Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of 50 chapters

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It was raining heavily. The leaves blown by the wind fell into the puddles and swirled around.

Accompanied by the sound of ‘Third Master Fu is here’, Song Fengwan heard the sound of cups colliding inside the room. She stood at the door, and when she turned around, she could clearly see the situation in the living room. The person who had knocked over the teacup was not anyone else.


It was her ex-fiancé, Fu Yuxiu.

His pupils constricted, and his face paled. He didn’t even notice the hot tea splashed onto the back of his hands.

“Are you sure it’s Third Master?” Song Jingren jumped up from the sofa.

“Yes, it’s Third Master.” The security guard who ran in wiped the rainwater off his face.

Song Jingren glanced at Fu Yuxiu instinctively. “Yuxiu, why didn’t you say that Third Master would come?”

Fu Yuxiu and Song Fengwan had broken off their engagement some time ago, and he had gotten together with Jiang Fengya now. He came here today to explain this matter to Song Jingren.

But the elders of the Fu family didn’t come, which was normal.

The marriage between Song Fengwan and Fu Yuxiu has always been seen as a hypergamous marriage. His mother had always looked down on Song Fengwan, not to mention an illegitimate daughter like Jiang Fengya.

“I didn’t know he would come.” Fu Yuxiu’s eyes were glazed over with fear.

“You don’t know?” Song Jingren raised his voice.

“Senior.” Jiang Fengya took out a tissue from her bag and lowered her head to help him wipe the tea on the back of his hand. “You’re too careless.” Who exactly is here that it would make him lose his composure?

Actually, Jiang Fengya also had her own calculations.

She knew very well that it would be difficult for her to enter the Song family with her status. But if she managed to get close to the Fu family, Song Jingren couldn’t afford to offend her.

She originally wanted to use this opportunity to stay in the Song family. With Fu Yuxiu around, everything would be much easier. Who is this person who suddenly appeared?

In Yuncheng, Fu Yuxiu was the crown prince at the top of the pyramid. But now…

How could he be so frightened just by hearing that this person arrived?

Song Fengwan didn’t know what the third master of the Fu family was here for, but seeing Fu Yuxiu so frightened, she felt inexplicably happy. She hooked the umbrella handle and chuckled. “Haven’t you heard of the third master of the Fu family?”

Jiang Fengya looked up at her, her eyes full of confusion.

Before she got together with Fu Yuxiu, she had been an ordinary person. There was a vast difference between their social circles, and there were too many things she didn’t know.

“He never mentioned it to you?” Song Fengwan looked mischievous.

It suddenly dawned on Jiang Fengya that this man’s surname was Fu. Is he Fu Yuxiu’s relative? But she had never heard Fu Yuxiu mention him before.

“You really don’t know?” Song Fengwan curled her lips into a smile, and her beautiful phoenix eyes were brimming with mischief. “It seems like your relationship isn’t as close as I thought.”

Jiang Fengya’s expression changed slightly.

“You’ve known each other for so long, but how come you don’t even know who Third Master is? Are you guys really dating?

“Or…” She was young, but her smile was flirtatious. “Does he think you don’t need to know?”

She knew that Song Fengwan was deliberately trying to drive a wedge between them. She told herself not to fall into her trap, but her heart was aching.

When Song Fengwan saw Jiang Fengya’s distraught expression, her smile became more sly. She had no idea that the man in the car had already gotten out and walked over.

Due to the rain, the sound of footsteps was muted, but Song Fengwan’s voice reached his ears intermittently.

“How long are you two going to talk? Third Master is still outside.” Song Fengwan raised her eyebrows.

“Hurry up and prepare some hot tea and a towel. I’ll go greet him.” Song Jingren didn’t know the purpose of his visit, so he didn’t have much confidence in his words.

“I’ll go with you.” Fu Yuxiu didn’t dare sit around and wait.

Seeing this, Jiang Fengya hurriedly got up. But as soon as she stood up, she heard a man’s voice.

“I’m already here.”

The voice was low and hoarse, calm and smooth, and slightly magnetic. Accompanied by the sound of the rain, it had a fleeting feeling.

Song Fengwan stiffened and subconsciously turned around. He was only a foot away from her.


With the garden lights on his back, he stepped through the curtain of rain like a deity.

As their gazes met, she felt her breath stagnate. When she had looked at him through the rain earlier, she hadn’t been able to see him clearly. Now, this person was standing right in front of her, and his appearance was so clear. There was a faint sandalwood fragrance on his body mixed with the rainwater. It was extremely confusing.

His black shirt stretched tightly and close-fitting against the length of his body. He looked to be about 24 or 25 years old, but he didn’t have a youthful vigor. Instead, he exuded a calm and reserved aura.

He was like the gods and buddhas of the heavens. Simply transcendent.

Song Fengwan didn’t know when he arrived. Because it was raining, she couldn’t hear his footsteps at all. When she thought about how she just used his name to intimidate others, she felt inexplicably guilty.

“Third Master, you’re here. Please come in.” Song Jingren rushed forward and invited him into the house.

The man nodded and walked in.

The moment Fu Yuxiu saw him, his face turned even paler, and he looked exceptionally obedient.

Jiang Fengya originally thought that the third master who frightened Fu Yuxiu was either an old man in his fifties or a middle-aged man. Who would have thought that he would be so young?


He was way too good-looking.

“Third Master, this way please.” Song Jingren gave up his seat.

His eyes didn’t move. “My arrival was sudden. Don’t stand on ceremony, Mr. Song. Please sit.”

Song Jingren wanted to have a small talk, but Third Master Fu didn’t seem to want to talk much, so he could only follow him to his seat.

“Third Master, your tea.” The servant immediately served tea.

He raised his head and glanced at Fu Yuxiu. “It’s been a few years since we last met. You aren’t greeting me?”

Fu Yuxiu’s heart skipped a beat, and he became even more obedient. “Third… Third Uncle.”

Jiang Fengya’s pupils dilated. Third Uncle? Biological uncle? But he’s so young.

“Third Uncle, let me introduce you. This is Jiang Fengya, my girlfriend…” Fu Yuxiu knew very well that he was here for something important, and he couldn’t wait to introduce Jiang Fengya to him.

Jiang Fengya subconsciously straightened her body, took a deep breath, and greeted him with her best smile.

“Hello, Third Uncle.”

His eyes were indifferent, and he didn’t even glance at Jiang Fengya. His tone was apathetic. “Yuxiu, don’t introduce people to me who don’t matter from now on.”

“And…” The tip of his tongue clicked. “Even Mr. Song calls me Third Master.

“Miss Jiang, you called me Third Uncle?” His tone was calm but exceptionally arrogant.

“Are you even worthy?”

He stroked his prayer beads. His fingers were long and elegant, his eyes sharp and beautiful. He looked like an immortal, like a demon. But his words were harsh.

Jiang Fengya’s face turned pale. She had never thought that Third Master would show her no respect.

Song Fengwan blinked.

Third Master Fu…

… what a vicious mouth.