Chapter 16

Chapter 16 of 50 chapters

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After Song Fengwan decided to go to the capital, she went to school the next day to apply for leave.

It was her first time leaving her parents to travel to a distant place. Song Jingren was also worried and took care of many things for her.


In the past, when the family went on vacation, Qiao Aiyun would personally pack their luggage. Now, even if Song Jingren wanted to help Song Fengwan, he had the heart but not the strength to do it. Besides, she was a girl. As a father, there were times when he couldn’t help her with everything.

“Fengwan, there’s something important at the company tomorrow. I’ll get Uncle Zhang to take you to the airport. The Fu family will pick you up at the capital.” Song Jingren pinched his eyebrows. He felt that a lot of things were not going well recently and lit a cigarette.

“There’s no need for that. Mom asked my cousin to take me to the capital.” Song Fengwan was drinking hot tea in the living room after packing some of her luggage.

Song Jingren paused for two seconds with his fingers pinching the cigarette butt. “Your mother…”

He had been at home for the past few days because he wanted to wait for Qiao Aiyun to come back. She had already been away from home for more than half a month. During this period of time, apart from talking about Song Fengwan, the two of them barely spoke on the phone.

There were some things that couldn’t be explained over the phone. He had always wanted to find an opportunity to talk to her face to face.

But he didn’t expect that Qiao Aiyun wouldn’t return even though Song Fengwan was going far to study. He narrowed his eyes and took a puff of smoke.

“Your mother is at your uncle’s house?” Song Jingren felt that his throat was dry and painful due to the smoke.

“She should be.” Song Fengwan wasn’t very sure either. Qiao Aiyun didn’t reveal much about her whereabouts to her.

Song Jingren pondered silently for a moment. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something. But in the end, he leaned over to extinguish the cigarette and then went upstairs.

The Qiao family house…

Song Jingren didn’t dare to go.

In particular, his brother-in-law wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

He had been feeling uneasy recently because he was afraid that this person from the Qiao family would suddenly come over. Now that he didn’t come, it was evident that Qiao Aiyun must have said something to his brother-in-law to save him some face. Otherwise, that person would have definitely rushed over long ago.

Song Fengwan looked down at her watch and went back to her room to pack her things before leaving. Before leaving, she specially reminded Aunt Liang, “I’m having dinner with my cousin tonight, so you don’t have to leave me any food.”

Aunt Liang looked at the empty living room and sighed helplessly. She lowered her head and cleared the ashtray.

“What a sin. Such a good family has now become like this.”

“I’ve been worried that the Qiao family would come over. If that person really came, something bad might have happened. It’s obvious that Madam is still on Master’s side,” the helper muttered softly.

“Even if she’s unhappy, I think she stopped him for the sake of Miss.”


On another side…

Fu Yuxiu felt extremely unlucky. Nothing had gone smoothly for him recently, and Fu Chen had cut off his finances. He thought that it wasn’t a big deal at first, but now he knew that it was simply too difficult to survive in this society without money.

He was the only son, and it was inevitable that his family would spoil him. In the past, it was too easy for him to get money from his parents, which made him never take money seriously.

The news of him dating Jiang Fengya had already spread throughout the school. Today was also the day that he originally planned to treat Jiang Fengya’s roommates to a meal.

In college, when you were dating someone, it was normal to treat their roommates to a meal.

Jiang Fengya knew that Fu Yuxiu was short of money recently, so she suggested in advance, “Senior, why don’t we go to a small restaurant near the school? It’s close, and the food tastes good.”

Most importantly, it was cheap.

Fu Yuxiu knew that she was thinking for him, but he had his pride. “This is my first time meeting your roommates. How can we go to such a place? Don’t worry.”

In the entire school, there was no one who didn’t know who Fu Yuxiu was. He couldn’t bring himself to invite his girlfriend’s roommates to a small roadside restaurant, so he chose to go to a restaurant run by his family. It wouldn’t cost any money, and it was a high-end restaurant.

For the sake of his pride, he wanted to borrow a car from someone. But the people he usually got along well with all rejected him.

“Yuxiu, don’t blame me. Your third uncle told everyone not to help you. Otherwise…”

“Yeah. How did you offend Third Master? He’s too ruthless.”

“Now everyone in the circle knows that your family cut off your money. Third Master gave the order directly, so if I go against him, won’t I be courting death?”

Fu Yuxiu had no choice but to rent a car to save his pride.


A few girls were sitting in the car and chatting.

“Fengya, I really envy you for finding such a boyfriend as soon as you entered university.”

“Yeah, and Senior is so nice to you. It’s just that we have to make him spend today. Really sorry about that.”

“I think you’ll be the first to get married in our dorm.”

Jiang Fengya’s face heated up. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Although she said that, her heart felt as though it was wrapped in honey.

Fu Yuxiu stopped the car at the entrance of the restaurant. “Fengya, go in with them first. I’ve already booked a table. I’ll park the car in the underground parking garage and come in a bit.”

“Okay.” Jiang Fengya smiled and led her roommates into the restaurant.

The Fu family’s restaurant was one of the best in Yuncheng. In the past, Fu Yuxiu said that he didn’t rely on his family, so he didn’t want to go to his family’s restaurant. This time, he really had no choice. He couldn’t embarrass himself in front of Jiang Fengya’s roommates.

Fu Yuxiu had rented this car, so he felt a bit restrained when he parked it.

A black Jaguar was almost following him into the parking garage, seemingly waiting for the empty spot beside him.

Fu Yuxiu was anxious since there was a car waiting for him. He turned the steering wheel even more clumsily, and it took him almost six minutes to reverse the car into the spot.

The Jaguar started its engine and sped past him. Then it braked and steadily stopped beside him.

The car’s movements were swift, smooth, and clean.

Fu Yuxiu gritted his teeth and got out of the car after taking out the key.

Just as he was about to lock the car, he saw the person getting out of the Jaguar, and his face stiffened.

The person getting out of the front passenger seat was actually Song Fengwan.

She was wearing a pink floral dress today, and she looked confident and flamboyant. There was a smile on her lips, and her long and narrow phoenix eyes were bright and lively. She looked seventy percent pure, thirty percent charming, and fully endearing.

She was slightly surprised when she saw Fu Yuxiu.

She was just complaining about how clumsy the driver was and wondering which newbie was driving the car. Because the car had tinted windows and the garage was dark, she didn’t see the driver. She didn’t expect Fu Yuxiu to be the driver.

Song Fengwan narrowed her eyes as she glanced at the car beside her. Then she looked at Fu Yuxiu doubtfully before suddenly smiling. “What a coincidence. When did you change your car? I almost didn’t recognize you.”

His family must have punished him. Otherwise, how could he drive such a cheap car?

Fu Yuxiu’s face paled, and he almost puked out blood from anger. Song Fengwan was clearly mocking him.

Thinking that Fu Chen had already left, he said, “Song Fengwan, my third uncle has already left. You should stop before you go overboard. Otherwise, I won’t be polite to you.”

“Didn’t you threaten me last time and tell me to wait? What now? You want to hit me?”

“I never realized that you were so sharp-tongued.”

Bam— Fu Yuxiu heard the clear and crisp sound of a door closing and saw a man getting out of the driver’s seat from the corner of his eye.

The man lowered his head and lit a cigarette. The underground parking garage was rather dark, and the flickering sparks made his deep eyes look even deeper and colder.

He raised his head and met Fu Yuxiu’s gaze. “I never realized that Young Master Fu was so arrogant either.”