Chapter 99 - Master Yao’s Technique

Chapter 99 of 100 chapters

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“That’s corpse poison, don’t get any closer to him!”

Master Yao’s expression changed. He grabbed the bodyguard who was at the back as the rest of them retreated a few steps back.

They were terrified as they looked at the pile of thick blood on the ground with their eyes wide open. A person who was still alive a second ago was left without a corpse or bones within the blink of an eye.

Especially the Shen father and son.

They had never seen anything like this before and felt their legs shaking.

Master Yao glared at the black-robed man. “Although I’ve been living in Gang Province, I’ve heard that there are people who cultivate corpse qi which causes the person to have corpse poison all over his body. I suppose that’s what you are?”

“You’re pretty knowledgeable, old man.”

The black-robed man grinned in an eerie manner. “Hehe, it’s great that you guys are here. I happened to lack food, please stay.”

“What are you trying to do?”

Shen Chongshan was enraged as soon as he snapped back to his senses. “I’m the county head of Ba County. You’re charged for tomb-robbing and murder. Do you believe that I can’t put you behind bars with a phone call?”

“This is the Gang Province’s wealthy family’s, my Tang family’s ancestral tomb. Since you dare damage it, enjoy spending the rest of your life in prison,” Tang Ning said with a fierce face.

She was attempting to make the person surrender by announcing her background.

“County head? Tang family?”

The black-robed man shook his head and grinned coldly. “I might be afraid of you guys if we were outside there. But who would find out if I killed you guys in this tomb?”

Shen Chongshan and Tang Ning’s faces turned pale. They began to regret pushing him earlier.

“Ms. Tang, County Head Shen, don’t worry.”

Master Yao lightly shook his head and coldly said with his arms on his back. “I’m here, I can guarantee that all of you would be alright.”

Shen Jing rolled his eyes.

‘You must be kidding me. You damned old man, who would believe that you really have the ability to do that?’

“Stop your nonsense. Since you guys are here, don’t even dream of escaping alive!”

The black-robed man smirked in an eerie manner as a black flag suddenly appeared in his hand. He lightly waved it at Master Yao and the rest.

Black gas slowly started coming out of the black flag. The temperature in the entire stone room started dropping. The atmosphere suddenly became chilly as if it had dropped tens of degrees.

The people jolted by instinct as they felt a bone-piercing chill inside them. They were terrified as they looked at the black flag.

“This guy is so evil, is this some kind of sorcery?” Shen Jing crossed his arms before his chest. He was so cold that his teeth were hitting each other.

Tang Ning’s face turned pale as soon as he said that. She could not help but hide behind her bodyguard, she was ready to escape anytime.

Just like the Shen father and son, she did not believe that such a thing existed in this world before. She had disdain for the yin energy, feng shui, and the sorts that Master Yao talked about.

However, she had to believe it now.

“Resentment has filled this black flag of yours. You must’ve done a lot of harm throughout your life. Since that’s the case, I’ll do justice for the world today!”

Master Yao shouted as he faced the black gas coming at him. Faint green gas subsequently started slowly exuding on his body. The green gas gathered at the tip of his finger.

Everyone’s jaw dropped witnessing that.

Shen Jing could not help but exclaim out loud with his eyes wide open. “Oh, damn. He’s really a master, he’s glowing now? Can this be the legendary supernatural power?”

Tang Ning and the rest were not calm either. They blankly stared at Master Yao. They felt their views of the world collapse entirely at that moment.

“Hand seal!”

Master Yao quickly performed a series of incantation gestures with both hands in the air. As the seal was done, a gas cloud similar to a web directly charged at the black gas.


The entire stone room shook a few times as a loud thud was heard. After they managed to stand properly did see the green gas break up the black gas within a blink of an eye.

However, the green gas was still going strong. It charged straight toward the black-robed man.

The black-robed man was thrown out with a thud. He looked at Master Yao in fear and said after spitting a mouthful of blood, “Qingyi Sect? Are you a descendent of the Qingyi Sect?”

“That’s right, I’m the Qingyi Sect’s descendent. My master is a Qingyi priest. These evil techniques of yours are nothing to me.”

Master Yao looked majestic without having to show any fury. He released another green gas that directly pierced through the black-robed man’s heart. He was killed on the spot as his body turned into a pile of blood.

It took the group a while to snap out of the shock. The way Tang Ning looked at Master Yao was different now. “Master Yao, I-I didn’t know you were that powerful?”

“That’s right, Master Yao. How were you glowing earlier?” Shen Jing asked with a curious expression.

Shen Chongshan immediately glared at him. He was worried that Shen Jing’s question might offend Master Yao.

Facing everyone’s stare, Master Yao said with a smile while combing his beard. “The glow that you guys saw earlier was the mysterious qi that I have cultivated.”

“Mysterious qi? What’s that?” Tang Ning was confused.

Master Yao explained. “Feng shui, the mysterious technique. Oh Feng shui, the mysterious technique. The mystery came before the technique. It takes a lot more to explain the word ‘mysterious’. All you guys need to know is that I can use earth qi for techniques.”

“Master Yao, thank you for saving our lives.” Shen Chongshan extended his gratitude in all seriousness.

After all, the respect they had for Master Yao had skyrocketed since the incident. Shen Chongshan no longer dared to treat him as a scam.

Ye Chen who was standing aside shook his head hearing Master Ye’s explanation. He subsequently realized that this Master Yao was a cultivator too. Now that he thought about it, it should be a power that the feng shui master comprehended himself.

Tang Ning happened to see him as he shook his head. She said with a grim face, “Why were you shaking your head? Are you looking down on Master Yao’s power?”

The way the people looked at Ye Chen contained a little disdain now. After all, his existence was unpleasant. Everyone treated him as a burden.

Shen Chongshan angrily glared at Shen Jing.

‘Look at this classmate of yours, what kind of nonsense is that?!’

Ye Chen calmly said, “I didn’t mean anything when I shook my head, it was pure head shaking.”

“Can you not shake your head blindly if you don’t understand any of this? If not for Master Yao, you might’ve been dead by now.” Tang Ning refused to let it go and scoffed.

Shen Jing stood up for Ye Chen. “Alright, Ms. Tang. Old Ye already said that he was purely shaking his head.”

“Forget it, Ms. Tang.”

Master Yao expressionlessly glanced at Ye Chen. He subsequently walked into the main tomb.

He cared nothing about ordinary people such as Ye Chen.

Tang Ning coldly glared at Ye Chen before catching up to Master Yao with her people.

Shen Jing who was left behind patted Ye Chen’s shoulder. “Don’t take her seriously, Old Ye. She’s behaving like that because Master Yao is pretty good.”

“What if I told you that I could slap that black-robed man to death? Would you believe me?” Ye Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Stop joking!”

Shen Jing rolled his eyes at him in disbelief. He treated it as Ye Chen saving himself from the embarrassment.

A loud thud suddenly came from the main tomb as the coffin in the middle exploded.

A furry shadow subsequently leaped out of it.