Chapter 15

Chapter 15 of 50 chapters

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Song Fengwan didn’t sleep well last night.

She dreamed of Fu Chen.


In her dream, when she said that she wanted to have sex with the third master of the Fu family, he suddenly appeared, scaring her out of her wits. She broke out into a cold sweat, and she felt dizzy. She only woke up at dawn and then memorized some vocabulary.

When Song Fengwan packed her bag and went downstairs, Song Jingren was already sitting at the dining table and reading the morning newspaper. She was slightly surprised. She was a student in her senior year of high school and had to attend morning classes at 7 a.m., so she woke up very early and usually wouldn’t see Song Jingren.

“Morning, Dad.”

“Morning.” Song Jingren put the newspaper aside. Ever since Jiang Fengya’s incident, although there had been no major conflict between the father and daughter, this lukewarm situation was even more torturous.

“Is there something going on at the office today? You got up so early.” Song Fengwan pulled out a chair and sat across from him to have breakfast.

“The art joint exam is in a few months. How is your preparation?”

“Alright.” Song Fengwan lowered her head and ate her porridge.

“Do you still remember that you booked an art course in the capital? The Fu family called last night and asked when you would be going.”

Song Fengwan’s hand holding the spoon paused.

The art course in the capital only accepted a limited number of students every year. Song Fengwan had gotten this spot thanks to the Fu family, and the Fu family had handled the whole series of registration procedures.

“Your mother and I talked on the phone last night. This is a rare course, and it’ll help you a lot. It would be a shame if you didn’t go.”

Song Fengwan nodded. Song Jingren’s secretary had made it very clear yesterday that Jiang Fengya wouldn’t dare to do anything for the time being. She couldn’t possibly delay her college entrance examination just to be on guard against her.

“The Fu family said that they would arrange a house and a school for you to study at. Your mother and I didn’t agree at first, but since Old Master Fu called us personally, we couldn’t decline.”

The Fu family felt guilty toward Song Fengwan, so it was normal for them to arrange everything. Yuncheng was more than five hundred kilometers away from the capital, and the Song family’s connections couldn’t reach that far. It would have taken a lot of effort to get some people to settle it, but these things were a piece of cake for the Fu family.

“But it’s still up to you. If you want to go, I’ll reply to them earlier. Your mother and I are both busy with work, so we might not be able to go there to take care of you.” Song Jingren thought about how his daughter would have to travel so far to study alone and still felt a bit worried.

“I want to go.” Song Fengwan didn’t hesitate. She always knew what she wanted. “It’s only a few months. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

Song Jingren was slightly taken aback. He didn’t expect Song Fengwan to be so decisive. “Then I’ll give the Fu family a call later.”


Yuncheng, Fu family residence…

After Fu Chen economically sanctioned Fu Yuxiu, Fu Yuxiu received an overseas phone call from his father in the middle of the night. He was dragged out of his bed and reprimanded, and he couldn’t fall asleep all night.

When he woke up, Fu Chen had already left.

“Third Uncle left so early?”

“Third Master’s flight was at six in the morning. He should be arriving in the capital by now.”

Fu Yuxiu was delighted. The air in the house felt especially fresh after Fu Chen left.

“But Young Master…” The butler hesitated, as if he had something really hard to say.

“If you have anything to say, just say it.” Fu Yuxiu was texting Jiang Fengya on his phone. A couple in their honeymoon period wanted to be together every minute.

“Third Master confiscated all your cars and said…” The butler coughed twice. “He said that if you want to take care of your girlfriend and marry her, you have to rely on your own abilities. Anyone knows how to spend their family’s money to go out and have fun.

“He said that Miss Jiang definitely didn’t fall in love with you because of your money and that she would certainly be able to go through thick and thin with you.

“Third Master said that at your age, he had already set up his own company. As an elder, he doesn’t expect you to be as outstanding as him. After all, it’s too difficult. He only hopes that you can be like a man and not always just rely on your family.”

The butler repeated Fu Chen’s words.

The fire in Fu Yuxiu’s heart soared, and his face flushed red.

Only his third uncle could say such words. He gritted his teeth. He didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to do anything once he stopped relying on his family.

But when he went out to prepare to go to school, he was stunned.

All his cards were frozen, so he only had a few hundred yuan on him. He had to have lunch with Jiang Fengya, so he couldn’t spend money recklessly. Thus, Fu Yuxiu took the bus to school for the first time.

After Fu Yuxiu left, the people in the Fu family house tidied up the house while sighing.

“Young Master has really been blinded by love. Who doesn’t know that Third Master holds grudges the most? And he hates it when people talk back to him. Now, his cards have been frozen, and even his cars have been confiscated.”

“I think that Jiang Fengya is a scourge. Who does she think she is? With that kind of identity, she wants to enter the Fu family?”

“What’s the rush? Old Master and Madam will be back in two days. With Old Madam’s temper, she didn’t even like Miss Song who was so outstanding, let alone this one.”

“In the past, Old Master was supportive of the marriage. So even if Old Madam didn’t like Miss Song, she wouldn’t have dared to do anything. But this is different. You can tell from Third Master’s attitude.”


At this moment, Fu Chen had just gotten off the plane. Autumn in the capital came early, and the weather was dry.

Before he even left the airport, his phone rang.

It was his mother.

He answered the call and said hello.

“I guessed it was about time you got off the plane. Come to the old residence for lunch. I’ve made soup for you to nourish your kidneys. Your body hasn’t been good since you were a child…”

Feeling helpless, Fu Chen pinched the space between his eyebrows. His mother was very old when she gave birth to him. Since his parents were quite old when he was born, it was indeed easy for him to fall sick before he was around two or three years old. It had been so long, but his mother always liked to talk about it.

Kidney nourishment?

“Mom, it’s really not necessary.”

“Anyways, I’m waiting for you to come back. By the way, your father asked me to ask you how the Song family matter is going.”

“Yuxiu is a troublesome child.” Fu Chen sounded like an elder.

“Sigh, it’s been hard on that girl from the Song family. When I heard from you that he actually dared to threaten her, I was so angry…” The old madam sighed again. “Third Son, I want to talk with you about something…”


The old madam hesitated for a long time. “… Forget it. Let’s talk about it later. Hurry up and come drink the soup.”

Fu Chen thought that his mother probably wanted to introduce him to someone again. In the past few years, his mother had been using all sorts of excuses and methods to arrange blind dates for him. He was already used to it and didn’t think much about it.

The old madam hung up and looked at her husband.

“Old Fu, do you think it’s okay to get that girl to come over? If you force her on him, Third Son wouldn’t throw her out in the middle of the night, would he? He really would be able to do such a thing.”

“The school is in the east of the city. Third Son is the only one who stays nearby. His house is so spacious that he can raise monkeys there, so having one more person shouldn’t be a big deal. Yuxiu is afraid of him, so he won’t dare to go and find fault with that girl and affect her studies.”

“But Third Son’s temper…” The old madam was still worried.

“That kid has a cold personality and has never liked children. The Song family’s child is beautiful and sensible. Letting him interact more with her will nurture his sense of responsibility and make him think that children are cute. Then he might want to get married and have children someday.”

When the old madam heard that she could have grandchildren, she immediately beamed. “I’ll go see how the soup is.”