Chapter 21

Chapter 21 of 50 chapters

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Song Fengwan choked on the wine in her throat, and her face flushed red from the coughing. She looked as though she had been dyed with a layer of peach blossoms, and her eyes were also covered with a layer of mist as she looked innocently at Old Master Fu.

The Fu family had agreed to help her arrange her accommodation and school. She originally thought that it would be an ordinary small apartment, but who would have thought that it would be Third Master’s place.


“Dad, I’m afraid this isn’t appropriate.” Fu Chen was the first to speak. His expression was mild, but his brows were slightly furrowed, making him look a bit displeased.

Song Fengwan said obediently, “That’s right. I’ll only be here for a little more than two months. How could I dare to trouble Third Master? I’ll just rent a house near the school.”

“I’ve had a few considerations for this matter. First, Third Son’s place is big, has good security, and is quiet, so it’s suitable for you to learn drawing.

“Second, he’s very good at taking care of himself. The food and accommodation there are all very good. You’ve been studying hard, so you should take better care of yourself and eat more nutritious food.

“Moreover, I heard that rascal Yuxiu made things difficult for you. If you stay at Third Son’s house, that kid won’t even dare to enter the front gate, so you can study in peace.”

Since the Fu family specialized in having policymakers, once Old Master Fu made up his mind to do something, he would have already come up with thousands of countermeasures for it.

“Old Master Fu, Wanwan is a girl after all. As for Third Master…” Qiao Xiyan furrowed his eyebrows. “I’m afraid it might not be convenient.”

After all, Fu Chen lived alone, and his subordinates were all men.

“It is indeed inconvenient,” Fu Chen echoed.

“How many days do you live in that house of yours a year? If you didn’t go to Yuncheng to settle those matters, you would have gone to the west to climb the snow mountains. The house is also usually empty. What’s wrong with having another person living there?” Old Master Fu frowned deeply.

He glared at Fu Chen, looking as if he would immediately teach Fu Chen a lesson if he refused.

“We originally planned to find a small apartment for Wanwan near the school, but you’re still young. Even if we find a nanny to take care of you, we would still be worried. If something happens…” Old Madam Fu frowned with a worried look on her face.

Qiao Xiyan rubbed his chopsticks with his fingers. The Fu family was right. Song Fengwan was still young, and public morality was no longer what it used to be. Even if they arranged for someone who knew her well to take care of her, accidents might still happen.

The kidnappings in wealthy families were mostly due to internal issues.

Fu Chen believed in Buddhism and was a vegetarian, and he was famous for having a clear heart and few desires. He was just steps away from becoming a monk. At the very least, Song Fengwan would be very safe in his territory. He had seen how domineering Fu Yuxiu was, and it was indeed the safest under Fu Chen’s protection.

Moreover, Fu Chen was the son whom Old Master Fu personally brought up and educated, and he was also famous for being a gentleman and upright. Thus, there shouldn’t be any problem with the arrangement.

“Third Master, I’m afraid we’ll have to trouble you for the next two months,” Qiao Xiyan said directly.

Song Fengwan kept giving her cousin a meaningful look.

Shit, Fu Chen just threatened me with his gaze. If I go to his place, wouldn’t he kill me?

Remaining silent, Fu Chen lowered his eyes and frowned.

“Third Son, you promised me when we were watching the play. Are you going back on your words now?” Old Madam Fu harrumphed softly.

“Mom, you should know that I never let women enter my place.” Fu Chen suppressed his voice and was very unhappy.

“What woman? Wanwan isn’t one of those women who will pester you. She’s just a girl staying there for around two months. As an elder, how can you bear to let a girl live all by herself?” Old Master Fu cut in.

“Grandpa Fu, I…” Song Fengwan didn’t want to go either. But as soon as she opened her mouth, she was interrupted.

“Wanwan, since your cousin has agreed, this matter is settled. Head back with Third Son later and familiarize yourself with the environment first and then report to school the day after tomorrow.” Old Master Fu made a decisive decision and directly settled the matter.

“Third Son, don’t bully her. If I find out you gave Wanwan a hard time behind my back, I won’t let you off.” Old Madam Fu harrumphed coldly.

She looked serious, but her heart was actually blooming with joy. Song Fengwan was beautiful, well-behaved, gentle, and cute. Fu Chen was normally very boring. With such a young lady living in his house, it would be more lively.

Perhaps one day, he would become enlightened and want to have a madam at home. By then, would she be far from holding a grandchild?


After deciding on Song Fengwan’s accommodation, the atmosphere at the dining table was a little strange. Song Fengwan lowered her head and unknowingly drank half a glass of wine. At this moment, her face seemed to be burning, and her mind was a little dizzy.

She said softly, “I’ll be heading to the bathroom.”

She needed to wash her face and refresh herself.

“Miss Song, this way, please.” A servant immediately came to lead the way for her. Song Fengwan went to wash her face, but she couldn’t calm down at the thought of living in Fu Chen’s house.

When she left the bathroom, several servants in the corridor were whispering among themselves.

“Third Master has such a weird temper. Miss Song is so pitiful.”

“A woman wanted to barge into his house before, and Third Master directly reported her for breaking into private property. It caused a big mess and was so embarrassing.”

“I’m afraid that if Miss Song moves in, Third Master won’t have a good attitude toward her.”

The more Song Fengwan listened, the more despaired she felt. When she returned to the dining table, she felt so despondent that she actually finished an entire glass of wine.


After finishing dinner, they sat in the living room for a while. The Fu family rarely had guests, so the two elderly people were very happy, and they didn’t let them leave until it was already past ten.

“Xiyan, why don’t you stay here tonight? Third Son will take care of Wanwan,” Old Madam Fu suggested.

Qiao Xiyan glanced at Fu Chen. Ever since Old Master Fu decided on this matter, Fu Chen had not said a single word.

“Third Master, would it be convenient for me to stay at your place tonight?” He wasn’t at ease with leaving Song Fengwan alone just like that. And he also wanted to take a look at her future living environment, as well as have a good chat with Fu Chen.

“Sure.” Fu Chen didn’t reject this time.

After tidying up briefly, the few of them left the Fu family residence. Song Fengwan had drunk some wine, so her face was flushed, and she was staggering a little as she walked.

“Is she drunk? How about letting her take Third Son’s car later? Xiyan has to drive. If she vomits, it won’t be easy to take care of her.” Old Madam Fu very considerately made the arrangements for them.

Qiao Xiyan nodded. He was also worried about this.

“I’m not drunk, really.” Song Fengwan really wanted to cry. The last time she sat in Fu Chen’s car, she had almost suffocated to death.

At this moment, Fu Chen had already gotten into his car. The door was open, and the dim light made it impossible to see his face clearly.

“It will take more than half an hour to drive there. The capital is congested with traffic, and the car will have to stop every now and then. If you really throw up, what should Xiyan do?” Old Madam Fu frowned.

“Get in.” Fu Chen’s voice was faint.

Song Fengwan bit her lip and looked at Qiao Xiyan pitifully before getting into the car reluctantly.

Fu Chen’s car was at the front, and Qiao Xiyan’s followed closely behind.


Inside the car…

Fu Chen rubbed the prayer beads with his fingers while glancing at the person beside him. Why is she so far from me?

Does she think I will eat her up?

Qiao Xiyan’s car was right behind him, so he wouldn’t mess around with her no matter what. Plus, she would soon be at his house…

There’s no hurry. We still have a long way to go.

His thin lips pursed into a barely noticeable smile.

On the other hand, Song Fengwan was trembling with fear from beginning to end. For some reason, she felt like a lamb entering a tiger’s den.