Chapter 14

Chapter 14 of 50 chapters

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“Third Fu, I heard that this marriage was arranged by your father. What’s the background of the Song family? Did your second brother and sister-in-law actually agree to it?” The man sitting beside Fu Chen leaned closer, wanting to know all the gossip.

Marriage alliances were all about matching social statuses.


The Song family’s social standing was much lower than the Fu family’s. When the news of the marriage spread, everyone was surprised and felt that the Song family had hit the jackpot.

Fu Yuxiu wasn’t the only grandson nor the eldest grandson of the Fu family, but he was the only son of Fu Chen’s second brother.

A bright light flashed past Fu Chen’s face, illuminating his face. After a long time, he finally opened his mouth, and the man leaned forward in anticipation.

“Why did your family choose her family?”

“You’re too close. It’s uncomfortable.”

The man was slightly startled and moved half an inch away in annoyance. “It’s not like I have any improper thoughts about you.”

“If you stay away from me a bit more, there won’t be so many rumors flying around in the capital.” Fu Chen’s voice was mild and indifferent.

The man was infuriated. “If you weren’t living alone at such an age, your old man wouldn’t have specially asked me to spend more time with you and bring you out to play around. Do you think I’m willing to spend all my time going to your ‘temple’?

“He’s really afraid you won’t think things through someday and really shave your hair off and become a monk.

“I think you were sent to Yuncheng to get you to go out.” He snorted coldly. “I’m going to climb the snow mountains this time. Are you really not coming with me? The scenery there is really good, and the Tibetan Buddhist sect is also very unique.”

“I’m busy.”

“Isn’t it just that matter with the Song family? If you want to go, I’ll wait two days for you.”

“I’m not going.”

“If you don’t go out more often, how are you going to find a wife? Do you think that you can recite scriptures all day long and find a wife? No wonder your old man is so anxious.”

Fu Chen tilted his head and glanced at him. “You hang around outside every day. Aren’t you still a bachelor?”

At the corner of his eye, he saw a black shadow flash past his private room. He frowned slightly.

The man was so angry that he gulped down his glass of water.

Fu Chen was sly, vicious-tongued, and full of quirks. He wasn’t old, yet he ate vegetarian meals and read Buddist scriptures like an old man. Marrying him was akin to living like a widow.

The man didn’t know which unlucky girl would catch his eye in the future.

“Sit down for a while. I’m going to the restroom.” Fu Chen got up and left.

The moment Fu Chen left, the man immediately called the waitress over.

Fu Chen, just you wait. We came to the bar to see me off, yet you don’t let me drink?

“Sir, what would you like to order?” The waitress was also surprised. She had never seen men order only glasses of ice water at the bar.

“Give me a bottle of all the most expensive alcohol you have here. I only want the highest quality and the most expensive ones.”

“Alright, please wait a moment.”

The waiters and waitresses here were all smart people. From his clothes, she knew that he would definitely be able to afford it, so she immediately brought the alcohol over. Afraid that he would regret it, she didn’t wait for him to say anything and started diligently opening all the corks and bottle caps.

After all, if they spent more, she would get more commissions.

“Please enjoy, sir.”

The man looked at the table chock full of wine and alcohol and felt inexplicably proud of himself. Fu Chen, you bastard, if I don’t mess with you before I leave, I will take your surname.


Song Fengwan staggered toward the restroom.

She remembered that she hadn’t even drunk more than two glasses of alcohol, yet she was already very dizzy. Her vision was blurry, and the noisy music made her head buzz.

The lighting in the restroom was dim. Song Fengwan held onto the wall while walking slowly and accidentally walked into the men’s room in a daze.

Before Song Fengwan could react, everything suddenly went black before her eyes…

A pair of warm hands covered her eyes.

They covered her gently, blocking all the light and making her feel warm and fuzzy.

“Why aren’t you leaving?” The man didn’t lean over and seemed some distance away.

But the voice sounded close, and the scent was strange.

Perhaps it was because of the alcohol, her mind was a mess, and even her body felt light and fluttery.

“You still want to see?” The man spoke again, his presence seeming to be getting closer.

“… N-no.” Song Fengwan hesitated.

When a person’s sight was blocked, their other senses would enhance infinitely. The man clearly didn’t come closer, but just hearing that voice made people feel nervous for no particular reason.

“This place isn’t for you.” His voice was hoarse and low. “Come out with me.”

It was dark in the bar, and she was dizzy from drinking too much, so she actually followed him without a second thought.

She couldn’t remember what that man looked like. She only remembered that voice…

It sounded so good.

Fu Chen looked at the little girl following him step by step. There was a smile reflected in his eyes, but there was also a hint of uneasiness. If someone else had taken her away tonight, something might have happened…

It was quite bold for a ‘half-grown’ child to come to such a place.

The few people who followed Fu Chen almost had their jaws drop when they saw their third master actually bringing a girl out of the restroom.

Isn’t this the young lady from the Song family…

“Inform her friend to send her home.” Fu Chen looked at the person leaning against the wall.

She had drunk alcohol and was feeling weak all over. The corners of her eyes seemed to be dyed with a tinge of red, and her eyes were glistening.

Fu Chen’s eyes darkened.

After Song Fengwan left, Fu Chen didn’t return to the private room but left the bar directly.

Fu Chen didn’t inform Fu Yuxiu when he arrived in Yuncheng, so he would stay at a hotel tonight. Halfway through the car ride, his phone vibrated.


“Third Fu, where are you?”

“I have something to do, so I left first.” Fu Chen’s tone was calm and without a hint of guilt.

“Didn’t you say that you would treat me to a drink to see me off? Why did you run away without paying the bill?” Damn it. I ordered so much alcohol and was preparing to mess with him. This bastard…

“Give me the bill.”

“Fu Chen, f*ck you!” The man hung up immediately. Why can’t I f*cking scam him every single time?


Song Fengwan didn’t remember anything that happened that night. She didn’t even remember how she got home. Now that she thought about it, it was fortunate that she didn’t meet any bad people and came home unscathed.

She didn’t even know if she knew the man with the nice voice that night. All she could think about was her bold words about chasing after the third master of the Fu family.

Fu Chen, on the other hand, had a vivid impression of her.

She even goes to places like bars.

She lacks discipline.