Chapter 19

Chapter 19 of 50 chapters

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It took more than seven hours to drive from Yuncheng to Beijing. Song Fengwan and Qiao Xiyan set off at seven in the morning, and they rested for a while at two toll stations in between. When they reached the capital, it was already evening.

“We’re going to the Fu family house now?” Song Fengwan placed her correction booklet beside her and straightened her back. “Why don’t we go there tomorrow morning?”


The sky was almost dark, and it was just about dinner time. It wasn’t a good idea to visit now.

“We came to an agreement earlier. Old Master Fu said that they would wait for us to have dinner.” Throughout the trip, Qiao Xiyan had depended on the few cigarettes he smoked at the toll stations to keep him going.

After the car entered the capital, they could clearly feel that traffic had increased.

Song Fengwan tilted her head and looked out of the window. This wasn’t her first time in the capital, but she had only come here for vacations before.

This place gathered the most powerful people in the country. It was bustling, prosperous, exciting, and full of luxuries and pleasures. But it was also the most ruthless place.

The millennium-old city had a historical foundation of its own that fused with a modern atmosphere, giving birth to the unique culture and style here.

The car passed through most of the city before arriving at a compound guarded by armed soldiers.

The metal gate was towering, imposing, and solemn. It seemed to be high up in the sky and beyond reach.

“Hold on a minute.” Qiao Xiyan got out of the car and prepared to go and register. It was very hard to enter a compound like this without permission.

A white-haired old man walked over and asked softly, “Mr. Qiao?”

“I am.”

“I was sent by Old Master Fu to pick you up.” He smiled to greet the guards at the side, and the metal gate opened.

“Sorry to trouble you.” Qiao Xiyan had always been polite and well-mannered to the elderly.

The car drove into the compound. On both sides stood tall spruce trees and green plants all over, and they were all beautifully trimmed. The Fu family residence was at the innermost area.

The car stopped at the entrance of the courtyard, and the two of them walked in slowly under the lead of the people of the Fu family.

“This was a house assigned by the higher-ups in the past. After Old Master retired, the higher-ups cared for him and let him continue staying here. Usually, it’s just Old Master and Old Madam,” the old man explained.

Since ancient times, the Fu family had always been composed of influential officials and strategists. During the war, although Old Master Fu wasn’t as famous as the founding generals who fought on the battlefield, anyone who knew a little about history would know that a war was not fought with just brute force. He had personally planned many famous battles and had outstanding military achievements.

After the founding of the country, he was also the chief of the think tank and had even participated in the revision of the national laws.

Society thrived and flourished. And his status in the country was naturally extraordinary.

The courtyard wasn’t big. It was full of ginkgo and osmanthus trees, and the feeling of autumn was very rich.

Song Fengwan didn’t dare to take a closer look. She looked straight ahead and saw a flight of stairs going straight up.

Although she and Fu Yuxiu were previously engaged, she had never officially visited the Fu family. They were originally going to have a grand engagement party, but the old madam of the Fu family was in poor health back then, so the engagement party was put on hold.

Song Fengwan took a deep breath and inevitably felt a little nervous. Suddenly, she heard a voice in her ear. “Old Master, they’re here.”

Immediately afterward, she saw a white-haired old man walk out of the door. He was dressed very simply, but the embroidery on his collar was complicated and exquisite, low-key and reserved.

He was solemn and dignified. He wore a pair of reading glasses, but he was still hale and hearty. His eyes were also especially sharp. But when his gaze landed on Song Fengwan, it became exceptionally affectionate.

“Wanwan?” His voice was low and hoarse and exuded an inexplicable authority.

“Hello, Grandpa Fu,” Song Fengwan greeted obediently.

“Old Master Fu.” Qiao Xiyan’s face was still cold and serious.

“When I saw you in the past, you were only,” Old Master Fu gestured with his hands, “only this tall.”

Song Fengwan was surprised. When did we meet?

“I guess you don’t remember. You were still young at the time, and your grandfather was holding you in his arms. He treasured you so much that I didn’t even get to hold you.” Old Master Fu smiled. “The car ride must have been tough. Come in quickly.”

“Okay.” Song Fengwan was puzzled. Old Master Fu knew Grandpa? And from his tone, they were very close.

Old Master Fu sized up Qiao Xiyan. “How is your father?”

“He’s still the same. Thank you for your concern.” Qiao Xiyan spoke to him neither humbly nor arrogantly and without the slightest timidness.

“Your whole family is crazy,” Old Master Fu said with a frown. For people like them who engaged in jade and stone carving, when they concentrated on carving and neglected sleep and food, it was very taxing on their bodies.

“Miss Song, please have some tea.” The maid served tea and didn’t forget to take another look at her.

She was indeed beautiful, and her bearing and speech were proper and gracious. With such a fiancée, she really didn’t know why Young Master Yuxiu still wanted to be with that other woman.


At this moment, in the Pear Garden, the famous Peking opera ‘The Jewelry Purse’ was being performed. The people on stage had thick makeup, and they wore black clothes with long sleeves. Their elegant singing voices won the cheers of the entire audience from time to time.

The story was about a girl in distress receiving help from another girl on her wedding day and then repaying kindness to that same girl when they meet again years later.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes. His mother was picky when it came to watching operas, so she only liked to watch ‘Yu Tangchun’, ‘Society of Heroes’, and a few others. Why was she so engrossed in this play today?

“Third Son.”

“Hm?” Fu Chen turned his head.

“Don’t you think Xue Xiangling is very pitiful?” The old madam looked sad.

“Yes,” Fu Chen replied. Xue Xiangling was the girl in distress in this play.

“Tell me, if you meet a lady who needs help, would you help her?”

Fu Chen’s fingers stopped stroking the prayer beads. He felt that something was amiss. “Mom, you…”

“Look at how pitiful she is. Why are you so heartless?” The old madam immediately pulled a long face.

Fu Chen felt helpless. It’s just a play. Why is she so anxious? She looks like she wants to fight me. He couldn’t possibly make her feel uncomfortable just because of a play either. “Yes, I would help, definitely help.”

“You said it yourself.” The old madam suddenly smiled.

In order to force him to get married and go on blind dates, his mother had resorted to every means possible. Is she planning to get me together with the daughter of a fallen family this time?

“It’s getting late. Let’s go back. Your dad is still waiting for us to eat.” The old madam was all smiles after receiving Fu Chen’s promise and walked faster than usual.


It was already sunset when Fu Chen and the old madam arrived at the compound.

The two of them had just reached the door when they heard Old Master Fu’s hearty laughter.

Fu Chen’s eyes darkened, and he glanced at his mother. The old madam smiled brightly at him. “Third Son, we have guests today.”

Fu Chen just smiled and thought of his mother’s face when she was watching the opera. Could she really want to take the opportunity to give me a girl?

“… You’re about the same age as our third son. Have you found a girlfriend yet?” The old master’s voice was loud and clear.

“Not yet.” Qiao Xiyan’s voice had always been cold, even to the extent of being emotionless.

“What’s wrong with you young people these days? Our third son is like this too. After his birthday this year, he’ll be twenty-seven. He hasn’t been in a relationship until now, and he hasn’t even held a young lady’s hand.”

Fu Chen frowned and strode into the house. Who came? Dad really dares to say anything.

Upon entering the house, he saw a young lady holding a cup of tea and smiling warmly.

The few people in the room also saw the person at the door. Their gazes met…

Song Fengwan stood up immediately. She narrowed her phoenix eyes and sized Fu Chen up. “Hello, Grandma Fu. Hello, Third Master.”

There was a hint of mischief in her eyes. She looked like a little fox.

Third Master…

… is already so old, yet he’s actually a…

… virgin.