Chapter 22

Chapter 22 of 50 chapters

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The car sped along the smooth road. Fu Chen leaned against his seat as if he was taking a nap.

The flickering light shone in through the car window, making his side profile look like a medieval oil painting. Every part of it was rich in color, exquisite, and profound.


His posture was straight and upright, and he looked elegant and charming. The various neon lights flashed past his body. Even though he was in a bustling world, he remained untainted.

Song Fengwan thought about it carefully. It’s just staying there. I just have to be careful not to provoke him, and two months will pass by very quickly.

According to Old Master Fu, Fu Chen shouldn’t be staying at home often, so there should be few chances for them to meet each other.

Climbing the snow mountains?

She tilted her head and studied him cautiously. He had an ascetic aura and a unique elegance; he was born with the bones of a beauty; he was well-educated and mild-tempered. It was really hard to imagine what it would be like for him to climb a mountain.

Just by looking at him, she could tell that he was very lean. He probably didn’t even have much meat on him. Tsk…

Just as she was in a daze, her phone vibrated. It was Qiao Aiyun.

“Hi, Mom.” Song Fengwan suppressed her voice, afraid that she might disturb Fu Chen. When she arrived at the capital, she had already sent a message to her parents.

“Did you have a good meal at the Fu family residence?” Qiao Aiyun’s voice was full of love and concern.

“It was pretty good. Grandpa Fu and Grandma Fu are both very nice people.” Song Fengwan’s entire body relaxed when she heard her mother’s voice, and her voice became sweet and gentle.

Fu Chen’s fingers rubbing the prayer beads paused.

“That’s good. When you live with Fu Chen, remember to be obedient and don’t cause any trouble…” Qiao Aiyun reminded. Qiao Xiyan must have told her about Song Fengwan’s matter right away.

“You have to take good care of yourself when you’re away from home alone. Although your studies are important, your health is more important. If you need anything, call me any time,” she said patiently.

“I’ll visit you after I finish with my work in a few days. Don’t worry about what’s happening back home.”

“Okay.” Song Fengwan suddenly remembered that it had been a while since she last saw her mom. Now that she was in another city and living in the home of someone who was unpredictable, she suddenly felt a little sad.

Her throat was a little dry. “Mom, when will you finish?”

“Very soon. Be good.” Qiao Aiyun’s voice became gentler.

There was a serious traffic jam in the capital, and the car stopped often. Song Fengwan had drunk some alcohol and was already feeling dizzy. She also kept lowering her head to play with her phone and talked on the phone. All of this made her feel that her chest was stuffy and also made her feel nauseous.

After ending the call with her mother, she lowered the car window. The night breeze blew gently, and she seemed to feel more comfortable.

At this moment, the car was merging into another lane of traffic. But another car suddenly sped past, so the car came to a sudden stop. Song Fengwan’s body fell forward like it was weightless…

When she reached out her arm to support her body, it was already too late.

She thought she was going to hit the front seat, but her arm was suddenly grabbed.

Her head hit something, and it hurt so much that her tears almost fell.

“Ow—” She gasped.

“Third Master, someone rushed to overtake us.” The driver broke out in a cold sweat.

Fu Chen looked at the person in his arms. “Where did you get hit?”

“My head.”

He was wearing a long robe with a woven button design, and her forehead knocked against it. No wonder it hurt so much.

“Raise your head.” Fu Chen’s voice was gentle and calm.

Before she could return to her senses, a pair of warm hands landed on her forehead and gently rubbed it. “Here?”

Song Fengwan was dumbfounded.

“Where did you get hit?” Fu Chen said faintly.

Only then did Song Fengwan return to her senses. She exerted some force with her fingers and tried to support her body to move away. “I’m alright. It doesn’t hurt much.”

“Then sit properly.” Fu Chen’s tone was calm and so solemn that it was inviolable.

“It’s just that I drank too much just now and feel a little motion sick.” Song Fengwan wanted to give him a warning in advance. If she really vomited in his car later, he would definitely throw her out.

Just as her fingers were about to leave Fu Chen’s chest, they were suddenly held.

Song Fengwan instinctively pulled her hand back.

“Third Master?” Song Fengwan was stunned. What is he doing?

Their eyes met, and his voice was low and firm. “Don’t move.”

His fingers stopped moving. Then his thumb pressed on the Hegu acupuncture point in the middle of her left hand and massaged it slightly. “This will make you more comfortable.”

“I’ll do it myself.”

“Mom told me to take good care of you.” Fu Chen’s tone was calm, as if taking care of her was just a request from his parents.

The driver cleared his throat and rubbed his nose.

Having been with Fu Chen for such a long time, he knew that Fu Chen had always done whatever he wanted. When Old Madam Fu asked him to go on blind dates, he had never seen him be so obedient.

His thumb suddenly exerted force, and she almost cried out in pain. But the feeling of nausea really seemed to have dissipated.

She had been on the road for the entire day, and now that she was tipsy, she let out a groan and leaned against her seat, wanting to sleep.

He carefully pressed on the area between her thumb and index finger, not daring to use too much force for fear of waking her up.

He was holding her hand…

And he didn’t want to let go.


The driver glanced at the rearview mirror.

Oh my goodness.

My dear Third Master, she’s already asleep. Why are you still holding her hand?

She’s a pure and innocent girl. How can you not be embarrassed to look and touch her hands?