Chapter 10

Chapter 10 of 50 chapters

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Song Fengwan was full of guilt over this meal. How could anyone treat themselves to meat while letting their guests eat vegetables? She looked up to observe Fu Chen occasionally, carefully watching his facial expression.

He was wearing a white shirt, and at the collar, there was an unbuttoned button. He looked casual and arrogant. He had a very good upbringing, so he didn’t make a single sound when he ate. He was focused and serious.


The steam from the soup landed on his face, casting a layer of mist over him, making him look melancholic.

Song Fengwan studied art. From her professional point of view, Fu Chen’s looks were nearly impeccable, and she actually started to draw in her mind subconsciously. If this was a painting of Fu Chen, how would she compose…

“Why aren’t you eating?” Fu Chen looked up.

“Huh?” Song Fengwan was in a daze while looking at him. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted, and she hurriedly lowered her head to eat.

It was really rude to keep staring at others.

Fu Chen didn’t have a big appetite. So after he finished eating, he waited for her quietly, making Song Fengwan feel very stressed.

“Take your time. I’ll wait for you.” Fu Chen tilted his head and looked out of the window. His side profile reflected in the water had an elegant and wistful beauty to it.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes. When he saw her beautiful ears turning slightly red at a speed visible to the naked eye, his lips curled into a smile. Earlier, she was baring her fangs and brandishing her claws, but now she was so obedient.

She actually blushed. That’s a little cute.

I really want…

… to pinch her.


After both of them finished eating, Fu Chen sent Song Fengwan to the doorstep of the atelier.

“Third Master, thank you for today. I’ll be going in first.”

“Studies are important, and take care of your health.” As usual, Fu Chen sounded like an elder.

“Okay.” Song Fengwan nodded and waved at him before entering the atelier.

Fu Chen watched her enter before turning around to leave.

Just a moment ago, he still had a smile on his face. But when he turned around, his smile was already gone. “Help me do something…”


On another side…

Fu Yuxiu and Jiang Fengya had been harshly criticized by Song Fengwan and then scared out of their wits when they bumped into Fu Chen outside the atelier.

As soon as they got into the car, Jiang Fengya started sobbing uncontrollably and kept saying that everything was her fault. Fu Yuxiu couldn’t bear to see his girlfriend cry so miserably. He hugged her and comforted her before saying some intimate words.

“It’s okay. I will definitely settle this matter. Don’t cry anymore. I’ll take you to eat first and then send you back to school.”

Jiang Fengya knew how to capture a man’s heart.

Even if she was crying, she had to know her limits. If she kept crying, it would be annoying. Everything should be done in moderation.

“Okay.” Jiang Fengya nodded.

Fu Yuxiu drove to a restaurant that was famous in Yuncheng. Not only was the food delicious and the environment good, but it was also expensive. The Fu family was wealthy, so Fu Yuxiu wouldn’t care about such a small sum of money when he treated his girlfriend to a meal.

They entered the restaurant, and Fu Yuxiu ordered several dishes.

“Senior, that’s enough. We can’t eat that much.” Just the cold appetizers were already extremely expensive.

“That will be all then.” Fu Yuxiu passed the ordering tablet to the waitress.

During the meal, although the two were chatting and laughing, they were also a little absent-minded.

Fu Yuxiu was thinking about how he should deal with Fu Chen later.

On the other hand, Jiang Fengya didn’t expect Song Fengwan to be so difficult to deal with despite her young age. She initially thought that after provoking her a few times, Song Fengwan would definitely rush over like an arrogant and willful young miss and slap her a few times or insult her without any thought. She did neither and was instead so calm that she was unlike a high school student.

How exactly will I be able to enter the Song family in the future?

After dinner…

The waitress passed the bill over. “Young Master Fu, your total is 2,672 yuan.”

“Okay.” Fu Yuxiu casually took out a card from his wallet and passed it to her. “There’s no password.”

But within two minutes, the waitress returned. “Young Master Fu, I’m sorry, but your card seems to have been stopped.”

“Huh?” Fu Yuxiu frowned and passed her another card.

But nothing could be swiped out of this card either.

“Young Master Fu, I’m really sorry. We’ve tried all your cards.” The waitress in charge of the bill looked apologetic.

Fu Yuxiu and Jiang Fengya were currently standing by the cash register.

“That’s impossible. I just swiped this card this morning. How could it stop working?” If it was only one card… But how was it possible for all of them not to work? “Is there something wrong with the machine in your restaurant?”

“Absolutely not.”

Fu Yuxiu wasn’t a fool. Someone must have frozen all his cards. A figure flashed across his mind.

Damn it!

Does Third Uncle have to be so ruthless?

“How about this? Put the money on my tab first, and I’ll come back later…” Since Jiang Fengya was still with him, Fu Yuxiu didn’t want to lose face. After all, men cared a lot about their dignity.

“I’m sorry, Young Master Fu. Our restaurant doesn’t allow for that.”

“It’s not like you don’t know me. Do you think I would owe you a few thousand yuan?” Fu Yuxiu’s face flushed when he heard this.

“This is our restaurant’s rule. Please don’t make things difficult for us.”

“Use this.” Jiang Fengya took out a bank card from her bag. This was the money she had saved from her job over the summer break. She originally planned to use it for her living expenses for this semester, but with the current situation, she definitely had to do something.

“Fengya, you…”

“You took good care of me when I was working over the summer break. I kept saying that I wanted to treat you to a meal, and this is the perfect opportunity. Take this meal as my treat. You can treat me next time.” Jiang Fengya considerately helped him to find a way out of this embarrassing situation. She felt her heart ache as she watched the cashier swipe her card, yet she still had to smile and comfort Fu Yuxiu.

Although the waitress had always been smiling at the two of them, there was something different about the way she looked at Fu Yuxiu.

Fu Yuxiu was fuming. He had never been so embarrassed in front of a woman.

Fu Chen actually restricted his money. He was too ruthless.

Men were all prideful, but Fu Chen had humiliated him in public, especially in front of Jiang Fengya. This was even more embarrassing than scolding and beating him.

Fu Yuxiu had thought that Fu Chen would just reprimand him when he returned home. But he hadn’t expected…

His uncle was still his uncle after all.

He couldn’t win against Fu Chen.


Song Fengwan had no idea that Fu Chen had helped her to vent her anger. At this moment, she was drawing with a charcoal pencil in the atelier.

During this period of time, they had been learning to draw character sketches. There was a human head model placed in the classroom, and everyone drew according to this model.

Song Fengwan had arrived late and already missed the teacher’s lessons, so she copied from the book by herself. But as she drew, she realized that something was very wrong with the person in the portrait.

He had black hair, black eyes, a prominent nose, and thin lips. His face was not fully drawn, and the sketch was very blurry, but the outline of his handsome face could be vaguely seen.

“Fengwan, how’s your drawing today?” the teacher asked.

Song Fengwan suddenly took the drawing paper off the easel. “I’m sorry, Teacher. I’m not in the best condition today, so I didn’t draw well.”

“It’s alright. Take your time.” The teacher didn’t dare to lecture her. He just smiled and told her to continue working hard.

Song Fengwan held the sketch in her hands, her palms slightly hot.


Why did I suddenly draw Fu Chen?