feng shui form has been destroyed here and the ancestral tomb would have to be moved. I wonder if your ancestor’s coffin and bones are still around.”

“Sure, I’ll go with you.”

Tang Ning clenched her teeth and turned her head to a young man standing next to her in a suit. “Xiaoliang, get someone to stay here to keep watch. The rest will follow me into the tomb.”

She glared coldly at Shen Chongshan when she was done.

Shen Chongshan jolted and forced a smile that was uglier than a cry on his face.

“Don’t you worry, Ms. Tang. I’ll get people to investigate this later when I get back. I’ll definitely give your Tang family a proper explanation.”

The matter was serious. This ancestral tomb belonged to a wealthy family from the Gang Province. If he upset the Tang family and they started questioning, the county head aside, even the mayor could do nothing about it.

Master Yao bent down and took the lead into the robber’s hole. Tang Ning caught up to him with Xiaoliang.

“Old man, let’s not go in.” Shen Jing gulped, he was rather scared.

It was a tomb after all, there was a dead person buried inside.

Shen Chongshan was scared too. However, figuring that this matter was his responsibility too, he could only unwillingly follow them.

At the moment, it was only Ye Chen and his daughter, Shen Jing, and the bodyguard that Tang Ning asked to stay were left behind.

“Old Ye, let’s not go in. Wait out here with my niece,” Shen Jing said with concern.

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll go with you.”

He was shocked to realize that the red dot on Gu Fan’s map pointed toward the tomb. He even secretly asked the Patriarch of Hell through Voice Transmission and got the patriarch’s affirmation.

Shen Jing sighed as he could only go into the robber’s hole with him.

The robber’s hole had a diameter of almost one meter. Ordinary people would have to bend over to forcefully pass through. It was dark inside, Shen Jing took out the torchlight so that he could see the path.

That did not bother Ye Chen as he had Divine Consciousness. With his Divine Consciousness, he could clearly see beneath his feet even if he had his eyes closed.

It took them around 10 minutes to arrive at the tomb.

It was a vast stone room with many burial items around. However, most of them were stone bulls and stone horses. There were also stone figures in armor with bows and arrows in their hands.

It seemed like Tang Ning’s ancestor was a general. Not only that, but his ranking was also high.

“Who’s that?!”

Master Yao who walked in front suddenly shouted which caused a series of screams behind him. After all, it was scary in the tomb.

The stone room suddenly lit up. The oil lamps on the walls were glowing with dim lights.

Ye Chen looked forward by instinct and saw a black-robed person confronting Master Yao and the rest.

The scene was rather awkward and terrifying.

Theoretically, they came in to look for a dead person. However, something appeared before them and they were not sure if that was a human or a ghost. A portion of them almost pissed their pants.

Tang Ning hid behind Master Yao. Her body was shaking and she dared not look at the person in front of them.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s a living person!”

Master Yao reminded and looked at the black-robed person before him. “Who exactly are you? Why are you in this tomb?”

Although he was a feng shui master, he did not believe in ghosts. After all, feng shui and ghost were two completely different things.

“Haha, who are you guys then?”

The black-robed person took a good look at them and suddenly spoke in an eerie voice. The voice was rather husky and belonged to a man.

Master Yao’s face turned grim. “I’m feng shui master Yao Qian from Gang Province. This lady behind me is the descendent of this tomb, Ms. Tang. Why are you in the Tang family’s ancestral tomb? Are you a tomb robber?”

The people behind him were instantly relieved hearing that the black-robed person was human.

Shen Jing immediately took two steps forward and scoffed. “There’s no need to question him. Look at this guy wearing a robe covering his body, he’s clearly a tomb robber since he’s in the tomb.”

“So what if I am?” The black-robed man smiled.

“Great, so you’re the one who dug the robber’s hole outside.”

Shen Chongshan was pissed, he pointed at the man and condemned him. “Tomb robbing is a felony. You will be sentenced for three to ten years of imprisonment. It’d be more than ten years of imprisonment and even a life sentence if the case is serious.”

Tang Ning ordered the two bodyguards behind her right after she snapped back to her senses. “Get him.”

Since it was a man, the bodyguards were no longer scared. The duo ran towards the black-robed man with one leading in front.

Master Yao instinctually said, “Don’t!”

As soon as he spoke, the black-robed man opened his mouth and a green breath charged onto the bodyguard who was leading in front.

The bodyguard fell onto the ground after a shriek. His entire body melted as he turned into a pile of thick blood. There was not even bone residue left behind.