Chapter 23

Chapter 23 of 50 chapters

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After Song Fengwan fell asleep, Fu Chen motioned for the driver to slow down, but she still wasn’t sleeping peacefully.

She dreamed about the night she got drunk again. But this time, it wasn’t that she claimed that she wanted to have sex with Fu Chen and got heard by him. Instead, she actually did it herself and really pushed him onto the bed. She tore Fu Chen’s clothes with all her might…


His clothes were torn, revealing his lean waist. His firm and taut muscles were well-defined, not exaggerated, and very pleasing to the eye.

She pinned Fu Chen under her body. He looked as cold as ice yet also very enchanting.

“Miss Song, Miss Song?” She felt someone calling her.

Song Fengwan suddenly awakened from her dream, and the first thing she saw was Fu Chen’s sexy, ascetic face. She immediately paled in fright.

“Third… Third Master.” Her tongue was tied in a knot.

“We’re here.” Fu Chen’s tone was calm.

“Oh.” Song Fengwan recalled the dream, and her face flushed red. Why would I have such a shameful dream?

Fu Chen looked down. “Can you let go of your hand?”

Song Fengwan looked down and saw her hand clutching Fu Chen’s sleeve tightly.

Due to the excessive tugging, his collar had shifted, revealing a small section of his fair neck. His neck looked exquisite and warm, and his Adam’s apple bobbed slightly. It was indescribably ascetic and sexy.

“I’m sorry.” She immediately let go and blushed even harder.

“Nightmare?” Fu Chen reached out to straighten his collar and smooth his wrinkled sleeve.

Fu Chen had also been afraid that Song Fengwan would wake up at any time, so he hadn’t been able to go too far and let go after squeezing her hand twice.

He didn’t expect her to tug at his sleeve and not let go. She used so much strength that it seemed as if she wanted to rip his clothes apart.

“Yeah.” Song Fengwan nodded resentfully and didn’t dare to look at him.

“Let’s get out of the car.” Fu Chen’s eyes were deep, and he got out of the car first.

Song Fengwan’s face was so red that it was burning hot, and her mind was full of the dream just now.

This is too shameful.

Didn’t I just touch his chest slightly? Why would I have such a dream?

She adjusted her breathing before getting out of the car.

Even though it was night, the mansion was brightly lit. The mansion had carved iron gates and green vines. It was a typical Chinese-styled residence that exuded a sense of simplicity and solemnity.

“Third Master.” A middle-aged man in his forties in a neat uniform was already waiting at the entrance. When he saw Song Fengwan, he smiled kindly. “Miss Song.”

“Hello.” Song Fengwan was new here, so she was inevitably a little reserved.

“This is Uncle Nian. If I’m not around, you can ask him for anything you need.” Fu Chen’s tone was rather cold.

At this moment, Qiao Xiyan’s car also arrived. Naturally, someone else would carry the luggage inside, so they just had to follow Fu Chen in.

It took around three minutes to walk from the gate to the main entrance of the house. There were pavilions, a patio, and an open hall. There were also cornices, mural paintings, and copper bells hanging under the porch. The house was elegant and exquisite.

Upon entering the house, she could immediately smell a faint sandalwood fragrance. She originally thought that the decoration of Fu Chen’s place would be similar to that of a monastery or a Buddhist temple. But unexpectedly, the furnishings and design of the house were very modern.

It was extremely elegant yet also exquisite in every way and low-key luxurious.

Fu Chen walked in front. His black long robe blended into the surroundings, making him look even more like a young master from the Republic of China era.

His aura was endlessly graceful but not ostentatious.

“Miss Song, your room is on the second floor. I will bring you there,” Uncle Nian said with his gaze lowered.

“Thank you.” Song Fengwan followed him to the second floor. Along the way, Uncle Nian introduced the layout of the house to her. “There’s an ensuite bathroom in your room, so it will be more convenient for you to stay there as well.”

When she entered the bedroom, there were already some feminine products placed inside.

“When he knew that you would be coming, Third Master prepared some things beforehand. If you need anything, please let us know any time.” Uncle Nian stood at the door and didn’t enter.

“It’s pretty good.” Song Fengwan didn’t expect Fu Chen to be so considerate. She sized up the room and turned around to see Uncle Nian standing at the door, smiling brightly at her. “Uncle Nian, is there anything else?”

Her luggage had been delivered, so she had to unpack.

“Third Master designed this mansion personally and supervised until the completion of the construction. Apart from Old Madam, you are the first woman he’s brought back.”

Song Fengwan was stunned for a moment. Why does this sound so wrong?

What does he mean by the first woman he’s brought back?

I’m just staying here temporarily.

“You can clean up first. I won’t disturb you anymore.” Uncle Nian considerately closed the door and left.

His lips split into a wide grin.

He had watched Fu Chen grow up. Although Miss Song was forced here by Old Master and Old Madam, if Third Master was really unwilling, he wouldn’t have even allowed her to step through the door, let alone ask them to prepare some daily necessities in advance.

He might have taken a liking to her.

Fu Chen was already 27 years old, and he was finally enlightened.

It was just that Miss Song was a little young, but she looked good and proper. It would be fine for him to wait two more years.

Finally, there was hope.

His smile became increasingly gratified.


After Uncle Nian left and closed the door, Song Fengwan heaved a sigh of relief. She sat on the bed and looked around the room carefully.

Her head was spinning.

She still hadn’t realized until now how she ended up living in Fu Chen’s place. It was as if she was still dreaming.

After taking a look inside the house, Qiao Xiyan chatted with Fu Chen for a while before going out to smoke a cigarette.

Fu Chen went straight to his bedroom to change.

Just as he undid two buttons, his phone rang.

He glanced at the caller ID and frowned slightly. This man was mountaineering outside, but he actually had the time to call him.

He answered the call. “Hello.”

“Third Fu, I heard that your old man gave you a girl.”

“Your news is pretty fast.” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows.

“Uncle Nian went to my family’s mall late at night and bought a bunch of women’s products. Seems like your old man is serious this time. He stuffed a woman into your house, and you’re actually willing?” The man was clearly surprised.

“Are you done?” Fu Chen was obviously impatient.

“Which family is she from? How does she look?”

“Why don’t you just ask my dad?”

“How could I dare? Your old man used to say that he was afraid that you would shave your head and become a monk and wanted me to accompany you more. So I did.

“Since that scandal between us, I don’t even f*cking dare to enter your house. Your old man told me directly that if he saw us together again, he would break my legs.” The man sneered.

“If I go ask about it, he might think that I’m jealous and want to cause trouble. And when I get back, he’ll definitely kill me.”

The corners of Fu Chen’s mouth twitched. “I’m hanging up if you’re done talking.”

“Don’t. So you really brought a girl home. Third Fu, what are you thinking…”

Before the man could finish speaking, Fu Chen hung up.

What am I thinking?

The meat was delivered to my mouth. Should I eat it?

Before he could change his clothes, he heard a knock on the door. If it was his subordinate, they would definitely say something before knocking. He buttoned up the front button and opened the door.

“Third Master, do you have time for a chat?”

Qiao Xiyan had just smoked, and there was a faint tobacco smell when he spoke. These few days of fatigue had left a faint shadow under his eyes.

He was cold and fierce by nature, making people fearful at the sight of him.