Chapter 25

Chapter 25 of 50 chapters

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“Are you feeling unwell?” Fu Chen asked again after getting closer.

His fingertips suddenly landed on her face, and her body stiffened. She held her breath, and even her heartbeat stopped as she stood rooted to the ground.


Not only did the cold touch not disperse the heat, but it seemed to ignite a ball of fire. It was scorching and boiling every inch of her skin, burning her face red.

“Your face is very hot.” Fu Chen narrowed his eyes. His warm breath landed on her face. It was soothing yet burning.

She suddenly felt Fu Chen’s breath, and every breath seemed to be seducing her.

“I’m fine.” Song Fengwan hurriedly retreated. “Maybe it’s because I walked too quickly just now.”

“Oh.” Fu Chen didn’t expose her. After all, young ladies were all very thin-skinned.

Now that she was staying at his house, he didn’t need to rush and could take his time.

“I just came to greet you. Please go ahead. I’ll be on my way.” Song Fengwan didn’t dare to stay any longer. She turned around and ran out.

After running out, she was almost frightened out of her wits…

“Woof!” A medium-sized dog suddenly jumped up and pounced on her.

“Ah—” Song Fengwan subconsciously cried out as she instinctively retreated.

The dog was not that big, but it jumped very high and pounced straight at her. Song Fengwan’s originally peach-colored face instantly paled, and her legs went limp. She leaned back and subconsciously covered herself with her arms.

She moved her foot half an inch back and bumped into someone’s embrace.

Fu Chen frowned slightly. He reached out his arms to protect her in his embrace and glared at the dog.

The dog was obviously extremely afraid of Fu Chen. With just one look, it was so frightened that it immediately retreated. It paced around the door timidly while staring at Song Fengwan as if it was sizing up something.

“Were you scared?” Fu Chen’s deep voice came from above Song Fengwan’s head.

His entire body was pressed tightly against her back. She was so frightened that her legs were weak, and her body was so soft that it seemed as if she had no bones, so she could only cling onto Fu Chen.

The two of them were pressed tightly against each other without any gap.

It was seamless.

“I…” Song Fengwan was breathing heavily and still in shock.

Anyone would have been shocked by the situation just now.

“Don’t be afraid. He doesn’t bite.” Fu Chen placed his hand on her waist and tightened his grip slightly.

The soft fragrance in his embrace made him want to keep her for himself.

He tilted his head slightly and could clearly see the girl’s fair and tender neck. He squinted his eyes, and his throat felt a little hot. He really wanted to…

… just take a bite.

“You have a dog?” Her voice was soft and gentle, unlike the arrogant and domineering voice she had used to insult Fu Yuxiu.

She stared fixedly at the dog squatting by the door, still a little scared.

The dog wagged his tail vigorously, as though he was observing something new.

“Yes, he’s less than a year old.” Fu Chen reached out and rubbed her head. “He’s very obedient.”

“Oh.” Song Fengwan gulped nervously.

“Third Master, I…” Uncle Nian had just left to bring some tea for them, and when he came back, he saw the two of them hugging each other.

Fu Chen suddenly raised his head and looked at Uncle Nian with a displeased expression.

“Sorry to disturb you.” Uncle Nian’s face flushed red. He placed the tea down and calmly carried the tray out.

Third Master is really fast.

The young lady moved in less than twenty-four hours ago, and he’s already hugging her.

Song Fengwan returned to her senses and realized that she was in Fu Chen’s arms. She retreated in panic.

Fu Chen’s arms became empty. He was unhappy about it, but his expression was still very calm.

“This dog…” Song Fengwan glanced at the dog. “He’s quite pretty.”

He had small triangular ears, and his bright and black eyes were also slightly triangular. His four limbs were thick and strong, and his back was light yellow, but his chest was white. He was a Shiba Inu.

“A friend gifted him to me for my birthday last year.”

“That’s pretty nice.” Song Fengwan tried her best to suppress her fear from just now.

“Have some tea.” Fu Chen pointed at the tea that Uncle Nian had brought over.

“Okay.” Song Fengwan held the teacup and blew on it before taking a sip carefully. “Oh right, what’s his name?”

“Fu Xinhan.”

“Pfft—Cough, cough…” Song Fengwan hurriedly put down her teacup. The coughing made her throat burn.

Heartbreaker1 ?

What kind of weird name is this?

When he was giving the dog a name, if he was lazy, he could have named him Big Yellow or Little Black. If not, he could have also named him Buddy, Roundy, or Beanie. What’s up with his dog’s name?

“When he was young, he lived with my parents and often ran around the compound. Every time, he would always bring back a different female dog. My mom said that he changed his playmates every day and wasn’t loyal. He took my surname, so we gave him this name.”

Fu Chen himself despised the name a lot. But when he called him Fu Xinhan, he actually nodded his head in agreement, so they continued calling him this.

When Song Fengwan heard the name and looked at the dog again, she found him to be rather comical.

“He doesn’t know you, but he’ll get better slowly.” This was the first time Fu Chen had patiently comforted someone.

“Oh.” Song Fengwan nodded. “Then I’ll head out first.”

Although she wasn’t that afraid of the dog, she still stuck close to the door frame when she left.

Fu Chen looked at her cautious appearance, and his gaze turned gentle.

After Song Fengwan left, Fu Chen looked at Fu Xinhan at the door.

“Come here.”

Fu Xinhan hesitated and didn’t dare to approach.

“Come here!” Fu Chen said again with a lowered voice.

Damn, I’d better get over there.

Fu Xinhan wagged his tail while walking over and then rubbed against Fu Chen’s leg. He seemed ready to be beaten up.

“You did well today. I’ll give you a treat.” Fu Chen bent down and patted the dog’s head.

Fu Xinhan was stunned.

As a dog, he couldn’t think of many things. All he knew was that he would have meat to eat if he pounced on Song Fengwan, so…

Song Fengwan had no idea that she was being targeted by a dog now.


Meanwhile, in the old Fu family residence…

Old Master Fu had just come back from his morning stroll. The moment he entered the house, he saw his wife sitting absent-mindedly.

“Something on your mind?” Old Master Fu sat down beside her.

“I heard the radio say just now that there was a man who fell in love with a young lady who was more than twenty years younger than him. Speaking of which, Wanwan isn’t that young either. She’s just at the age to fall in love with someone. With the two of them living under the same roof, will they…”

Old Madam Fu only treated Song Fengwan as a child. When she saw her yesterday, she thought that she looked a little too good. Besides, girls matured early, so she already had a curvy figure, despite her face looking quite young and immature.

“Don’t you know what our third son is like? Ever since he was young, he has never been interested in anyone. We’ve introduced so many girls to him, but no matter how beautiful they are—some have even been chasing him for years—that fellow hasn’t even taken a second look,” Old Master Fu said confidently.

“Wanwan is in her senior year of high school. I saw that she was holding an English vocabulary book when she was sitting in the car. She doesn’t have time to talk about love.”

“You saw it last night yourself too. Wanwan is a little afraid of him, and he looked unwilling too. They are… absolutely impossible.”

Old Master Fu’s tone was firm and confident. He was sure of his words. But little did he expect what would actually happen between the two in the future.

His face would hurt very badly.