Chapter 17

Chapter 17 of 50 chapters

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“I never realized that Young Master Fu was so arrogant either.”

The person who spoke was around 27 years old. He had a slim face, phoenix eyes, and thin lips.


He was wearing a black suit with the buttons unbuttoned, revealing a white shirt and black vest underneath. Coupled with a light gray tie, the suit appeared to be very fitting and of excellent quality.

His right hand was in the pants pocket while he held a cigarette in his left. Taking advantage of his height, he towered over Fu Yuxiu and narrowed his eyes at Fu Yuxiu.

He stared at him leisurely, and with a light tap of his finger, the cigarette ash fell. His eyes revealed a trace of coldness.

Fu Yuxiu had met him once before.

Song Fengwan’s cousin, the young master of the Qiao family—

Qiao Xiyan.

Fu Yuxiu wasn’t familiar with the Qiao family. He only knew that the Qiao family owned several jade shops that had been passed down for generations and that their ancestors had lived in Wusu. They had been artisans for generations, and they were good at carving jade and stone.

In this day and age, technology was so advanced that it was not rare to see dragons and phoenixes carved on stones. In the eyes of others, the Qiao family was like a sun setting into the west and had no future.

Moreover, Song Fengwan’s uncle and Qiao Xiyan were the only ones left in the family. They were both devoted to researching this industry. People who specialized in certain things were often a little crazy, and the Qiao family was just like this. They were a bit paranoid and eccentric.

“Young Master Fu, why aren’t you continuing?” Qiao Xiyan raised his eyebrow.

“Cou… Mr. Qiao,” Fu Yuxiu instinctively wanted to call him cousin, but he changed his words halfway.

“Fu Yuxiu, you’re lucky to be born in the Fu family. On account of your grandfather, I don’t want to embarrass you too much.” Qiao Xiyan took a puff of smoke.

“I touched a knife as soon as I was born, and I started using a knife at one year old. I’ve cut more stones than you’ve ever seen.

“If I hear you speaking rudely to Wanwan again, I’ll take a knife and cut you…” His eyes suddenly turned cold.

“And that is also what you owe our Wanwan.”

He narrowed his eyes as he slowly inhaled the cigarette. His actions were elegant and casual, yet they also had a deadly danger to them.

The people in the Qiao family business specialized in using knives.

Fu Yuxiu was a little afraid of Qiao Xiyan. The powerful sense of oppression he unintentionally released made it hard to breathe.

“I still have something to do, so I’ll get going first.” Fu Yuxiu immediately fled.

Song Fengwan giggled. “Cousin, you scared him.”

“I am already being very polite,” Qiao Xiyan said with a light tone.

Song Fengwan coughed dryly. You threatened Fu Yuxiu with a knife. How is that polite?

Her cousin might have some misunderstandings about the word polite.

“I saw him once before, and I thought that since he was raised by the Fu family, he must be pretty good. Now, it seems like even the best trees grow some defective apples.”

Song Fengwan walked over with a smile and held his arm. “Let’s go eat. You must be tired and hungry from driving here in the morning. After we finish eating, you should go back to the hotel to rest.”


Fu Yuxiu had been trying to suppress his anger the entire time. He had been really unlucky recently.

It was fine if Song Fengwan was the only one not easy to deal with. Previously, she had his third uncle protecting her. Now, she had a cousin. They were all so difficult to deal with.

He planned to take a walk around the vicinity to cool down before heading to the restaurant. After all, he would be seeing Jiang Fengya’s roommates later, so he had to maintain his poise and composure.

On another side, Song Fengwan and Qiao Xiyan had already left the parking garage. This street was a famous food street in Yuncheng.

The two of them were discussing where to eat when they were interrupted by a noisy argument.

The autumn sun didn’t shine as bright as the summer sun, but it was still glaring and scorching.

Song Fengwan titled her head. Why was it her? But since Fu Yuxiu was here, it wasn’t surprising that Jiang Fengya was here as well. It seemed like a group of people were blocked outside the restaurant and were having a conflict with the restaurant’s staff.

“Have you made some mistake? Why aren’t we allowed in?”

“I’m sorry, Miss.” The waiters blocked in front of the door and refused to let them in.

“We are customers that are here to eat. What reason do you have to stop us? Aren’t you afraid that we will lodge a complaint against you?” A hot-tempered girl was so angry that her face and neck were blotched red.

“Get your manager here to explain what’s going on!”

“Forget it. There might be some misunderstanding. Let’s talk about it when Senior comes.” Jiang Fengya’s face was pale, and she felt a little uneasy. She had a feeling that it happened because of her.

A few people had already gathered around and were discussing among themselves.

“There are so many people here. Everyone, please be the judge for us. We’ve booked a table and are here to eat,” one of the girls said straightforwardly. “They said they won’t entertain us. I clearly saw someone walk in just now. Is this discrimination against us for not being able to afford it?”

“With this service? Who would dare to come here in the future?” another girl echoed.

“Besides, do you know who she is?” A girl pushed Jiang Fengya out. “She is Fu Yuxiu’s girlfriend. Are you crazy?”

At this moment, a middle-aged man in a suit walked out. There was a gold name tag pinned on his chest, indicating that he was the manager. “We know this young lady’s identity very well, and that’s why we didn’t let her in.

“Third Master has instructed us not to let anyone dirty enter the Fu family’s territory in the future. We are just following orders.”

“The other three ladies can go in. In order to make it up to you, we can treat you to this meal. But this person…” The manager smiled professionally. “I’m sorry…

“But our restaurant will not be serving you.”

The last few words were strong and direct.

The word ‘dirty’ hit Jiang Fengya like a heavy hammer, causing her face to turn ashen.

The girls looked at each other in confusion, at a loss for what to do. They looked at Jiang Fengya with a strange and questioning gaze.

It’s indeed really difficult to marry into a wealthy family.

“Let’s go to another restaurant. There’s still a lot of delicious food here anyway.” A girl stepped forward to smooth things over and pulled Jiang Fengya to the side.

There were some things about Jiang Fengya that her roommates weren’t clear about. They only knew that she was a modern-day Cinderella whom a prince had taken a liking to and didn’t know anything about her life experience or anything that had happened. So they were still smiling while comforting her.

“Fengya, these people are just looking down on you. This is how rich people are. After you enter the Fu family, we’ll see if they still dare to treat you like this.”

“Exactly, don’t feel bad.”

Jiang Fengya didn’t expect Third Master Fu to go this far. He said she was dirty? Wasn’t he just accusing her of being impure?

She forced a smile, but her smile froze again when she saw the two people standing nearby.

Song Fengwan was standing nearby. She looked so clean and gentle yet also seemed as if she looked down on her from above and seemed untouchable.

The man beside her was even colder while spectating the whole ruckus without a single emotion on his face.

Qiao Xiyan had never seen Jiang Fengya before. With just a few words and Song Fengwan’s expression, he guessed her identity. “Let’s go and eat.”

He didn’t intend to get involved in the Song family’s affairs before his aunt did anything.

“Does she really think that the Fu family is so easy to marry into? She’s too naive.” Song Fengwan was speechless.

“Did I hear the manager say, Third Master? Fu Yuxiu also said that his third uncle is protecting you…” Qiao Xiyan’s eyes darted around. “Is it Fu Chen?”

The name was like thunder in the ears.

“Yeah, he helped me out a few times,” Song Fengwan said truthfully.

“That’s kind of him,” Qiao Xiyan praised. Seems like the Fu family has someone sensible.

Qiao Xiyan’s first impression of Fu Chen was pretty good. But later, after he ‘kidnapped’ Song Fengwan, he stayed at home all day to sharpen his knife.

He felt that he had the face of a human and the heart of a beast and hid too deeply.